What am I doing so wrong?

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Why am I never good enough for anyone? I swear sometimes I'm just stuck. I'm only fricken human. Well journal alot has happened since we last talked so let's have a chat. I'll give you the short version. My friends who had the boyfriend I had a crush on? They broke up, we dated, broke up. She dated one of my exes broke up and I'm dating him again. The journal has been gone since now we're in high school. Freshman to be exact. And it's hard to keep it going. Also I'm done trying to live up to everyone's expectations. I try so hard to please everyone that I rarely, if ever, get to please myself. Maybe it's because I'm just too much of a nice person or that I let people walk all over me, or I just see a need and forget about mine. I hate it.





I just wish I could escape.
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