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[Chapter 14] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
When you wake up, the first thing you see is white. Fortunately or unfortunately, you know that you’re not dead because something, somewhere hurts. And for whatever reason, the tears refuse to come.
Your shoulders automatically tense and you immediately straighten when you see who enters the room. You hear a hiss when he takes a step closer, and it’s two seconds too late when you realize that it’s your own. The muscle in your jaw flexes, but the only thing you can do is stare, daring him to take a step closer. He pauses, assessing your defensive form, but his face is unreadable. You’re more scared than he is, you notice, but where did this fear come from?
And that’s when he takes another step forward.
Your lip curls back and then your blade is mere inches from his palm. You hadn’t seen him move even though you’d never taken your eyes off his, but he’s holding up a hand to put a barrier between your blade and his throat
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 33 23
[Chapter 13] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
You were right. Oh, you were so right about not bothering Levi in the morning, and Erwin was certainly not helping anybody’s case.
“Get the fuck out of my sight,” Levi snarls, his grip on your horse’s reins tight despite the three steeds running side by side. You were worried about your equine friend, watching its head tilted at an uncomfortable angle the way Levi forced it – and you by extension – to keep close.
“Will you really let your friends die because of something as stupid as pride?” Erwin doesn’t seem fazed by the rolls of anger emanating from Levi. You’re not sure what you’re more disturbed by: Erwin’s cold tone or the pained cry of your horse as Levi gives it another sharp tug.
“Fuck off,” Levi tries again, but Erwin is relentless. You panic when the blonde’s hand winds itself into the rein’s opposite the side Levi is holding and gives it a sharp enough tug that has your horse
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 61 28
Until Winter Ends [Levaskia] by XxTheBlackDevilxX Until Winter Ends [Levaskia] :iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 6 5 The Guardian and The Angel [Saskia + Colleen] by XxTheBlackDevilxX The Guardian and The Angel [Saskia + Colleen] :iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 3 7
[Chapter 12] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
Pawing the ground impatiently, your horse rears its head and takes a couple of steps back when Levi approaches him. The large animal snorts, nostrils flaring when the short man in front of him reaches around his neck to grab the reins.
You knew better than to say anything – what Levi wanted, he did. No words necessary. Frustrating as it may be, you knew it was best not to get on his nerves this early in the morning, especially considering the way he snapped at your squad leader earlier when the man tried to splash a bucket of water on him. Granted, he got you and Isabel – not that you were proud of that or anything – but you were pretty sure that whatever Levi dished Flagon this morning was more than enough for the three of you combined. Actually, scratch that. Levi yelled at him enough for the entire legion, and even then, you weren't sure just the legion covered it.
But whatever.
Flagon’s learned his lesson.
Guiding your white steed over to his black one, you
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 129 50
[Chapter 11] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
Sweat drips from your brow to the cuts marring your skin. You’re sure that you have at least ten scratches on your face, if not more, and it was a wonder how your clothes weren’t ripped to shreds at this point. Levi was relentless with his attacks, and you were almost convinced he wasn’t human.
Six hours. You had been fighting him for six hours now and he still looked fine. No scratches, no dirt, and no signs of fatigue. In your current state, you were too tired to even envy him.
“Oof!” He knocks you down while your mind’s wandering, and as comfortable as the dirt cushion is, you still struggle to get back on your feet. At least, you would have if he didn’t plant his boot into your back.
“Hey Levi, don’t you think you should give her a break?” Farlan calls, coming up with Isabel with some water bottles and towels in hand. He throws you a sympathetic look. “Let me rephrase that. You’ve beaten [First] into her grave
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 124 28
[Chapter 10] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
“Wh-whoa!” you let out a low yelp as you are thrown off the horse for the umpteenth time. You huff irritably, standing up and brushing the dirt from your pants as Isabel laughs loudly at your failure.
“C’mon [First], it can’t be that hard, can it?” she mocks, jumping off her own horse to stand beside you.
“How do you make it look so easy?” you ask in disbelief. Isabel grins at you but says nothing more, and that’s when Farlan and Levi approach.
“Isabel’s always had a thing with animals,” Farlan chimes in, apparently having heard your conversation. “It’s one of her few admirable traits.”
“H-hey! Tell him it’s not true, Brother!” Isabel protests, looking to Levi for help, who offers none of his assistance. Instead, his eyes are trained on you.
