The Ending Point

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She grabs her teddy bear and holds on tight
As she cries herself to sleep everynight
She tries to block the noise, to ignore her emotions being thrown around like broken toys
She thinks why, why isn't she good enough
Why does her life have to be so tough?

She just wants one person to see behind her smile
She yearns for someone to understand and is tired of people and their fake sympathy
She goes to school to get away from home, she goes home to get away from school
She never gets a break.

She tries to reach out for help but more fake symapthy is all she gets
She is never understood
She has no one and she thinks of what would she have to do to be noticed.

She isn't at school or the next day or the next
The news comes on and all you see is her face, unable to resist you take a glimpse
You hear news and next all you see is a bloody wall
An ambulance and her body sprawled, gun to the side of her on the floor, and brain spilled everywhere
Than on the wall you see scraped in blood,
"This is what I had to do to get noticed, I just wanted one person to tell me they care
It's too late now, but why, I only wanted one person yet none came."
This is an orginal poem. I wrote this all by myself. Tell me if I suck or if I rule.
© 2010 - 2020 XxRoxasLoverxX
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