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Goldenwing ||Pride Month/ day 8|| by xXSilvrTheShipprXx Goldenwing ||Pride Month/ day 8|| :iconxxsilvrtheshipprxx:xXSilvrTheShipprXx 4 0 Anemone ||Pride Month/ day 7|| by xXSilvrTheShipprXx Anemone ||Pride Month/ day 7|| :iconxxsilvrtheshipprxx:xXSilvrTheShipprXx 3 0 Paintbrush ||Pride Month/ day 6|| by xXSilvrTheShipprXx Paintbrush ||Pride Month/ day 6|| :iconxxsilvrtheshipprxx:xXSilvrTheShipprXx 2 0 Knife ||Pride Month/ day 5|| by xXSilvrTheShipprXx Knife ||Pride Month/ day 5|| :iconxxsilvrtheshipprxx:xXSilvrTheShipprXx 2 0 Dirty Paws ||Pride Month/ day 4|| by xXSilvrTheShipprXx Dirty Paws ||Pride Month/ day 4|| :iconxxsilvrtheshipprxx:xXSilvrTheShipprXx 1 0 Gregg and Angus ||Pride Month/ day 3|| by xXSilvrTheShipprXx Gregg and Angus ||Pride Month/ day 3|| :iconxxsilvrtheshipprxx:xXSilvrTheShipprXx 2 0 Thistle ||Pride Month/ day 2|| by xXSilvrTheShipprXx Thistle ||Pride Month/ day 2|| :iconxxsilvrtheshipprxx:xXSilvrTheShipprXx 2 0 RubySapphire ||Pride Month/ day 1|| by xXSilvrTheShipprXx RubySapphire ||Pride Month/ day 1|| :iconxxsilvrtheshipprxx:xXSilvrTheShipprXx 3 0 RAIEB MAP Thumbnail Contest Entry by xXSilvrTheShipprXx RAIEB MAP Thumbnail Contest Entry :iconxxsilvrtheshipprxx:xXSilvrTheShipprXx 3 0 Flame by xXSilvrTheShipprXx Flame :iconxxsilvrtheshipprxx:xXSilvrTheShipprXx 3 0 Gift for Sahel the SandWing! by xXSilvrTheShipprXx Gift for Sahel the SandWing! :iconxxsilvrtheshipprxx:xXSilvrTheShipprXx 3 0 Solve! The New Me! by xXSilvrTheShipprXx Solve! The New Me! :iconxxsilvrtheshipprxx:xXSilvrTheShipprXx 2 0 Kaede~ by xXSilvrTheShipprXx Kaede~ :iconxxsilvrtheshipprxx:xXSilvrTheShipprXx 1 1 Zyscir by xXSilvrTheShipprXx Zyscir :iconxxsilvrtheshipprxx:xXSilvrTheShipprXx 1 1 Look at this dragon by xXSilvrTheShipprXx Look at this dragon :iconxxsilvrtheshipprxx:xXSilvrTheShipprXx 6 0 Jump for Wolf's Peak! by xXSilvrTheShipprXx Jump for Wolf's Peak! :iconxxsilvrtheshipprxx:xXSilvrTheShipprXx 3 0


Awkward by Kwitchi Awkward :iconkwitchi:Kwitchi 77 19 [OC] - Jun by Kwitchi [OC] - Jun :iconkwitchi:Kwitchi 85 14 [OC] - Zero by Kwitchi [OC] - Zero :iconkwitchi:Kwitchi 121 23 Never give up on your art! by JoJoesArt Never give up on your art! :iconjojoesart:JoJoesArt 1,397 96 Redesign by StormstarTheWarrior Redesign :iconstormstarthewarrior:StormstarTheWarrior 4 0 Kaede Ref Sheet 2018 by StormstarTheWarrior Kaede Ref Sheet 2018 :iconstormstarthewarrior:StormstarTheWarrior 2 0
You My Friend Are Dying
Listen, adhere to these words for just a moment.
Because I tell you,
you are dying, just as I.
And in this free fall that pulls us
there will be raging rivers to pass over,
there will be storms of tumult to weather,
there will be savage fires that seek to consume you--
this is not a game.
This is a world, a reality,
where a Great Darkness is at battle for your soul,
and the very air you breathe
would seek to consume you,
if the one who made the stars
did not hold you in his hands,
desperate for you to awaken.
You are dying.
And there is poison in your veins and a great beast
waiting in the darkness on the other side
of life.
Whether you want to see the fight or not,
the battle rages.
Think on it--think on it!
Every fiber of earthly life lures you away,
from these thoughts.
Open your eyes, reject the laugher and scoffing in your head
for just a moment and ask yourself:
why, why does your mind tell you
this is ridiculous, fantastic and so so wrong
without fail at every tu
:iconbreathinlife:breathinlife 19 6
Keira by Sinbeau Keira :iconsinbeau:Sinbeau 6 4
Curled up closely beside his mate, Starflight moved his head against the warm egg nestled safely in the blankets before him. He and Fatespeaker were young parents, having only officially become mates in the last summer, but they had adjusted to their new roles far easier than Starflight would have thought possible; preparing their chambers for the addition of a hatchling and figuring out just how the two of them would care for their first child. And being heavy with egg hadn't slowed Fatespeaker down at all; over the last few months she had worked tirelessly in the Jade Mountain Library alongside Starflight, despite his attempts to get her to rest and not put herself under unnecessary strain. Fatespeaker had insisted that he needed her help, which wasn't entirely true, as years of being blind meant that there was now little that Starflight couldn't accomplish without assistance, but Starflight hadn't been able to dissuade his mate, and had ultimately been secretly happy to have her aro
:iconamcalmaron:AMCAlmaron 80 203
hatchling fanfiction art by stArchaeopteryx hatchling fanfiction art :iconstarchaeopteryx:stArchaeopteryx 359 201 Starspeaker Week Day Four by greentailed Starspeaker Week Day Four :icongreentailed:greentailed 16 2
Mightyclaws POV
|+| This is a POV Of Mightyclaws, from Wings of Fire. Please note that most of the scenes and text are from The Dark Secret and Moon Rising so it contains spoilers. You have been warned |+|
                                                           The rain felt good on Mightyclaws back as he ran with everyone else, "You'll finally get to try  mango!" He whispered to Mindreader, happily shoving her. "Oof! Keep your claws off me you big dork!" She teased, a smile on her face. The SeaWing suddenly cast a glare at the two, and they blurted "Queen Glory!" again. Freedom! Food! Colors! Mainland! Everythings gonna be great. I know it will, and me, Mindreader, and Bigtail will be the most happiest dragons alive!
A couple of months later the jade mountain academy had opened, Mightyclaws could hardly believe
:iconfoxspirit06720:FoxSpirit06720 1 0
I'm going to publish Dragonhearted on my DeviantArt as well as Wattpad cause hardly anyone is reading it.
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