“Is something the matter?” you tilt your head in confusion at his intense stare, but snap into attention when he tosses a blade
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 216 61
[Gift|TaoAndThen] Guardian Angels [Levaskia]
How did this happen? Saskia was too stunned to move. Too stunned to speak. There was blood. So, so much blood.
But what shook her the most...was watching Colleen drowning in her own pool of blood.
Not again. I don’t want to see this again.
Thoughts of Isabel and Farlan littered across her mind. How Farlan waved goodbye, how Isabel called for Levi before she was brutally cut off.
Why do I always lose all the ones I care about? Why?
And now, the experience, the tormenting was starting to resurface; only this time, it was Colleen’s turn.
“I’ll never forget the day we met,” Colleen had smiled kindly at Saskia that day, “And whatever it may be: fate, god, or perhaps it was only a mere coincidence...I’m glad that we did.”
She was always there. Always.
And now...she’s just going to disappear?

“I don’t think we’ll ever know w
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 4 5
[SnK] Song for the Reluctant Heroes [Reader]
Being a soldier didn’t mean that feelings and emotions were nonexistent.
Being a soldier didn’t mean one was numb to the pain.
Death wasn’t uncommon, and having been a veteran in the Survey Corps for so many years, it really shouldn’t have surprised you anymore.
But death wasn’t something that one could get used to, no matter how many times one witnessed it and gruesome as it was, you didn’t regret having these feelings after each and every expedition.
Yes, it hurt, and yes, it kept you awake, but no. These…sorrowful and mournful feelings weren’t something you wished would just go away. In fact, these feelings were a reminder that you were human and that a life lost was not a life sacrificed.
You refused to shed your humanity in honor of those who chose to put their lives on the line to protect those within the walls.
It didn’t matter what Erwin saw, it didn’t matter what he thought or what he said; you refused to see t
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 41 8
[SnK OCs] Saskia and Colleen [Modern!AU] by XxTheBlackDevilxX [SnK OCs] Saskia and Colleen [Modern!AU] :iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 5 7
[SnK Part 2/3] Tea and Cakes [Levi x Fem!Reader]
“Stupid, stupid, STUPID!!!!” Hanji repeatedly bangs her head against the table as she listens to Levi recount the events in the kitchen. “How is he anything like you?” she asks rhetorically, pointing at Levi. “He’s sweet, caring, open, friendly, kind and tall, and-”
“Point already established. Now shut the hell up,” Levi snarls, crossing his arms and leaning back against his recliner. Like earlier, a cup of tea rested between the tips of his fingers, but unlike earlier, this tea was made by Hanji. And it tasted nothing like the tea you had made for him.
“I mean, I told her that he, meaning you, was, and I quote, ‘Dashingly handsome with a dark, dreamy charm that no woman can resist.’ Where in hell does he fit into that description?”
“…Eh? Levi? Is something wrong?”
“Describe me like that again, and I swear you’re going to lose more than just your eyes
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 86 26
[SnK Part 1/3] Tea and Cakes [Levi x Fem!Reader]
You had just set Levi’s cup in front of him when Hanji burst out screaming.
“[First]! [First]! I’m out of cake!!” she wails, waving the empty plate frantically between your and Levi’s faces before you could pour him his tea.
You chuckle, straightening the pot before you could accidentally spill on the table or, worse yet, Levi.
“I’ll bring out some more for everyone soon,” you promise, smiling warmly at her. “It looks like everyone is ready for a second batch anyway.”
“Hurry!” she whines drastically, withdrawing her hand to allow you to finish. Levi lets out a small ‘tch’ picks up his cup, taking a sip as you switch from him to Mike.
“[First], could I trouble you for some more tea?” Erwin asks politely, cracking a small smile in your direction. You set the teapot down and grin.
“Sure,” you say, “Just let me get the water boiling. I’ll bring out some more cake in the m
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 108 38
[Entry II] Day by Day [LevixFem!Reader]
:rose: Don’t look back and leave. :rose:
“There’s someone else.”
Your eyes narrow at his accusation, but you don’t protest. Your lack of response is the confirmation he needs, and he turns his back to you.
“Get out.”
You walk out without so much a goodbye. Levi grit his teeth.
He had hoped you’d stilled cared.
:rose: Time and time again, you make my heart break by telling me our love was a mistake. :rose:
Sitting on the couch alone, Levi lets his head drop into his hands. Never before had your apartment seemed so lonely, but now that you were gone, silence was the only thing that bounced off the once bright walls. Now, everything just seemed dull. Vacant. Like you and him, everything you two had built up over the years was starting to fall apart.
