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The Weekly SJ Community Design by XxRalxX The Weekly SJ Community Design by XxRalxX
Title: The Weekly Shonen Jump Community
Purpose: Design for my website when I finally switch hosts.
Time Spent: 4-8 hours coding and redesigning
Original Design: [link]
Live Preview!: [link]

Description: My business partner Karochan [link] who is currently learning the ways of designing web pages gave me a PSD to work with and no joke this was one hell of an accomplishment in the long run! Yes it's already coded and not for sale but it will be up for actual view as soon as my ex hosting company resolves any leftover issues with the hosting company switch I recently ordered. The Logo was created originally by me because a Shonen Jump font does not exist to this very day for us to use as a reference.

-Ability to add images per new chapter in all 3 frams so those 3 images are just place holders.
-Ability to change all 3 Avatar images.
-Ability to add a forum feature (ie. users online) to the Forums tab to the very left.
-Log in button works and a form will be added so that information can be inputed and sent to the forum as a redirect log-in.
-Home button will send you back to the index when you click it, this is enabled if need be and there are other pages you can just keep the Home button as a safe return home option.
-The Anime and Manga side panel will have some sort of java text scroller with an arrow button on the top and bottom to scroll through the new releases.
-Everything text based can be edited and the text design will always stay so as long as you don't aalter the coding too much.

Comment if you like it and also fav it!
First hot pink design I've ever seen on the net to this day that involved Anime/Manga and I gotta tell you this design looks seeeeeeexy! *drools*
HinataTentenAnkoRul Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2010
It looks all types of sexy!
harlita Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2010
When you gonna make something sexy for our site, huh?!?!?!
XxRalxX Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You never asked T_T

Let us discuss the design on Skype sometime?

Let me know when you are free to chat. :D
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August 2, 2010
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