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I was quietly thinking to myself the other day when I was hanging out with a group of my friends the other day. I thought, ya know, none of you people really know me or what goes on in my head. The own little fantasy world I have created to get away from it all.
In my town I am considered one of the "Preppy girls". Like omg lets do hair and nails and talk about boys, and don't get my wrong I love doing all that stuff but it came to my attention that none of these people know about Wild. How I portray myself or even know that I do art. Not that I draw as much as I used to but it still holds a dear place in my heart.
The worse part is as much as I would love to share my little world with them, explain how important it is to me and the extent of it im terrified to. Im more afraid of them finding out for fear that ill get rejected and labeled as a "Weirdo" 
There is nothing that scares me more then rejection even though it happens to me on daily basis (Fuck you friend zone)  
but idk. It amazes me how much you dont know about people. Like im one person in public with my friends and then a whole different side of me opens up on this site because I know none of you will judge me for my art or what goes on in my head. Its a nice little sanctuary here. 
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there's nothing bad about bing weird~ me & my entire family is weird~
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Awesome as always :D

I so get what you mean too. there are a lot of things about me that I can't really share because people simply don't get it, or they simply refuse to. Personally I don't really see how it matters, but then I have always been the rejected weirdo :P 
It is awesome XD
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Amazing picture you have here wild,
laughs been a long time since we talked and you sure have gotten improved since then.
ah hushes self and favorites picture
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How have you been dude? Long time no speek is right. What have you been up to?
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no i will never judge u ^^
wild is such an awesome character!!!!!! the world that you created for your characters is amazing 
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Just to let you know, the second people know you draw animals and have names and stories for them, you're called a wierdo. That's only a part of where the bullying started for me. I suggest you don't let you mates know, cause they're probably soon turn out not to be your mates and then you'll get names shouted at you and pushed about physically because you did something people found weird. 
Just don't tell anyone. It's not worth loosing security over.
I however, gave no shits, and did it anyway.

Tsssk, Wild.
Falling out of med labs again?
Sheesh XD
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Haha I had no intention on telling them and it will be a cold day in hell if anyone try's to push me around.
But yeah I was just thinking how weird it is that people can have so much other stuff you don't know about like it's just crazy to me haha
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Ah <3 Was gonna say, I wouldn't dare push you around.
And isn't that the truth. I try not to think about it too much <3
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WOW, you have improved so much since we last talked, wild its so awesome
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no problem, bro :3
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