It was moments like these that gave him time to think.
And he thought of you.
“Why are we still doing this?” your laugh sounds empty. “Why d
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 33 17
[Entry I] Thank You [LevixFem!Reader]
“B-Big…!” Tears came to her eyes. She knew she wasn’t going to make it, and yet she still wished that she somehow could. Her mouth opened again, but the word she uttered was brutally cut off. “Bro-”
The sudden slap of rain was as though Isabel’s blood had splashed across your face. You felt water run past your eyes, but whether it be rain water or tears, or perhaps even both, you could no longer tell. All you saw was red, and how desperately you wanted to wipe all that red away.
Pulling your blades from their holster, you dashed forward, your horse having been long forgotten. Isabel’s name poured from your lips when the monster looked up, its face smeared in her blood, and grinned.
“Bastard!!” you heard Farlan cry out from your left as he moved to grab his gear, only to discover that it had been broken. The giant humanoid made to grab Farlan, but before it could, its nape was taken out.
“Get bac
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 125 14
[2/2] Don't Shut Me Out [Levi x Fem!Reader]
The next couple of weeks were hell for Levi. He found himself more immersed in work than usual, and with no upcoming expeditions, was cooped up in his room during both waking and sleeping hours. Whenever he did leave his room, he always found you and to say that he was mad was an understatement.
Life carried on for you as though nothing had changed except for the fact that you no longer stopped by his office, be it for work-related purposes or just to see him. You no longer brought him his usual pot, you didn’t pass by and wave, you didn’t sit down and chat over tea. There was no waking up to your peaceful visage, nor were there evening pecks to ease him after a stressful day. It was as though everything between the two of you had been erased, and despite his outburst at Hanji the day he’d found about your amnesia, he knew that your forgetting was the last thing he had wanted. It bothered him when Hanji told him you’d been trying to suppress your memories
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 253 31
[1/2] Don't Shut Me Out [Levi x Fem!Reader]
The door slammed before you could reach him. Biting your lip and resting your forehead and a hand against his door, you opt for trying to get through to him with your words instead.
“Please don’t shut me out…”
I love you.
“Where is she?” Levi demands, shoving past Hanji as he storms down the hall, making his way towards the nurse’s office. Hanji grabs him, and it takes all her strength just to pull him around.
“What is it, Shitty Glasses!” he snaps, making to move again, but a tug and the look in her eye stops him.
“You shouldn’t- She isn’t…”
He doesn’t wait to hear the rest of it. As pissed as he was with you the past couple of days, the thought of you hurt was enough to push aside those feelings as of now. And he needed to see you. He had to know that you were okay.
“[First] what are you-” he cuts himself off when he sees you slightly jump as a result of hi
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 249 38

Random Favourites

Mismatch (Levi x Reader) Part Two
You leapt back in shock. The rag fell to the ground with a wet splat as you glanced up to see Levi at the door.
“You’re still not finished?” he drawled as he stalked to his desk, taking a seat. You opened your mouth to answer, only to be cut off by a sigh. “Whatever. Get back to work.” You nodded calmly before you bent over the wet patch of cold stone, resuming your scrubbing. You’d long since gotten used to the captain’s rough bluntness, and it was getting easier. It wasn’t long before you got the stain cleared up and you were finally rinsing the soap off the floor.
“Yes, sir?” You didn’t glance up, knowing he wasn’t even looking at you.
“You’re overseeing training with me tomorrow.”
Your actions faltered for a moment as you stumbled in shock. You still stopped. “May I ask why?”
“I need you to show these brats how
:iconnals-luff:Nals-luff 80 5
Waiting {Levi x Reader}
[Levi x Coma'd!Reader]
"[Name]. Wake up, goddamnit, you have to wake up. We can't lose you. I can't."
"Wake up, please. No more fucking around. You've wasted enough time already."
"Hey. It's Eren. We really miss having you around. Things haven't been so bright without you. Everyone's so upset, especially the Corporal. He's been even worse without you there to calm him down. Any longer and he'll slice one of us in half. So hurry up, okay, [Name]?"

Your eyes cracked open, only to shut tightly again at the intense light. The thought of sleep was calling you again, beckoning you into its dark depths.
"Hey, [Name]. It's Hanji. Sorry to disappoint, if you were expecting Levi, but he's having a rough time. He really needs you. Please come back. We've made some really neat findings recently. I need your help with the research, y'know."
