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Official Wings of Fire OC ref sheet by xXSilvrTheShipprXx Official Wings of Fire OC ref sheet by xXSilvrTheShipprXx
This is Cricket the Sand/RainWing!

Cricket is clever and an eager problem-solver. His crafty skills make up for his lack of strength. He is hardly afraid of anything and constantly lives on edge, but he is very easily annoyed.
Though he doesn't have a venom-tipped tail barb like normal SandWings do, he still breathes fire and has a venomous bite (the RainWing genes are affecting him .^.).

Son of Cougar of the SandWings and Anaconda of the RainWings, Cricket was prematurely hatched in the Scorpion Den. Having being hatched three months early, his mother, Cougar, was afraid that he wouldn't survive. He was small, half the weight of what he should be, and had a frighteningly weak heart. So, she took him to Possibility, where she had him under careful watch and could visit a doctor if anything went wrong.
Cougar never told her son that his father was a RainWing.
Once he was a few months old (and stronger!), Cougar took Cricket back to the Scorpion Den. At this point, Cricket was well aware that he wasn't a normal SandWing, and though the other SandWings at the Scorpion Den didn't mind (because some of them were also peculiar), the dragons that lived in Possibility definitely noticed.
When Cricket grew to be ten years old, he left his mother to go back to Possibility, where he was welcomed with a poisonous snake bite on one of his back legs. This didn't kill him, but destroyed the tissues in the leg; thus making him inable to walk without limping.
He never knew who his father was, and he was still a great deal smaller than the other dragons his age were.

Despite his size, lacking so much strength, and having a weak heart, Cricket always found ways to overcome these obstacles.
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