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Preview. N x reader.
Two ropes hung around their necks, as blood dripped to their finger tips. A ribbon tied around the two hands, keeping the fingers intertwined, and their hearts eternally connected together.
Green x Reader. Journey part 3.
The sun shined through the bedroom window, of this very hotel. Bright enough to go past any curtains or destroy any hint of shade. This is the start of an amazing day; the day where that first gym badge will finally be in my grasp. Nothing can overtake this pride, and joy I have of this day. Nothing. Possibly can be someone such as a brunette who silently sleeps away reality in the bed, beside me. Wait. Beside. Me? Hmm… if the blankets underneath him are pulled out just like with a tablecloth and some glasses, that hopefully will not break but in this case he lands on the floor. One. Two. Three. With all the might within my grasp
Arthur Pendragon x Reader (BBC Merlin) Pt.4
Warning: extremely poor writing skills After Arthur told Merlin about the dinner, he told (Y/N) about it. She thought it could be fun if Merlin was going to be there with her. The night came and Arthur was anxious. He wanted to see her again, talk to her, even the fact of being near her was enough to him. Among all the people, he saw his manservant. "Merlin!!" He saw (Y/N) beside Merlin, chatting with Guinivere. She looked wonderful. Her (h/c) hair was fixed in a way that highlighted her beautiful (e/c) eyes. He walked towards (Y/N) trying to look handsome and manly, but his nervousness betrayed him. He ended up colliding with Gwaine
Arthur Pendragon x Reader (BBC Merlin) Pt.3
 Arthur was back in his chambers. Why does Merlin take so long? He was supposed to be serving his dinner. Yes! his dinner. Merlin had been almost all day unable to be localized. Although, he wasn't hungry, he felt sort of a void inside him, but it wasn't hunger. For God sake! The way (y/n) talked to Merlin, her sweet voice...and the way Merlin was looking at her. They looked like an actual couple. The door opened -"Arthur, I'm sorry. Gaius, he asked me-" -"I talked to Gaius, he told me that you were supposed to be HERE" Oh, no...Arthur was angry... -"It was something that he asked me to do yesterday...and I didn't do it...I wanted to d
Naruto x Reader: More Than Friends
                (~~~~~flashback 6-7years old~~~~~~)                "I thought I told you to stay away from that boy!" Your mother whisper yelled in a furious tone. "Why don't you ever listen to me?"                As she tugged you away from the blonde boy you had spent the whole afternoon with. You looked longingly back at him.              "Because he's my boyfriend mama!" You yelled at her, not understanding why she didn't want you two to be friends. "Let me go! We were having fun!"               Your mother turned with eyes that could freeze hell over and delivered a sharp smack to your tiny cheek.            "Don't ever let me ca
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Till We Grow Older (Bellamy Blake x Reader)
Here’s a fluffy Bellamy one-shot! I got the idea listening to this song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wO0ohGn-x3E). It was part of a bigger plot in my head (that I might write later on) but I thought it could also work well on its own. Sorry if it’s not great, I’m a bit rusty, (plus English isn’t my first language, but I don’t want to use that as an excuse) I’ll get better with practice. Enjoy! ______________________________________________________________ “Hey have you seen (Y/N)?” Bellamy asked Raven who was working on boosting the radio signal. She shrugged “No, not in a while. She
Male!Tiana/Reader - Mardi Gras Mambo!
Male♂Tiana/Reader - Mardi Gras Mambo! (Tiana -Tian) (Charlotte - Charlie La Bouff) (Naveen-Navenea) The song I used is Mardi Gras Mambo by the Hawketts Link to song--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UPX0qVJ8H8 ♫-----------♫ "Down in New Orleans Where the blues was born It takes a cool cat to blow a horn On LaSalle and Rampart Street The combo's there with a mambo beat The Mardi Gras mambo, mambo, mambo Party Gras mambo, mambo, mambo Mardi Gras mambo, ooh Down in New Orleans!" You've always greatly admired Tian. He worked so terribly hard for his dreams but he never seemed to quite reach them. He held such a p
Male!Belle x Reader
*(Y/N)'s P.O.V* I was walking through the town trying desperately to find someone, anyone who break my brother, Adam's, curse. Soon i spotted a female at the bookstore a rather attractive male at her side who looked just like her. I ran towards them "excuse me are you two a couple?" i asked, they shook there heads "we're twins" they replied "oh thank goodness, this may sound crazy but would you come with me to the castle?" i asked pointing too the eerier place on the hill. The shared glances gulped but nodded anyway, thanking them profusely i led them in and introduced them too the servants. They were fascinated by the animated inanimate ob
Male!Cinderella x Reader
(A/N: If you guys want a name then i suggest to go with Cendrillon, it's the French name for Cinderella and i prefer it to other names.) *(Y/N)'s P.O.V* My father the king himself was hosting a ball to find me a groom and my brother Prince Charming as everyone calls him, a wife. Of course i had no interest in the matter what-so-ever i had to agree, if anything ever happened to my brother i might need to step up as heir and i'd need support of not just my people to do so. I sighed as i sat on my smaller throne next to my brother's as guests piled in, what caught my attention was an old man and who i assumed too be his sons. They were winking
Boop You Little Brat (LeviXReader)
(General warning about language because it wouldn’t be Levi without it) “[F/n].” Tugging the blankets fully over your head, you turned your body to the wall, attempting to ignore the voice. “[F/n], get your ass outta bed!” The voice said, clearly getting pissed off as they were once again ignored. The voice let out a snort of exasperation.  “Fine.  I tried, Krista.  She’s not moving, so let’s just go, I don’t need to get in trouble with shortstack again.”  The sound of stomping footsteps retreating from your little nest followed, along with the door opening an
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Jeff the Killer x Reader. Whispers in the Dark.
Yay! Another SongFic :p Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zt1ggasRAz8&hd=1 The song is shorter because i didn’t know what else to right XD ~~~~~~~ I listen to the Screams of my latest victims the Knight family. I killed them one by one, carving a smile on each of their faces, as tears slowly fell from their eyes. They wouldn’t stop screaming in fear, and pain, until there was Blood that scorched the blankets they laid on, and the corpses finally stopped moving. I love my job, there isn’t anything else I rather do than this. I left through the back door of the house into the street behind the house. Even though I
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Happy New Year!
Okay I have wrote like half of my N x Reader story, so far I don’t like making up names to call them, one day they will be named Red x reader. Story 1. :)   I think I will write the rest like tomorrow or something.  Plus the story has a lot of references but if you don’t get them they are just small ones :3 XD AND WOW I’ve been off or comes on goes off comes on for a while, but there is more Watchers now. Time to *cracks knuckles*………… Hug you all! :3   Oh And Happy New Years Everyone!~
Amazing!~ :3 https://www.deviantart.com/cassius326/art/Anime-Manga-Character-WIP-489159698
Rawr. (i never know what to write for the title )
First of all. I WANT A FANCY BACKGROUND ;-; TT__TT totally unrelated. just felt like it XD Secondly I was wondering. Would you guys like more Human pokemon x Reader or just the Character :x Thirdly i am going to be writing something soon (was asked to continue My Green x Reader one ( i forgot about it! )) But so far in school i have so many projects. so i am waiting for an open day. Also because i am reading one of my 5 - 6 books on my free time ._____. Also apparently getting yelled at in class for reading during when people are setting up is bad. .___. i thought it was my free time. That is all ^-^ Rawr. ~ Sami


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