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Pixel-Over Tutorial

Check out my gallery for more spriting tutorials!

Read these tutorials for different ways to get rid of the stuff inside the outlines (thanks to =hollinesskiss for showing them to me): [link] [link]

Comments are welcomed. Tell me if you want to see another tutorial, and over what. Also tell me if I should go update my other tutorials to match this format :L

btw, I know Sinadargon's one claw looks odd. Even when I drew it I had a hard time getting it in the right pose :c


Trying a different tutorial style. Meh... At least it's shorter than my other ones >.>

If you need help with shading/outline/etc, check out my [link] (Spriting Fakemon Tutorial) otherwise I assume you know how to do it... *LAZY TO THE EXTREME*

Personally, I love doing pixel-overs as much as I love to do revamps... and revamps are at the top of the list of my favorite things to sprite. Mainly because it takes the frustration out of spriting a difficult pose for me.

I need to go study for my Spanish test now I did good on my Spanish test, since I studied with a friend an hour before it XD
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Thank you so much for this tutorial!