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Peripheral for this piece being defined as "not relating to the most important part of something; incidental, minor, or superficial

Didnt quite manage to wrangle the fairy/yarn piece, but ya the general gyst is there.
Maybe i should have started with statue-esque femme stock and then gone over with with a barbed wire texture or something.

was awesome adding in all the detail here.... the 16gb of ram upgrade i splurged out for over xmas (only installed it 2 weeks ago) was incredibruu... no sluggishness with 100000000 layers. i set photoshop to eat 14gb of never ate moar than 12gb huhaha

i eased off too much gore towards the end, as it became difficult to edit on an empty stomach ahahah *gag/couch*

Techniques.. uber break through with this simple tutorial @ [link] the rest was just applying everything i already knew/experimented with i.e.
dodge burn
clipping masks
clone stamp tool
+++ stupid amounts of ego :giggle: :dance: :bounce:

Video Timelapse @ [link] (youtube)

Stock @ Resources
Model me: :iconxxpseudoxx: huahaha -free to use/absure ect @ [link]

Clock stock :icont-gar-stock: @ [link]

Blood pool :iconstock-ings: @ [link]

Fairy :iconliam-stock: @ [link]

Vintage Studded Chair Frame :iconashensorrow:    @ [link]

Vintage Studded Chair :iconbean-stock: @ [link]

Vintage Tiffany Lamp :iconjinifur: @ [link]

Blood Spatter :iconzeds-stock: @ [link]

Hunting Knife :iconfantasystock: @ [link]

Blood Puddle :iconblood--stock: @ [link]

Bloody wall texture :iconbeyond-oddities: @ [link]

Blood dropplets :iconsomadjinn: @ [link]

Stiches :iconpulling-stock: @ [link]

More Stiches :iconshudder-stock: @ [link]

Tongue :iconkornkidsamstock: @ [link]

Heart :icondisassembly-stock: @ [link]

Interior Background :iconashensorrow: @ [link]

Crackedwall :iconphotoadelmo: @ [link]

Yarn :iconjoannastar-stock: @ [link]

Bell jar :iconlockstock: @ [link]

Vintage Mirror :iconnv-stock: @ [link]

Desk :iconvicissitude-stock: @ [link]
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What a creepy, but also an amazing looking piece of your Art!
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Have a nice weekend!
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:dance: :hug: thanks,  you too :)
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Ouch. Hun, this is deep.
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yup yup, a little reflective mix of matters of the :heart: plus work stuffs :icondudeplz:
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I LOVE HOW you detailed how you worked this piece...that's the first time that i ever have seen someone do well, you know you're i'm not telling you anything you don't already know! BUT i can tell you that you have another admirer here...of your awesome talents and skills! Thank you so much for sharing!
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lol :highfive: i'm quite geeky with technical stuff..people in the hardware community/programming stuff online share steps how they did x y z...not many people bother with 'art' i find..kind of ya i like to bring that/share that when i finish something...people seem threatened if they give away teh techniques as though they are giving away some of their imagination/makes their ideas seem more shallow? lol oh well... :ahoy: chere's to transparency, progress and ever evolving technique :woohoo:
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LOVE the geeky stuff- and i totally agree with you about 'giving away their imagination'- most will CHARGE you for it, but at the same time, i've tried following along with their tutorials and of course it NEVER turns out as good as what they've created- so no harm no foul...if best, i learned a new technique to use...ya know what i mean? Anyway- keep up the GREAT work- and thanks for the reply- it was like sitting here - just having a conversation with you...i like it when people communicate as well as you did in your note...smarty pants DANCE! LOL!
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ya its barbaric!! but what ever..a technique doesnt realy equate to imagination imo..
hehe ya there are alot of overly ambitious tutorials out there (i've failed @ oh so manny) but usualy they will uncover a few useful techniques along the it is worth it in the long run (i'm a case in point for that)
thanks for the karma.glad you found it useful

:iconcheerplz: :dance: :dance: :iconcheerplz:
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Great stuff! Can tell a lot of work has gone into this... glad my stock could be helpful :blowkiss:
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:horns: thanks dude..yup yup took quite a while =) well worth it in the end though :)

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:iconwowplz: this is Fantastic!!!! :woohoo: :clap: :iconsecrethandshakeplz: :iconjoyplz: :iconjoyplz: :iconorgasmingplz:
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thanks man, glad you enjoy it :horns:
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creepy manip. GJ
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:lmao; crazy, but fantastic! Nice, man! :horns:
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What goes on in your head?! o.O
xxPseudOxx's avatar
the universe sire, teh universe. the Life Of Pi perhaps also huahah :horns:
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Sounds pretty hectic in there
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