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Confessions of a Karate Instructor
I roll my eyes as the same child begins messing around in class for the nineteen thousandth time since the class began. It’s Marcy again, of course it is. Ever since her little sister started taking classes here, she’d been chock full of nothing but an undying sense of superiority and the nerve to demand respect that she has in no way earned, from anyone. Just because she happens to be a purple belt and her sister is only a white belt.
Honestly, I am a black belt and even I don’t just expect respect from anyone that I haven’t earned respect from, even though I have more than paid my dues at this point in time.
As I watch her, glare at her actually, while she vibrates and wiggles in place, her stupid curly, frizzy black hair bouncing about everywhere, I am filled with an intense longing for the good old days. Back when our school was a part of Eclectic Karate. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t miss Eclectic at all. What I miss is really being able to pu
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The Willful Slaughter of Hope
The young Duke, Damien Fairbrook was a trickster with a silver tongue. He was handsome, a very brilliant, charming young man, but only when it suited him. For like every other trickster in the history of the world, Damien would only put on this act for you if he wanted something from you, and he always did. He was never after your money or possessions. No, what Damien wanted, was your heart. So, he did his level best to trick women into loving him and then he'd leave them without a second thought.  
He'd tricked Tereasa Sutcliff in this way. Tricked her into giving him her heart with lies of eternal love and false promises of a life together and then right when she'd needed him most, he'd left her. Just as he had left many women before her, just as he would leave many women after her. And although the whole process was entertaining to him, it really was the leaving, that Damien most enjoyed. This was simply because it amused him to use his silver tongue to talk circles around
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You Know You're In Love
You Know You're In Love When He Rips Your Heart Out Again and Again,
When He Tells You That You're The Least Important Part of His Life,
When Your Time Together Depends Solely on His Schedule,
When He's Willing to Sacrifice Less Then Nothing For You,
When He's Not Willing to Fight in Order to Stay Together,
When You Cry Yourself To Sleep More Often Then Not,
Because Once Again The Two of You Fought.
When He Makes Your Heart Ache,
When You Need Him And He's No Where to be Found,
When He Yells At You For Speaking Your Mind,
When He Ignores You On Purpose Multiple Times,
When He Doesn't Think That Your Relationship is Worth It,
When Your Poor Heart is Bleeding,
And He Doesn't Know How You're Feeling
When He Doesn't Want To Hear It,
When He Doesn't Care Enough to Ask,
When He Just Isn't There,
When He Claims to Cares, But Refuses to Show It,
When He's Hurt You, And He Damn Well Knows It,
When You Doubt That He Will Never Tell You He's Sorry,
When He Lies to Your Face,
When He Plays Games W
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In It For Life
"You're fucking lucky I still love you. Even though you took away all my reasons too…"
...You took away all my reasons too...
The words hit Ava like bricks. Echoing through her mind like a scream in an empty corridor, burning into her soul like acid, she couldn't breathe… Taken away all of his reasons for loving her? But… How? How had she done that? By missing him? By trying to make things better between them? How…?
Ava had always thought that love was unconditional, that love was forever. There shouldn't be a way for her to make him stop loving her. Even if Damien went out and cheated on her tomorrow, she would still love him. Granted, she could never trust him again and she would have to break up with him, because she just couldn't possibly allow herself to be with him anymore, but she'd still love him. Ava would always love Damien. Always and Forever…
And Ava had always known that she made things hard sometimes, that was just a part of who she was, but she h
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You'reAllGoing to DieDownHere
"Hmm, what're you doing Darnell?" Hawk questioned curiously, when he noticed that his friend was filling out Leave Forms. However, Darnell didn't answer him. No, he was far to busy mumbling angrily under his breath. "Darnell? Daaaarneeeeellll?  …Darlene!"
"Dude," Hawk half heartedly tried and ultimately failed to stifle his near hysterical laughter. "Did you seriously just answer to Darlene?!"
Darnell glared daggers at his friend, an immovable, grumpy scowl plastered across his face. "Bite me Hawk."
"Nah. You're not my type."
"Thank God for small favors."
"Yea, yea, yea." Hawk smirked and stole an empty chair from another table so he could sit with Darnell. "So, what's with the Leave Forms? This Tour just started like, two weeks ago."
"Nearly two months ago actually."
"Fine, nearly two months ago, whatever! It just started! Where on Earth could you possibly be going?"
Darnell replied with a heavy sigh. "I have to go Home for a bit."
