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Sweet Chibi Choco BASE

OH MY WORD. That cup that they're sitting in? PAIN. Painpainpain. But it looks pretty good I think!

No, you don't have to ask to use it!!


- Give me credit!! If you don't and I catch word... well, it would hurt my feelings and that's not very nice so please gimme a shoutout!
- Link me to your creation! I'd love to see it!!

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I loved this base, and I used this base in my art here:

It was difficult but okay.
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Hi, I made this All about that base chocolate break by amoira with this base. Hope you like it.
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I tried to use, but when I copied progrees to show my work, the skin turned  green? and why is it downloaded as a gif?
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can we turn the chocolate into whatever flavour we choose?
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Collective cuteness! :love: 
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why is it saved as a .gif?
For me it is.
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awww this is sooo cute
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uhh please dnt shoot me with a staple gun lol here is…
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it was sooo cute ><  i had to use it ><  i had fun :D…
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