The Hidden Reason

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She spends all her nights crying,
As she is tired of the constant lying,
Each time only speeding up the process of her dying.

He is called faggot and gay,
Yes this is what he hears everyday,
And now in his suicide note, he has something to say.
"I am what I am, I was what I was, and all I ever asked was to be accepted."

She's pushed to the limits everyday
Forced to sell herself so she can make ends pay
No one understands she has to make her money so not herself but her baby brother can last another day.

Not only is he beaten but tired and defeated,
His only thoughts are "Why am I still living?"
As he's about to pull the trigger he remembers his gay friend who recently commented suicide,
How both of the girls he knows suffer just as him.

He put's his gun down and packs his stuff, taking only a few memories, burning the rest,
He leaves notes saying goodbye and goes to the police station and tells the police the girls stories.
Shortly after he leaves town he is found beaten to death by the man he ran from .

The girl and dying ill baby brother are to be taken to a shelter so she packs and thinks who saved them,
than in her window pane she see's a note, she picks it up and begins to read,
"His dying wish was for me to save you all, even if I couldn't save myself. By the time you read this I'll be gone.
Remember you're beautiful no matter what you're past." She burst in tears.....of joy for the first time in years,

As she cuts herself for what she plans to be the last time she takes her last few glances around her room and there on her window sill she see's something,
A note from him as well stating, "I'm sorry if you hate me but help is on the way. No one should feel as you do everyday. Now you feel alone no more. Please don't hate me. I'll always be there for you." She throws her knife out the window saying to herself I can't let him down. She's taken away and saved.

Discovered at the crime scene where the boy was beaten to death police find a note in the boy's jackets pocket. Saying,
" Do not let those girls fear as me and him did. Let them be free to be as they wish. But tell them please that me and him are happier here. We can FINALLY be together without fear of judgement. Love forever"
I guess a story poem.
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