"Oh no..." Hawk knew that sigh
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Sweet Kiss
Ava leaned back against her car door, an amused smile playing across her pale face, as she watched Damien. He was so cute and flustered.
"Shut up Ava!" Damien mumbled, his embarrassment becoming inescapably apparent by the dark pink blush creeping across his cheeks.
Unfortunately, his little outburst only made Ava laugh. "I didn't say anything!" She giggled in return.
"I told you that I'm bad at this!"
"I don't think that you are. You're just nervous or something." Damien scoffed, but said nothing as he wrapped his arms around Ava. "Why do you think that you're bad at this?" She questioned.
"I don't know. I just do."
"Okay Damien." Ava looked up at Damien and smiled, her eyes sparkling with playful light. "You want me to stop talking?"
"It might help…"
Ava fought back the urge to giggle and kept her mouth shut for nearly a whole minute before he got up enough courage to make a move. Damien leaned forward boldly and then just before their lips touched, he lost his nerve and Ava fel
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Leaving Me Alone
"Damien, look at this!" Ava exclaimed holding up the absolute cutest little stuffed animal that you've ever seen in your entire life. But when she turned around, he wasn't there…
"Damien?" Ava looked around the booth, scanning the crowd with her eyes. But he wasn't there. Thinking that perhaps he'd gone ahead of her or something, she went to the next booth and then the next one and then around the corner, but he wasn't anywhere. Ava felt her heart sinking deep inside her chest. Where was Damien?
Seeing the distressed look on his sister's face, Kahl asked. "What's wrong?"
"I don't know where Damien went."
"Me neither. Why don't you call him?"
"Yeah. I think I will…" Ava pulled out her little purple Nokia and dialed Damien's number. The phone rang and rang and rang, and no body answered. So she tried again. And again… And again. Then he finally answered.
"Baby! Where did you go? I can't find you anywhere."
"Me and Alan went back into the other room."
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I See My Future In Your Eyes
I Have my Doubts
And so does Everybody Else
Ava sat in the front row of the classroom, in silence. Staring unseeingly down at her notebook as her Professor prattled on and on about one thing or another. This particular Professor was a field man with 30 plus years of experience on the Force and he really liked to tell long winded stories about his experiences in the field instead of actually teaching what they were supposed to learn. Which certainly didn't bother Ava… at least, not at first.
At first, she had enjoyed listening to him ramble. It was not often that you had an interesting Professor with real experience and personal stories that were actually relevant to you. However, as the semester dragged on, she began to find his stories to be rather disturbing.
Ava had wanted to be a Police Officer since she was nine years old and she'd never once questioned whether or not she could do it. Not once. But now, after listening to all of this man's stupid stories… she was startin
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I Hate the Way I Need You
"I really, really don't want to talk about this right now Damien."
"I don't think that we should put this off." Damien replied, as he scooted closer to her on the bed.
Ava turned to look at him, meeting his dark eyes for the first time in nearly five minutes and silently begging him to change the subject. "Will it really make that much of a difference whether we talk about this now or sometime next week?" Unfortunately, Ava knew the answer to that question before she'd even finished asking it.
"Come on Kitty. Let's just get it over with."
She sighed loudly in response, unable to hide her apparent exasperation with him and the subject at hand. "Fine."
An expectant silence hung in the air for a moment or two before it became clear to the young couple that neither of them knew how to start such a conversation. Damien was the first to break the silence. "So… What are you so worried about?"
And all at once, Ava couldn't look at Damien anymore. She turned her gaze downward once again an
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You're Poison
"Vlad, wait!" Blaise shouted as he chased his friend down the hallway. "Vlad, Come on! What's wrong?"
"Leave me alone Blaise!"
"No! Why won't you just talk to me?! Tell me-"
"Talk to you!" Vlad stopped and whirled around to face Blaise. "Talk to you! About what, Blaise?! Us?!"
"Don't go there Vlad…" Blaise warned, his expression instantly changing from a look of concern to one of pure annoyance.
"There is no us, and there never will be! Especially not when you're running around fucking anyone and everyone that will have you, and salivating over Ava day and night!" The blonde exploded with rage, even going so far as to shove Blaise roughly.
Normally, Blaise was a very patient and understanding person, especially when it came to Vlad. But it had been like this for weeks and this time Vlad had gone too far. Blaise was sick and tired of having to justify every move he made to the blonde and in that instant his patience for Vlad's crap had completely worn out. In one swift motion Blais
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Love Will Find A Way
Ava sat next to Blaise in silence, staring unseeingly at the floor. Her blue grey eyes unusually hazy and dark. "Blaise, I'm pregnant…" She said quietly after a long moment's pause.
