My Heart

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My heart is yours.
You owned if from the start,
I just can't believe you would,
have been the one to make it fall apart.

I trusted you, you know.
Was it because I moved too slow for you?
I just don't think I'll be able to let go,
of all we had left to show.

I thought you'd be my knight in shining armor.
I thought you'd be the last to call me yours.
I thought our love was to be forever.
I thought wrong didn't I?

You're just another fake, Another frog,
Another thing to add to the list of Mister Wrong.
You never loved me did you?
Sad part is thats probably true.
Now that I think of it maybe this isn't the end,
We could meet again right around the bend.

I guess we weren't meant to be but maybe,
Just maybe, I made you see that you'll never find another such as me.
My heart is a million glass shards turning into worthless ash...
Can some one heal it before it's too late?
Or will I disappear to the call of fate?
Again Orginal. No coping or stealing. Comment.
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