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Lion King
Hey you. Yes, you. All of you who still watch or don't watch me. I'm talking to you. So, remember I was like "FREE RQS FOR EVERYONE GOGOGO!!!!11one" about 2 years ago? You probably don't. And if you do, you probably requested something that never got drawn. And you probably hate me and want my blood. You freaking vampires I have stakes just so you know, don't even dare try to come near me m'kay. (Dat was a joke.) Anyway, the point is, I promised I'd do stuff and then I didn't. And looking back on it now I feel kinda bad about it. Therefore here's what I'm gonna do: 1st I'll stop being a lazy idiot and actually start drawing again. Reque
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Ok, so I`ve seen a lot of people getting mad at certain porn artists and writing comments like "Fuk u i didnt wanted 2 see this u ruined this show for me" even though the artists did put the Mature Content filter (and usually even censor it). WHY. THE FUCK. DO YOU CLICK IT THEN? It`s not the artist`s fault you saw it. It`s your own fault. Warnings are there for a reason you know. Why do you still click it since you don`t want to see it? God, I swear some people have no brain. I understand that it`s annoying to some people when they see Rule 34 stuff in their messages all the time, but can`t you just ignore them? No one is forcing you to look
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Hello, my name's Mr. Christopher "Darrne" Bland Whale Genius, I got my ChristopherBland see it websites.
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You should draw Rigby and Pinkamena both killing Mordecai and baking him into cupcakes and/or maybe grilled cheese sandwiches. >:3

I know it seems a lot to draw, but it'd be super awesome to see it! :D