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Black Utorrent Skin

I decided to share my utorrent skin, that I modified by using the utorrent guide lines on editing your own personal skin.
Black interface with white letters and a dark blue download color and white health bar works on utorrent 2.2 and up!

Instructions : Extract the files from the ZIP file, and double click on the file named "dark"

12/7/12 Update : Added original theme so you can switch back if you choose to!
© 2012 - 2021 xxshadowivanxx
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i ve tried it and i ve the 2.2.1 v...i can tell you That nothing works ,just the dl bar and buttons are modified...just a question ...does it possible it s working with a define build version window thx ...

Only changes the buttons on the menu. Background remains white. Very dissapointed.

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people you should ONLY be using version 2.2.1 of uTorrent - all the rest are inferior

Having said that this skin is likely compromised by windows 10 as it doesn't fully work .... now.

Only the button collours are chnaged, the main window and text ramin the same.

Any chance of a fix? and updating this theme?

It looks Ugly you bloody idiot

and the original is not working too. F*** you

to remove the theme, do to %appdata% and go into the uTorrent folder. find the current.btskin and rename it to current.btskin.bak

Thanks a bunch. You're an absolute lifesaver.

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lucky you didn't leave a comment like:-

"It looks Ugly you bloody idiot and the original is not working too. F*** you"

else i'd think you were a twat.

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Yo, This is from 8 years ago.

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what a great job. but where is the download?

Only worked half way, majority still white on 3.5.5 March 16, 2020

Hey, just found your uTorrent skin, looks very nice, I really like it. I know is an old post but though you might want to know you kick ass :))

No Longer works 3.5.5 :/

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i cant really tell in your image but you "should" only be ussing utorrent version 2.2.1 - all the rest are junk

works on 3.5.5 nov2019,

I got the 3.5.5 version too but it's not full dark.

Any chance for an update to this? Thanks.
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Meh, don't work good with 3.5 ver=\
how do you create a theme for utorrent?
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Yup, top and sidebar remain white in v3.4.7
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In 2.2.1 this worked for the icons.  It did not, however, change the general background from the eyepopping white to black like it shows above, which was my main reason for looking for this :/
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Doesn't work on uTorrent v3.4.5.
I downloaded and installed your version, the v3.1.3, and it sort of works.. most of it went black, other stuff stayed original.. like the SideBar and the columns stay its original color
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3.4.6 Beta (build 41164) causes some elements of the theme to default to original colors, other than that one issue I love the look.
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