Blaise's eyes instantly widened with shock. "Ohmigod Kitty!"
"I know…"
"Have you told Damien yet?"
"No. And I'm not going to tell him."
Blaise began to say, "Ava-" but was immediately cut off.
"And don't you dare say a word to him about this!"
"…Is Damien the father?"
"Don't be daft Blaise." Ava replied. Her annoyance at the fact that Blaise doubted her love for and devotion to Damien, for even a second, was made inescapably clear to him by the tone of her voice and the sharp, surprisingly painful smack he earned for asking. "Of course Damien is the father!"
"Ava, if he's the father, then you have to tell him! I mean, he's going to notice if you disappear for nine months and return with a baby that you can't explain."
"He's not going to notice anything…" Ava replied, her usually cheerful
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"Raaaawr!" Blaise had eviscerated Jason's entire right arm. Having ripped it up into little bloody peices, what was left of it hung limp and completely useless by his side.
The peices of his eviscerated arm lay scattered around the park bench, where squirrels from Hell attempted to snack on them. Accept the squirrels from Hell were actually DEMON SQUIRREL ZOMBIES!! And they turned each limb into an individual and independant life form.
Hoping to defeat the demon squirrel zombies and their evil arm amry, a Canadian Mountain Gorilla with a hot pink Minigun charged the zombies. And an epic battle ensued.
Moo, went the cow.
As the little boy imagining the entire scene heard, cranking the hand on his toy. He would first rip off the toy's head, legs and then finally it's arms.
Meanwhile Jason passes out due to extreme blood loss.
And then his ass pooped out a German Mariachi band from Japan. But they were a terrible band. So John Lennon and Paul McCartney flew down and delivered unto them a
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You Can't Help Who You Love
You Can’t Help Who You Love
My eyes slid slowly and somewhat involuntarily shut as Blaise kissed me, his strong arms wrapped tightly around me… It was nice to simply feel for once, instead of over thinking everything like I usually do. Thank you Blaise… Wait a minute. What did I just say? Blaise?!
“No!” I cried suddenly, pushing Blaise roughly away from me. Blaise was my best friend, and a really great guy, unfortunately he was also the single biggest man-whore I’d ever met in my entire life and he’d just kissed me…again.
“Vlad!” He shouted back, his head making a dull thud against the wood as he crashed into the wall behind us. My outburst had clearly taken him by surprise, because I have never seen him look more shocked or confused in his life. However, at the moment I didn’t really care about Blaise’s feelings.
“W-Why do you keep doing this to me?!” I stuttered, half way between righteous anger and sheer panic.
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The Zarius Chronocals, Day 1
Emma groaned, pulling the covers over her head to hide her face from the sun, which had ever so kindly decided to shine directly in her eyes today. But it didn’t help. Annoyed, she rolled over. Why did it have to be Wednesday? Emma felt like she’d rather die than get up and go to school… Unfortunately, ditching was out of the question. She couldn’t afford another sick day.
Yawning, Emma reached out for her alarm clock, curious as to how much time she actually had to get ready this morning. But she couldn’t find it. Another moment or two of blindly groping around confirmed that. Her cell phone and notebook were also missing.
“What the-” Upon seeing her surroundings, Emma’s jaw dropped. This was not her room… Sitting bolt upright, she looked around quickly and somewhat panic stricken. There was a huge comfy bed, full length mirror, pretty blue paint on the walls, actual curtains on the windows? Most definitely not, her room. “Oh my Gackt&
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The Zarius Chronocals, Opening
“Ughh!” Emma growled. She was so furious right now that she couldn’t even form words. Snatching her backpack off the kitchen table, Emma stomped across the room and right out the door. She was having the worst week of her entire life, so of course, today, of all days her stupid Step Father had decided to pick a fight with her?! Ridiculous!
“Hey! Where the hell do you think your going?”
“Away from you…” Emma mumbled, pulling her headphones on and turning the volume all the way up. Then stuffing her hands deep into the pockets of her sweat shirt Emma walked to the end of her street and turned left toward the high school.
It was actually kind of a sad commentary on Emma’s life that she had no friends to spend the night with. A week ago she would have been able to call her boyfriend, Jason, and have him come pick her up…but being that the creep had dumped her, that sure as hell wasn’t going to happen.
“Bastard…” She grow
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