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i'm not sure, but
It's like this, dearest darling.
I'm not robotic like you appear to be
and i don't have a delete button.
So it's going to take time to forget you.
my mind will unravel a little from trying
to loosen your hold,
and trying to unpick the stitches
my beating heart to your
seemingly stone like one may
get a little unpleasant.
[in]sincere apologies, me.
:iconxxpumpkin-pwincessxx:xXPumpkin-PwincessXx 1 1
She tiptoes gracefully across the frozen pond,
shivering violently as her breath clouds around her.
As her pale skin turns almost translucent
the ice silently gives way beneath her.
(even when facing death she's still so well poised.)
:iconxxpumpkin-pwincessxx:xXPumpkin-PwincessXx 0 6
in the end
Somehow it's the ideas that are never allowed to be anything more than thoughts that are the ones that will eventually tear you apart from the inside out. It's the i should have said something but didn'ts, the i never realised he'd go's and the the thought i'd get another chances.
And it's the dreams that never developed into fond memories that become what keeps you awake and night with replays over in your head. It's the holidays to distant places that never happended, the well loved tradtions that were never born, and the long loved up nights that never turned into mornings.
Because sometimes we need to realise that these silences are what change us, we keep clinging on to the way things were and keep hoping that even though the daysweeksmonths pass, we'll fall back into place and everything will be okay. But once door closes, its closed. It may re open, but it will be different, That tremor you felt when you slammed it, it shifted things. Imagine your sand and each time you move you
:iconxxpumpkin-pwincessxx:xXPumpkin-PwincessXx 3 5
Mature content
maybe buried alive :iconxxpumpkin-pwincessxx:xXPumpkin-PwincessXx 1 1
word vomit.
It's like standing in the middle of the peak hour city rush and holding your breath as they hurry past and you turn purple and your strings snap and you collapse dramatically onto the frozen pavement. You stay curled up as the shapes move over and around and as the whispers turn to shrieks and screams. And as the sirens blaze in the background you realise sometimes this emptiness is like almost dying just so you know you're still alive.
:iconxxpumpkin-pwincessxx:xXPumpkin-PwincessXx 3 7
playing for keeps...
This time I'm playing for keeps. Not keepsakes.
She walks a fine line between self assured, and stubborn.
With teeth clenched, and fists swinging, she always had the last word. Never because she's won,
But cause he'd been pushed away and her words fell on deaf and uncaring ears.
Secretly, she hoped he regretted it, the way she did.
She prayed that the breakdown haunted him, like it did her. That his ribs were cracking and heart was stuck in his throat the way hers was. Thinking about it, she always hated him for what he'd done, for leaving, but maybe he was just the smart one, getting out while his bones were still intact, and he wasn't completely broken.
He walked around like someone had just placed all the weight of the world on his shoulders, his back was slumped over, and his face was always set to neutral. A man of science, she was sure that these feelings scared him, in his mindset if something's hurting you, then the logical thing to do is cut it loose, right?  
:iconxxpumpkin-pwincessxx:xXPumpkin-PwincessXx 6 10
time. by xXPumpkin-PwincessXx time. :iconxxpumpkin-pwincessxx:xXPumpkin-PwincessXx 0 5 make.a.wish by xXPumpkin-PwincessXx make.a.wish :iconxxpumpkin-pwincessxx:xXPumpkin-PwincessXx 0 2
lightening bugs.
please, love.
my lungs can't hold the infinity you're breathing into them and my mind can't handle the weight of the dreams that we keep imagining.
but i can breathe in all your light your golden shimmer and let my feet lift off the ground. i can weave our dreams into stories, and let the words document everything that made us so beautiful.
my voice is only quiet and i can't scream your name from the top of a ice capped mountain and i don't have royalty running through my veins.
but i can whisper it in your ear while laying underneath white washed sheets. i can still rule your world your life your heart.
so, dear,
my lungs are weak, and my mind is uncontrollable. i don't like high places, and i'm a middle income commoner.
we can catch our dreams in giant mason jars and let our lightening bug glow light up our world.
we can spend our days with the sunlight washing over us as we whisper love under blankets.
apart we're nothing amazing.
but together.
we could set this place ablaze.
:iconxxpumpkin-pwincessxx:xXPumpkin-PwincessXx 4 3
Big brother has taken our freedom of thought.
