A Key but No Opening

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A piano without any keys to press,
A song without a singer,
A spotlight with no focus,
A pitch perfect performance but no audience,
A single solid storm cloud yet not a drop of rain,
A lovers touch that is never enough,
A pregnant woman's hunger as untamed as a beasts,
A strict parents ever-expanding expectations,
A teacher but no students,
A mother's dreams for her children,
A sinner crying for forgiveness like a man convicted,
An addict's craving for his next fix,
A wallet with no money,
A beach on a stormy day,
A child with a box full of toys but nothing to do,
A hive without any bees,
A question without an answer,
A scientists endless curiosities,
The last leaf on a tree,
A garden with but one bloom,
A story waiting to be written but no author,
A book with no reader,
A door without a knob,
and a lock without a key.
Things that are never fully satisfied, just as us humans, are never fully satisfied.
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