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Welcome to timeless-stock

 new stock is coming this 2016 year so be ready

My main account timeless-shadow check me out!!!!!

Feb. 2016

I am sorry to anyone who has sent me notes that I have JUST gotten back to . I tend to get on post stock and then run , I will try to be more attentive to your requests, questions ect in the future


go ahead ask!

Thank you
Terms of use

~Please credit me when using any of my stock photos.
You can do this by :iconxxtimeless-stockxx : or : devxxtimeless-stockxx : (minus the spaces)

:bulletgreen:Please do not use my stock in any racist or contraversial artwork.

:bulletgreen:Please note me with a link to your deviation, So I can add it to my faves. Please try to avoid posting the link on my front page. I might not get it.

:bulletgreen:Please credit and or fave my brush sets. So that way others can find them.

:bulletgreen:Please be creative. In other words do more then change the saturation,color  ect...

:bulletgreen: prints here on DA are ok . However I would like you to note me and inform me you plan to use for prints. I will add your print to my wish list.

:bulletgreen:for outside of DA use please ask.

:bulletgreen:Respect my models.

:bulletgreen:You are NOT to redistribute my stock.

:bulletgreen:Do NOT take my stock and repost in the photography section. I will take action against you if I find you have.

:bulletgreen:You can NOT use my stock to make your own resources. (pre-made stock, BGS  ect)UNLESS you ask me. depending on what stock you plan to use I might let you.

:bulletgreen:Have fun thats what art is all about.

Gallery Directory
Grunge and natural textures
Sky and water
Animal and Insects
Odds and ends

I am taking commissions at my art account so please remember to check me out !

:camera:I try to take the best quality shots I can for you. So enjoy my stock ^^ I love to see all the wonderful creations you make with it.


Please bring 'em on I love requests. I will get your request done as soon as I can. I have lots in the way of costumes and props so Whatever you need I will do my best to create it for you. Please send by way of note your request. With the subject being "request"

NOTE: I do NOT do nudes sorry.However I may do half nude types. Depends. these will be exclusive.

Request status and new upcoming stock
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grimagix Traditional Artist
congrats sweety:tighthug: love ya buddy
looking forward to seeing new stuff from you:flirty:
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I want winter to ENDDDD Dom its driving me NUTS. I have cabin fever like you wouldnt believe.
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grimagix Traditional Artist
Ill send you some fires from the depths of hades to melt the snow buddy:D
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Ondeon Digital Artist
That is so awesome! You deserve it :D Love you!
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MahdyDesignsStudent Digital Artist
congrats ! :clap: :clap:

keep it up :highfive:
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Thank you very much
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