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Everything I do is stained by you
After you sent me away I was in pain for days
Nothing seemed wirth while I felt as if I'd died
You left me to fight the night alone
Yes you left me to die but now I see why.

I see why I was left in my tears
I, standing alone, am here to fight my fears
Now I realize after sitting here for years
Through all the hurt and all the pain
You're the reason I'm going insane.

I'm turning inside out, letting my feelings sprout
They grew to the size of heaven's gates
Inside, I know it's much too late
Too late to go back and change
I realize it wasn't me, you just coudln't accept the truth

I'd do anything for you
Yet you never had a clue
You left me feeling so blue

I am stronger than I once was
You are the one I wanted, I thought I needed
I don't need you and I never did
I love you was merely said
I won't let myself be fooled again.
A poem I've wrote
© 2011 - 2020 XxRoxasLoverxX
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