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Satanic funeral

Well i got bored trying to do college work, so i figured i'd relieve myself of some stress... drawing :D

Agian, I've tried using the dirt effect on the skirt as well as the jacket. The hair was worth the ponder, as i couldn't decide, so i just bumbled around the palet until i found this colour.

And the satanic stuff? Well i guess i just felt evil :\

Plus i receantly saw the south park episode with the christmas critters.
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Putting the FUN in Funeral.
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Hey, there is a "FUN" in funeral.

Wow. you learn something new everyday.
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Wow, great job on this! :D I really love her designs and clothing, not to mention the way you drew them (as in, the outlines and coloring) ^^

Hmm... maybe the blood needs a little more work, but that's it. :D Other than the blood, this is still an awesome picture.
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The blood was the hardest part -__-

I didn't have a blood brush tool, so i was sat around for about 15 minutes trying to bend,smudge,blur etc the red NORMAL paint.

But oh well, you live you learn.

And thanks again for another thoughtful and wonderful comment my dear friend -_^
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No problem :D

I'm sure i'll master blood one day -__-
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Yes! I beliieevvee you cannn doooo itttt :iconcheerplz:
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*clenches fist with sparkly eyes*

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