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Alright, Im going to ease my in and start drawing again. Im going to begin working on commissions and try and finish those up for the people who have patiently been waiting for them. Thank you so much for waiting on me while i dealt with real life for a bit.
So this is an update for those of you waiting on a commission from me. They are going to be delayed for a week or so. One of my good friends died of an OD last week, I just haven't been able to bring myself to draw. My mind and heart just aren't in it, and I want to give you guys the best work I can. so I'm going to take so time for me and mourn the loss of a friend. 

I also want to beg those of you who are struggling with addictions to value your lives more, the few moments of fake happiness you gain from the drugs isn't worth the risk. Coming from a town where OD's have become the norm I hate seeing all these lives cut short. Please seek out the help you owe it to yourself.
Okay, I'm writing this to show the order in which the commissions will be finished.
1. zylogaroh-DA- Done
2. andere_sven FA- Done
3. LilMissMetalMouth FA- Done
4. Dresmseed FA- Done
5. Night_Krystal- FA- Done
6. Hibris-FA- Done
7. Sapphire-EmeraldBolt-DA- Done
8. Sapphire-EmeraldBolt-DA- Done

9. SnippyTheDeliveryFox-DA-Sketch okayed
10. Viruem-DA-Sketch okayed
11. Bubble-FA-Sketch okayed
12. AtlasImperial- FA-Sketch Pending
13. ChibiKyubi-FA-Sketch Pending

14. AussieDuck21-FA-Payment Pending
15. Julie Ann Cerda- FB-cancelled 
16. Violet-Dust-FA-Pending
17. Violet-Dust-FA-Pending
18. Zonyae-AM-Pending
19.andere_sven FA-Pending
20.andere_sven FA-Pending
Alright, so Its time to do some more fanart. So you guys and gals need to help me decide what to do. Go ahead and leave a comment down below if a series you'd like to see me draw. I'll randomly choose a couple and work on them through this month. 
So while drawing today out of nowhere my tablet starts acting up. The touch sensitivity is gone like it can't recognize the pen anymore. So I turned it off and plugged it in. That helps for a little bit but then it'll go dead on me again. I've unplugged it and plugged it back in, I've reinstalled the drivers, restarted the computer. Everything I can think of. I'm freaking out so much. I can't afford another $2000 tablet but I have no idea what's strong with it. Now I'll get a message saying USB Device not recognized...o e of the devices connected... malfunctioned. Seriously I'm fucked. Gonna have to get some shitty ass job and save up for a new one. Guahhhhhhh!!!!!! Why does Life hate me soooo

I'll Be Inactive For a Bit

Tue Jan 10, 2017, 6:37 PM

Heya Peeps,
    So my family and me have been hit hard with bad news repeatedly over the holidays and this past week some more came in. My mom may have lung cancer and is going for testing to find out more. As you can probably guess the stress level and the status of my emotions are not in the best place. I've sat down and tried to draw to distract myself but I just cant seem to do it. I'm guessing I've fallen into another art block. So I'm sorry for the inactivity that'll be taking up most, if not all of this week especially to my Patraon's. I do plan on trying to draw, and if any thing I'll do a bunch of sketching for a nice big sketch pack. And for those that I owe commissions and those that want commissions I will still do/'accept them since this is my job. They may take a lttle bit longer than normal to get finished though. I hope you all will understand, which I'm sure cause you guys are the best and I love each and everyone of you.

Skin made by fantasy-alive

Going Live

Tue Jan 3, 2017, 3:06 PM

Hey guys come hangout with my while I redraw an old Korra fanart piece from 2012

Skin made by fantasy-alive


Journal Entry: Mon Dec 26, 2016, 10:21 AM

There I finally broke down and got pro, figured it the best time since I could also give CORE to someone else with they holiday deal they have going on. Now I can finally change my username to match all of my other sites.

Commissions are Open




1. I am not obligated to accept every commission offer! I won't accept a commission for something I don't feel i'll like or something that i feel uncomfortable drawing; whether it be content or technical. It isn't fair to you if I did, the product would not be on par with my normal work.

2. I DO GIVE PREVIEW SKETCHES FOR YOU TO APPROVE. But thats it I dont have the time to give you the play by play of the entire process. You won't see it until it's 100% done after you've approved the sketch.

3. I may or may not stream your commission

4. Payment must be paid through paypal invoice service. (Please dont just send the payment)



These prices are ESTIMATES and AVERAGES!

Depending on how specific or open you are with your commission, and how complex the character is, the price will vary! If you say "Go crazy." Your job will be much cheaper! If you say they have to be in some crazy pose, or doing something specific, interacting with stuff in specific ways and from certain angles, your price will be MORE.

Character complexity is also something to consider! If you're OC has a billion buckles and colors... that's alot more work! Backgrounds can also add a big cost, as that's drawing a whole scene!
Non-Humanoid characters are subject to the same prices!

