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Wings of Fire OC by xXSilvrTheShipprXx Wings of Fire OC by xXSilvrTheShipprXx
His name is Pangolin c:
(I'm obsessed with pangolins lol)
He was hatched and raised just like any other RainWing dragonet, only he was overly-curious about what was beyond the rainforest boundaries. He would often ask several questions (to which no one answered) about the outside world. On several occasions, he would sneak out of the rainforest to explore the marshes, beach, or mountains.
Unlike the other RainWings, Pangolin cares very deeply about what the other tribes think of his kind. He believes that RainWings' abilities are being wasted; however, he does see the advantage they have being alone in the rainforest. Because of his beliefs, Pangolin spends some of his time focusing on venom-spitting tactics, camouflage skills, and some basic fighting techniques.
Pangolin is an innovative and creative dragonet, who likes to use things he finds as tools or materials to build things. You will likely find him scavenging for sharp rocks or scrap  metal instead of collecting fruit. He even ignores sun time to explore the forest.
Pangolin may be curious and outgoing, but he can also be very irritable, and you'd be surprised to know that he gets scared fairly easily. The colors you most often see on him are orange, gray, some shades of blue, and several varieties of green (he has dark brownish green eyes).
Pangolin also has a pet cockatoo.
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August 10, 2017
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