Consider yourself free of the need to exert your brain, your muscles can relax and you can enjoy the freedom of a comatose, zombie like state. With glazed over eyes and dripping lips nod, agree and just keep staring blankly into space. You are now free to spend your pointless and wasted days bathing in his egotistical glory. Thoughts are wild, unbridled, and let's face it, stupid.
Big brother is always right, we cannot disagree.
We will fog up your vision and you'll praise us for sight, we will take your freedom and you'll thank us for taking the weight off your shoulders. Let us poke and prod at your thoughts, we'll praise you for good, punish you for bad (But we won't tell you which is which.) We'll extract your spirit, and replace it with complete obedience. We thank you for your unquestioning co-operation.
Big brother has forbidden 'love' and wants to eliminate romance all together.
There's a dull thud-thud-thud inside your bleached cha
:iconxxpumpkin-pwincessxx:xXPumpkin-PwincessXx 0 0
if you're not
Emmett was a dreamer; there was no other way to describe him. With clouds in his ears, and mud between his toes, or seaweed circling his ankles, and fish in his peripheral vision, He wasn't sure what he wanted or where he'd find himself from one minute to the next.
All he knew was it wasn't here.
Emmett was handsome, no.
Emmett was beautiful. && not Hollywood beautiful either.  
his smile was crooked and teeth slightly yellowed, and his ocean blue eyes were always squinted slightly, his [far from] flawless skin had a graveyard tan, and it glimmered silver in afternoon light, while his chestnut hair shone golden.
but by far the most beautiful part of Emmett was tucked inside bleached bones and buzzing nerve endings.
(well that's were logic says ones heart should be.)
but he'd sown it onto his favorite faded tee, he liked the way the red bled and crept across the faded blue in tiny rivers between microfibers, and the way the sandpaper winds scraped across..  It hurt,
:iconxxpumpkin-pwincessxx:xXPumpkin-PwincessXx 0 1
A cliched summer by xXPumpkin-PwincessXx A cliched summer :iconxxpumpkin-pwincessxx:xXPumpkin-PwincessXx 4 4
Mature content
you could love me. :iconxxpumpkin-pwincessxx:xXPumpkin-PwincessXx 1 0
if you
you had me glowing like a lightening bug, and my words are ski. ski. skipping like a broken record. my tongue is tied in a ribbon around everysingleword that spills from between your
'goonkissme' lips.
i was seeing stars and covering the margins of my page in lopsided hearts. i was stumbling over incoherent and poorly structured sentences, and stepping on the backs of your shoes as i became [tootootoo] clingy.
i do believe that you took great pleasure in telling me to "jump" and me asking
[only half serious]
"how high?"
You also appeared to enjoy leaving me gasping every time you whispered my name after our lips collided.
you're making me dream. not of teenage love or fast cars, but of lightening bugs and shooting stars. of atoms and chemical equations. you're making my words useless, but you're making my brain run at a million miles an hour.
we might make logic of LOVE yet.
did i ever tell you that you have a killer smile, that punches str
:iconxxpumpkin-pwincessxx:xXPumpkin-PwincessXx 0 2
While some things...
I thought you should know:
That i know it was a slip of the tongue,
but it still completely made my day.
:iconxxpumpkin-pwincessxx:xXPumpkin-PwincessXx 0 0
If you were
Hello you.
I know that your bones are breaking,
And that your heart is dust covered from the fall.
I'm sorry I didn't catch you.
But I was right beside you. I was free falling too.
I know the cuts and abrasions sting, and that you can't look at me
Without your fists tightening.
But the human body heals, and even the deepest cuts will fade in time.
I know that you don't want to waste your words on me anymore.
You think that they are pointless and useless against my tough kid exterior.
But believe me, they manage to slice deeper than you imagine.
I just wish you'd listen to mine.
Begging you to take your blindfold  off,
And listen to me.
I'm trying to change my ways.
I promise.
Love me.
:iconxxpumpkin-pwincessxx:xXPumpkin-PwincessXx 0 0
please, don't steal these.
find something better, and less illegal.



Inhale, exhale. repeat
just a girl.
trying not to dig holes, and fall in them.
but i seem to have a nack for it.

New roots.

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 12, 2011, 10:54 PM
note me

so for the few of you that might actually read this, i am utterly sick of this user name (why isn't there an option to change it?)
any way, i am relocating to somewhere new, for my writing at least.

anyone actually interesting in re finding me, note me C:

(photos, and other stuff may still appear occasionally)


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