You scowled. Whoever the voice belonged to was starting to get on your nerves. 'No. Go away.'
"Listen, [Name]. This is the only th
:iconannikara:Annikara 728 75
LevixReader - Come With Me
   Petals slowly fell from the old flowers, landing on the stone.  You sighed, removing them, and placing fresh, new ones in their place.
   It was an enclosed area, kept off for the truest heroes.  And there were seven.  Just seven.
   You weren’t crying.  You hadn’t cried where you stood in a long time, but the same loss and sadness swept over you that had swept over you the five years ago.  You only just kept tears at bay.  It didn’t help that today was the anniversary.  Five years.  Five long, difficult years.
   You kneeled down, it always surprising that no one else had come since you had.  Your flowers always, only yours.  Everyone owed them, so why did no one come?  You never could figure it out.  But you...  You came every month, to refresh the flowers, and to talk.  You’d never heard a reply though.
   “I’m sorry,” y
:iconineia:Ineia 290 131
don't be sad, corporal. levi ackerman
It had been a month since humanity had conquered and won against the titans. Parties were held constantly, all day and night. Although titans were not one hundred percent wiped out, at least ninety percent of them were, and that was something humanity should be proud of.
There was a little celebration that was being held today for the Scouting Legion and you wanted to notify the Corporal about it. He was always cooped up in his office since humanity’s victory that he rarely knew what was going on, unless someone came and told him. You cheerfully skipped into his office and stood in front of his desk with your hands behind your back, while he was organizing some paperwork. You leaned in towards him and smiled.
“Corporal, I heard there was a party being held soon,”
He didn’t answer.
Still beaming, you continued talking.
“We should go, it’ll be a lot of fun!”
There was still no answer.
“Ahh, come on, Corporal!” You were pleading now.
:iconmiintbun:miintbun 387 142
~Epiphany~ Levi x Reader Chapter 5
After spending about a week in hiding, you and the rest of Squad Levi were almost on your way to the current HQ housing the main forces of the Survey Corps, near the Karanese District on the eastern side of Wall Rose. That being said, it was going to be very difficult to keep Eren's arrival a secret, so the squad was told to leave at dusk, and ride through the night in order to arrive at the Karanese Outpost at least two hours before dawn. Not something you were really against, considering that, after the first night at the abandoned castle, you hadn't gotten a good night's sleep. 
That didn't make any sense to you. The first two nights after you were fully awake and about, after the trial and your addition to Squad Levi, you slept peacefully. But the nights after that were a complete wreck. The room you slept in was too isolated from every one else, and coupled with it's similar structure to your room in the house you stayed with your mother in, you were put in a very bad po
:icontheelysianproject:theelysianproject 255 48
Mature content
[Levi x Reader] The New You [2/2] :iconvariafran:VariaFran 136 35
Mature content
No Time For Tea - Chapter 13 (Reader x Levi) :iconevasivemanoeuvers:EvasiveManoeuvers 23 15
Absolutely and Utterly Filthy {Levi x Reader}
There was truly nothing as wonderful as feeling the warmth of big arms embrace you from behind. A smile graced your lips.
"Reiner..." His name fell out of your mouth softly. You could hear him smirk in response. "Why are you here?"
"I don't know, babe. To see the sunset, I guess. And to see you." It was sunset and everyone else was eating dinner, exhausted and half-asleep from a rigorous day of training. You had absolutely inhaled your food just so you could get out early and have a walk. Nothing settled you more then seeing the sun dip through the clouds and retire for the day.
Playfully, the blonde pulled at your wrist, twirling your body around to face him in one easy movement. You snapped your elbow up immediately, out of reflex, to escape his grip.
"Come on, (y/n)... don't you want to play?" Reiner's lips were at your ear. You could feel his hot breath on your neck. It felt like fire compared to the freezing kisses the twilight winds created on your skin.
"I don't have time for pl
:iconpersephon-e:Persephon-e 881 124
AoT: How Old Are You? (Levi x Reader)
There are a lot of mysteries in the universe. Where did the titans come from? What's hidden in Eren’s basement? How did the titan shifters get their powers?
But there was one question that stood above all others. Something that has haunted the soldiers of the Recon Corps for years now. Many have tried, but none have ever discovered the truth.
Exactly how old is Captain Levi?
“I think he’s 40.” Connie insists, pounding the table.  
