House of Strangers

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In this house I am a prisoner
In this house I am forced to tell my story
I am stuck in a place where I've lost myself
I can barely recognize myself.

I promised I wouldn't change
I said I refuse for my life to be rearranged
These strangers welcomed me with open arms
Although all I can think is what if they mean me harm?

After what brought me here
I have an ever growing fear
That someone will look at me
I'm afraid they'll read me like a book
I don't want them to see that side of me
They took me to a court room to finalize the work
That's when the judge asks me to tell how my life turned into a nightmare.

I shudder and shake and try to calm my nerves
After when I finally get into control I'm ready to begin

I start on the night when my brother and his friend came over
They paid me a visit to my bed
When they touched me there I didn't know what to do
They told me not to tell, or scream, or yell
It hurt but they seemed to enjoy themselves
After that I laid there and cried and asked myself why?

They came back again and again
Each time, it only brought me more pain
Than one night I decided I couldn't take anymore
I decided it was driving me insane
That was the night I decided to scream

Although no one but us were there
That's when they got up and said I'd been to bold
They took me outside, naked and bare, and beat me and knocked me out cold.

When I woke up all I saw was a bright white light
I thought that I had finally got my wish and died
But than an unfamiliar face came in front of me
She said some one had called and had found me close to death
She also said no one had stepped up to claim me
That's when she said to lack of someone coming to get me
I was to be put into foster care.

After I'd healed enough to be considered good
I was assigned a social worker
I stayed in the little room with the bright white light
Until one day my social worker came
She said she found a family that thought I'd be perfect for them.

In this house I am a prisoner
In this house I am forced to tell my story
I am stuck in a place where I've lost myself
I can barely recognize myself.

I'm all cleaned and prettied up
I now wear designer brand clothes
I now attend a private school.

One day as I walked to school
I saw a sight that was disturbing
I saw my brother dressed in the school uniform
He came up and said I knew you wouldn't tell
He than cornered me and tried to touch me there
That's when I decided no, not again, and I started to yell.

I have yet to see him or his friend
My suffering at last has come to an end
But now I'm in this house of strangers
Always wondering, am I really safe or do they plan to touch me there?
I wrote this. This is not about me. I imagined myself in this persons shoes. You decided whether they be a boy or a girl.
© 2011 - 2020 XxRoxasLoverxX
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