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novel sketch
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Published: February 1, 2013
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It's just a sketch which is draw with a blue pen
I maybe will redraw or colour it. When I redraw it with graphit pencils there will be no bigger difference to my other works :/
If I redraw it with colour no no no I won't do that......this would look like a drawing from a five years old child xD
Maybe I redraw it with the PC but I'm not sure :/ I'm not so good in colouring with the PC...
I think it will be redraw with graphit pencils ^-^

Here is the history of this picture :D :
The girl in the foreground is Netherale or short Nethe. She's a normal girl who always wanted to be a magican. Here best friend Yirida (the girl on the top) warned to go to the "dark magican" (I don't have a name for him yet :P ). But Nethe hadn't listen to her friend. She get her power for a high price. She had to give all her feelings and motions. Also Nethe forgot Yirida and leaves the town. But her power wasn'T strong enough to fight against the young elf Sehna (girl on the right). Sehna hurt her a lot (I'm not sure about the reason but I'm going to think about it wehn I write the chapter :D ). Nethe escaped but broked down because her wounds were too deep. Three days later she woke up and looked into a girls face. Runa was a magican and was born with her power. (Runa is the girl on the left) Netherale hates her for this and never thanked her for healing her wounds. But Runa healed another thing too. Netherales feelings and motions came back to her and the dark magican power slowly leaves her limbs. Now she thougt about all situations were she was able to act different. If she had listend to Yiridas warning, she woulden't have lost her best friend, wouldn'T have to fight against Sehna and wouldn't have gone away from Runa without a word.

ähhh...well...I'm in a phase were I can't stop writing so I add some characteristics off the four girls ^^'' :typerhappy:

Name: Nethe(rale)
Age: 16
Species: Human
Appearance: white log hair, cut it after loosing her dark power, red eyes, always wear a necklace
Family: no familiy (street child)

Name: Yirida
Age: 16
Species: Human
Appearance: long dark brown hair, brown eyes, old clothes
Familiy: no family (street child)

Name: Sehna
Age: 120 (looks like 17)
Species: Elf
Appearance: light green and very long hair, dark green eyes, often wears a suit of armor or a nobel dress
Family: king family, one older sister an her father

Name: Runa
Age: 20
Species: Magican
Appearance: orange/red hair, her hair is tied in a plait, often wears her magican cape, sometimes a leather suit of armor
Family: one younger sister, one older brother

all characters an the story belong to me and onely to me
so please don't steal yeah? ^-^

and when you have read the whole description and stand out my bad english you get a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig :cookie: :meow: :happybounce:
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Lady-SutcliffHobbyist Traditional Artist
awwww das ist hübsch,besonders die haare *-*
Vlt. solltest du deine Bilder in Gruppen einfügen ?^^ Dann könnten mehr Leute die anschauen....und das hier ist echt gut geworden :)
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wow danke :D
ich glaub dann sollte ich ein bisschen bei kugelschreiber skizzen bleiben xD
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Lady-SutcliffHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ja,auf jeden Fall ! :D Alleine schon aus dem Grund weil Kugelschreiber ein Medium ist,mit dem viele nicht klarkommen ^^ (mich eingeschlossen xD)
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