“No way, that’s much too old!” Reiner protested. “He’s got to be younger…maybe mid 20s?”
“Let’s think about this logically.” Jean chimes in. “Recruitment begins at 12 years old, and training lasts for 3 years. And Captain Levi’s been in the Recon Corps for at least 5 years, so he’s got to be at least 20. And factor in his experience and rank, he
:icongamefox1212:gamefox1212 1,075 264
RQ: Rivaille x Reader: Seduce me in French
"Corporal knows French?"
You stared at Connie incredulously, you jaw slightly agape. 
Connie, satisfied with your response, leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms behind his head. A shit-eating grin spread across his face, and he responded with a haughty tone: "Eyup. I heard him the other day, he was cursing in french at something that had gotten on his boot."
Beside you, Reiner chuckled, the sound deep and low and reverberating up your spine. "Yeah right, Connie, you little weasel. How do we know you aren't lying?"
Connie sat forward, his face enraged. "I'm not lying!" he exclaimed. "It's true!!"
Jean looked less than convinced. "Really, Connie? I don't beleive you."
"Well..." A small voice interjected. Your gaze turned towards Armin, who's brow was scrunched in thought. "It does make sense. I'm pretty sure Corporal has french heritage."
Eren nodded. "Isn't Rivaille a french name?" 
Jean glared at the brunette. "Nobody asked you, Jeager." He muttered under his breath.
:iconzephyros22:Zephyros22 3,388 780
AU!Rivaille X Reader~ Starbucks?{Special}
AU!Rivaille X Reader~ Starbucks? Valentine's Special
    "Riva~ It's so cold out!" You exclaimed, hugging your jacket around your body. A light, gray peacoat with a [F/C] scarf around your neck. You rubbed your mittens in front of you, trying to obtain warmth from the friction.
    "It's not my fault you forgot your heavier coat," the short man retorted underneath his dark gray overcoat. "And don't call me that ridiculous name."
    "But it's cute," you pouted, shoving your cold hands into your pockets.
    You looked up and saw your inconsiderate boyfriend with a pissed off expression. "Come on," you complained, while grabbing your hand in his. "It's Valentine's Day, act like you care at least."
    He grumbled, but gripped your hand tighter when a pair of people passed them. "It's nothing but a pathetic holiday used to give out crappy chocolates." He blew a strand of ebony hair from his eyes before looking down at your saddened
:iconsheerpoint:Sheerpoint 452 132
Working Her to the Bone: Prologue. Levi x Reader
“Cadet [Last]! How many times have I told you to not track mud into my office?!” Captain Levi yelled at you. You stood meekly in front of his desk, holding a stack of paperwork from Hange Zoë. “And you’re completely filthy. Have you been rolling around in mud? Not to mention the grass stains on your sides.” he wrinkled his nose in disgust. Your previously white shirt was now brown and green, courtesy of the mud and grass you had been tossed into and trudged through. Your pants were completely covered in grass stains, with mud splotches creating a chaotic polka dotted pattern. Ironically, your boots that got the most of the damage while on the field were only streaked with mud. Needless to say, your uniform was utterly ruined.
"I had to help Hange with an experiment with Eren and I didn't have time to change before I had to bring you the latest reports," you explained weakly as he surveyed you, looking more shocked as he fully realized just how
:iconamaranthprincess21:AmaranthPrincess21 202 18
Mature content
Distractions 2 [Levi x Reader] Lemon :iconappleblossom18:AppleBlossom18 698 90
Eternally- Levi|Rivaille x Reader- 1 of 2
What happened?
You were chasing it, flying past the trees and leaving small marks on their bark from the long wires that held you up, that kept you moving.
You realized you had suddenly come to a halt, and you were being pulled backwards.
Now, you're falling.
Down, down into the abyss below.
It's all happening so slowly, it seems impossible, like a dream.
Someone as strong as you is falling into the darkness that is death.
You're still falling, and as you look to your right, you notice the abnormal, holding the ripped wire in its hand.
Death is inevitable. 
But that doesn't mean I want to die.

At least, I want a chance to say goodbye.
Closing your eyes, you let the dark take over, a tear floating away from you as you descend.
Your eyes shoot open at the sound of someone yelling your name.
Oh, look. The corporal is reaching for your hand, a look of utter horror, shock and determination etched into his eyes.
Levi, I've never seen you ma
:icongudetama:gudetama 190 47



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