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Daily Paint 2455. Glazy Donut


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Daily Paint 2455. Glazy Donut


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AmericaxReader: Sleep-Talking

  You rested your (h/c) head on America's shoulder gently. He insisted on you coming overnight to watch the 'Star Wars' marathon on TV but he didn't even make it through the second movie.   But sci-fi movies were cool with you, even if the person beside you had fallen asleep in the midst of it. The fourth movie was on and it was hilarious seeing the lame special-effects compared to the previous movie.   Turning slightly, you scanned America's face; he looked so peaceful, almost like a big child. Giggling a bit, a small blush ran across your cheeks and you rested on his shoulder again,"Hey America..."   He didn't budge.


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MD-FA - It's Jeko, Not Juno 1

It started with a couch. Jeko was watching a movie with his friend Kovu, when they decided to turn it off, and do something different. Kovu sat there, naked on the couch. Jeko slowly took off his pants and his boxers, and walked to him. Jeko sat on Kovu's lap, and kissed his cheek. It was very awkward for the both of them, being their first time and all. --- Jeko walked to the store, drinking a one-liter bottle of cherry cola. He knew what he was possibly getting himself into. He threw the empty bottle away and went into the store. "Back for another test, gaybo?" the clerk asked. Jeko sighed. "Yeah..." He grabbed a pregnancy test off the

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