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I sit here and gaze at the moon and the stars
I sit here and a stray leaf catches my eye
I watch it as it hangs on to the branch for dear life
Just like I do.

I imagine myself as that leaf yearning to be accepted
But as the leaf falls to the ground I feel myself falling as it
I feel the neglect of something to hold on to
Something to keep me focused on.

I than watch how the wind comes and throws the leaf around
The leaf has no say and just takes it
Just as I take the taunting, and mocking that comes everyday
Why, Why couldn't the leaf just hold on for a bit longer?

Why, why can't one person just accept me
Than you came along and I realized I need not be the leaf that falls off the branch
But the one that holds on loving life and all in it.

I lose it all when I'm not with you
You are my branch and I your leaf
Please don't let me fall away.
I wrote this by myself inspired by sitting outside my house on my back porch staring at a leaf.
© 2010 - 2020 XxRoxasLoverxX
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