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Simplicity I

By xxtjxx
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a few hours of rendering, and a little while in c4d. was amazed with jake's wallpaper [link] and his robot. i haven't done a robot in ages, nor the least bit of modelling. so..this was pretty fun to do. also took some time to learn more about fry. so here's v1. 1920x1200 made and setup in c4d, rendered w/ fryrender. critiques and comments welcome =)~
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This is soooooo cool! An absolute favorite of mine and a top idea!

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We love your image ..
Can you give us the permission to use your image on our website..
waiting for your reply
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Haha this is really cool!
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thanks a lot man! :highfive:
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I also tried the rubick some time ago - it could be me :headache:.
The robot reminds me of Marvin from 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' ;P
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I like him! :) He is like a kid playing
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hah thank you! i think this is one of my best wallpapers ever! just..simple! :lol: thanks again!!
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You're welcome! Yes I like this one a lot!
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very good work!
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thanks a lot =D
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=D thanks a lot mate! i really appreciate it!
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nice..how long is the render time ?
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thanks a lot! render time on my vista 32 bit was 30 hours or so. it was finished around 15 hours though. I re-rendered it on windows 7 64-bit and it took less than 10 hours to reach this quality.
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woah thanks..im really adjusting right now,cause im still learning fryrender.. its very different on my Vray especially the render times.. my typical render on vray is 3hours but on fryrender maybe 10hours or more..verybig differences. another question if its okay, where do you learn fryrender.. are there some useful sites? many thanks! :D
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awesome! i'd love to see what you come up with! Fryrender is quite fun in my opinion. and =p, yes, render times are definitely 2x - 3x higher than v-ray, but depending on your lighting, the quality of v-ray can be just as good as fry. I learned fryrender by reading the manual several times. :| it was a pain. there's maybe 2 or 3 fryrender + c4d tutorials out there. but i'm sure you can find some for 3ds. i sincerely hate their tuts they posted on the site, but they may be of use to you. [link] . also, the manual is here [link] . i just got the latest fryrender and arion, and wow they're amazing! Used Arion for the first time last night, the quality was amazing in half the time of fryrender. [link] here's the final
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wow..great thank you very much!.. i'll give fryrender a chance to prove its power to me :D.. yeah i hate the tuts on the randomcontrol site :(.. i tried arion but my gpu sucks so i cant run it flawlessly..lol.

btw great job :D
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This awesome piece featured : [link] :heart:
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:manhug: thanks a lot mate!
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:hug: glad you like it! thank you!
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very nice :D.. may i ask if how did you made your background setting? i'm having a hard time creating those things actually..hehehe hope you can help or give some advise :)
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