2/3rd figure $40ish

Biisu by XxSacrosimxX

Mature Content

Watch the Thorns by XxSacrosimxX
Zerop11 Commission by XxSacrosimxX Sneak Peek by XxSacrosimxX Harley Quinn by XxSacrosimxX

Full Figure $60ish

Bound and Gagged by XxSacrosimxX Mad Hatter by XxSacrosimxX Uzamaki Elric by XxSacrosimxX Acinonyx Portal Cosplay by XxSacrosimxX Snap and Air Cosplay by XxSacrosimxX Space Pirate by XxSacrosimxX Zombie Witch by XxSacrosimxX


Generally, Hentai starts at below-the-belt-nudity.
Obviously, hentai cannot be posted to deviantart. In which case you'll only be provided the full resolution image, and will be posted elsewhere.
- No lolicon.
- No Shotacon.

Commissions include the high-resolution .png you can print

By default, I'll just come up with something simple and fitting for a background using basic colors, shapes, and such. Unless details have already been established.

Payments are done through Paypal only. After I accept the offer I'll ask for you paypal email and send you an invoice once the sketch has been approved. All payment is due after the sketch approval. Anyone who fails to pay after a week of receiving the sketch will be black listed (exceptions can and will be made for circumstances just get with me through notes/pms and we can work things out)

1. You CAN post the image online on your personal blogs, deviantart galleries, and sites. I do ask that you give me credit

2. You CAN make edits and crops to the image

3. You CAN print the image out as well, for personal use/entertainment.

6. I reserve the right to post the images anywhere online, and can use it as PART of any future compilation print products or portfolios, digital or physical.

If you'd like to remain anonymous about "certain" commissions, that's fine. However, YOU MUST TELL ME AHEAD OF TIME!! Be default, I'll list your DEVIANTART name on the queue AND on the commissioned piece, even if I post is elsewhere! If you don't want me to do that, you have to say so!

The best way is through a deviantart note. Provide references and any additional details about the piece
Alright so first off i'm sorry for the sudden disappearance and months of inactivity. I was working on a few projects and taking a bunch of commissions finally starting to make my dream of become a professional artist come true. Or so i thought that was my dream. Becoming stressed over deadlines, gaining a bunch of weight and becoming unhealthy i came to a realization. I dont think being a professional artist is for me. Now i know there are ways to get around all that i mentioned but the major issue was my passion was dying. My excitement of seeing my ideas come to life on the pages was fading and this job was turning out to be like any other job i've ever had. So I have decided to give up on the "professional" art career. I went got a full time job a few months back and i dont completely hate it lol. Now dont get me wrong im not giving up on art. Its the opposite really I'm done drawing for others, working on their projects, doing their commissions. From now on I'm drawing for me. I'm going focus on my comic/manga, draw what i want to draw and if it takes me a week to finish a drawing than thats fine too. i dont want to lose my passion for art and i think this is the best decision for me. So for any of you that actually remember me (lol) i should start uploading pictures and concepts for my own ideas soon thank you all for your support 
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alright so i didnt just make it its been around for like a year but i never did anything with it but i figured i need to start being more social with my art and out there so i can start getting some fans for when i start working on my webcomic and what not

but yeah......

go check it out and follow me if you want
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whats this? Im going live after so long XD come watch at…
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Alright so for those interested in watching me work on various
comic/manga pages, 
random illustrations

i have now decided on a set schedule when i will be streaming

So every Saturday and Sunday i will be streaming 

4-7pm est

Go watch here and click the follow button to be notified when i go live via email

Ill also randomly stream throughout the week
depending on how fast i get work done and the mood im in
but i will be sure to be live on Saturday and Sunday
so mark it on your calenders
take a mental note
or whatever you need to do 
just make sure you come by and keep me company
while i draw XD
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Alright guys so we have some things going on which im pretty pumped about. but. First things first i have to tell you my activity might slow down due to me becoming part of a project that will take some of my time to work on and unfortunately i cant really share anything/stream due to an NDA but trust me i havent fallen off the face of the earth.....yet.....

But have no fear i will still try to upload my own illustrations and what not when i finish them, heck maybe even some sketches and ther crap that i feel like

Also i finally sat down and began writing my next story for my upcoming manga i have chapter 1 almost done so ill probably start on character designs, environment sketches and just generally figuring out how i want the manga to look, and i will definitely be streaming all of these processes even if they are boring XP lol; ill also be posting them on here and asking opinions and suggestions ^^

ps........i love all of you...........

alright im going live NOW

 come chill with me while i work on some things

im going live come chill with me while i work on some things…
alright i was tagged by :iconlesimmons:

so here it goes ^u^

J   Join the Ranks Rise Against
a   American Idiot by Green Day
y   You're Gonna Go Far Kid by the Offspring
s   Situations by Escape the Fate
o   One Hundred Sleepless Nights Pierce the Veil
n   No Scared by One Ok Rock

come chill with me while i work on some things…
hey guys been a while since i streamed but im back you should come hang out here:…
Alright im finally going live again sorry for so much inactivity but with being sick and other distractions finally out of my way im back XD
come hangout and watch while i work on the prizes for my giveaway