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I will post comments on drawings and reply to others later - I just wanted to upload this first :meow:

Long time no drawings! Sorry 'bout that. :la:
This may or may not be Violetpaw, who I adopted from the amazing ~PalominoLegacy<3 I just adore her design, simple but just plain amazing<3 I will add her into a group, but I can't decide which one: :iconclansofthenorth:, :iconwarriorsvalleystream:, or :iconthe-golden-butterfly:?
I'm still keeping Katniss, but I'll more than likely not add her into TGB~ But where do you think I should add Violetpaw? :meow: Leaning toward Cotn, but let me know what you think, and link me to your characters! c:

A little bit about her:
She's gonna be pretty obnoxious, but all round the life of the party. Snarky, arrogant, she runs on attention. Basically she's a class clown. More coming soon~

Art (c) *xXTikiTikiXx
Violetpaw? (c) *xXTikiTikiXx
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WVS! LOL she and Briar could be buddies|!
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xD I decided to add her into CoTN, but I have another character on the way for WVS :dummy:
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So happy to see something of yours in my inbox!!!:3
She looks sooooo amazing!! Live the colors and the pose, great job!!:)
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xD Aww, thanks that means a lot to me<3
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pssst you should add her to WVS
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x'D I decided to put her into CoTN, but I have this lovely lady who I adopted (#4): [link] I'll add her into WVS :la:
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I forgot I have a kitty in CoTN. fail. Maybe they can meet xD
And 4 is such a cutie! <333
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OOOO She's pretty too! And you can even draw small cats amazing. One of these days I may have to commission you for something of one of my Warriors. :D
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Thank you very much! :dummy:
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