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Dear journal,

I have finally finished a poem. Although it wasn't the poem I planned on finishing a poem is still a poem. I know all things considered it isn't one of my better ones but I like it so I'm going to put it up here hoping to get some feedback.

All my friends and me are good again. The one who complains about never getting a boyfriend has one but the bad thing is......I am starting to develop a crush on her boyfriend. I don't think they'll last long though no offense. My other friend is grounding from seeing her fiance. I feel bad for her. Than 3 of my closest friends and me have started a journal so we can learn more about each other. So far I think it's a huge success and we just started today.

My family and me I think are growing farther apart. I am trying to come out of my shell but I think my family is trying to push me back into my shell.
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