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Update: Seems less of a glitch and more of an oversight. Join requests are open, but will not be automatic for a while. This is pure precaution on my end.

Update2: Join requests are automatic again.


For unknown amounds of time, Join requests for this group have been shut down. This is due to a glitch within the Eclipse version of Deviantart.

Various groups have experienced random people getting into various mod positions and destroying groups from the inside with said position.

As precaution against this, I have closed join requests entirely.
If you wish to join our group, please comment down below. I will send you an invite instead.

Sorry for any troubles caused.

How to avoid group harassment by SauntProof
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Affiliations are always welcome <3
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Morph says Welcome!

Meet Morph! by Nekotics

"Hello everyone! I'm Morph! I'm this group's Mascot! Feel free to draw me!"

Group Membership Requests:

Folder Submissions:
-Please only Original species content!
It has to be clear that your drawing is part of a Original species!

!!Please submit in the right folders!!

Advertising in the comments is okay BUT ORIGINAL SPECIES ADS ONLY!!





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SurviDoodles Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry, I know someone already told me this before but I wanted to make sure I didn't make the same mistake as earlier.
[OPEN: Draw To Enter RAFFLE] Skeleloomy Adopt by SurviDoodles  

Would this go in Raffles/Giveaways, or the DTE folder because of the requirements to enter?
VyrusVoyd Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
The DTE and related one due to requirements ^^
SurviDoodles Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Got it, thanks! I completely lost our submission process comment thread so I had to double check here.
VyrusVoyd Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Its alright. Things happen.
JeffTheIronic Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Softweirds Group Icon by JeffTheIronic  

-The Softweid Open Species-

This group focuses on the open species, Softweirds, a digital species that live in computer systems and their apps. Feel free to create, share, and write about your own Softweird here!

  • What they are?
Softweirds are "virtually" living canines that live in computers,
are based on computer programs,
in which they perform certain functions on your system,
depending on the program in which it is.
Common individuals may have them as virtual friends,
depending on their personalities.
Softweird Example:
Softweird Clipi by JeffTheIronic     

More information below!

| SOFTWEIRDS | OPEN SPECIES (by Jefftheironic)  Softweird General Rules and Guide
 Group Rules 
Be nice, don't be rude with other members, any bullying or prejudice is intolerable and the user who gets caught doing such things will be blocked.Please put your art in their respective folders, this will make group more organized.
 Species Rules 
you can see  this here too.
Adopts and OTAs can be created.
You do not need to name your softweird with the name of the program you were based on if you don't want to. you can give it any name, but at least in your description sheet you need to tell wich program it was based.
Please give me credit if you create one, seeing someone creating an OC of this kind would make me super happy! 
You can put them in your stories, but they'll

lokiisart Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2019  Professional Digital Artist

Wing (left) AEDRYS Wing (right) 
 Pastel Yellow Star Bullet What are Aedrys?
Aedrys are a humanoid and/or anthropomorphic Faerie species with the ability to shape-shift into a feral form.

 Pastel Yellow Star Bullet Are they multi-fandom friendly?
Since they are living on our planet, they sure are compatible with many fandoms!

 Pastel Yellow Star Bullet How can I get my own?
By purchasing an adopt or a MYO ticket.  

ADOPT SET PRICE: Val'drya Scout (OPEN) by lokiisart   AEDRYS (closed species) by lokiisart  
lokiisart Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
~Closed Species~


AEDRYS (closed species) by lokiisart   Aex.2 by lokiisart  
Alisenokmice Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sprite Rip: Leafy Sprout  Hello there, traveler! Are you looking for something interesting? Or just grumble from the fact that someone is again spamming in the comments of adoptable group? >:'з


I'm inviting you to our Torimori community, if you like the trinket collectionsexploringscraft, maybe you love birds creatures or everything cute and adorable, or just looking for kind and friendly place! Everyone is welcome!

> Torimoris? Who they are?

Welp! Torimoris are our closed species, they are smart and social little bat-birb creatures that build their huge ARPG world together. Every day it's becoming only bigger and better!

Only until 13th of October - MYO Tickets are open for sale  (usually you can obtain them for the game currency, but, only for the certain period of time, you can also buy them for points or money! And this period is now) 

Their price is 10$ / 1,000 points. You can take some here:
[ MYO/Customs | Life's Creatures Shop ]

> Any activities rn?

Sure! Excludes the activities that you can do anytime (like art explorings) - we are holding a Torimori raffle
Don't hesitate and join, it doesn't require too much (just fav and comment) pink heart 

             {open} {Torimori Raffle + MYO Selling} Sugar Reef by Alisenokmice
Turbuggy Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there! I've just completely redesigned my species, the Gaian Spirits, and have updated them to be better than ever! They are tiny elemental spirits with element-based powers with the ability to fuse with one another to make new elements!
This is a semi-open species, new members immediately get a FREE BEGINNER MYO SLOT just for joining! 
We're still pretty new, and would love to have YOU in our community! Come check out the Gaian over in the Gaian Spirits group!

Gaian Spirits - Claim your Beginner MYO Slot by Turbuggy
  Gaian Spirits - Species Information by Turbuggy   Gaian Spirits - Trait Sheet by Turbuggy  
CupcakeKittyCat12 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2019
I'd like to join!
With your join requests journal I'm not sure if requests are automatic yet.. So ye ah
I have my own original open species Canoli's!
 - Basic Information on Canoli - 
They live in caves usually in North America ( Canada and America ) and in parts of Europe ( Ireland, UK, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland )
Their main diet is Mushroom and crushed up rocks.
The Males of the species have a long and sharp tip, great for cutting rocks not so much for crushing them into powder.
The Females of the species have a shorter, wider and duller tip which is great to crush up the rocks into powder.
The kids of the Canoli are named “Canulici”
and their full name is Cavernus Ferrum “Canoli

Here is some other Canoli thing I also made below.
Canoli basic reference [Part one] by CupcakeKittyCat12
VyrusVoyd Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Just letting you know. Join requests are automatic ^^
ah! I just joined, time to post adoptable stuff
Edit: Where does original species go?
VyrusVoyd Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
It depends what your species looks like. If its feline-like, it goes there in case if refs
In case if adoptables, it'd go in OPEN Feral Species adopts and so on.

If you're unsure, feel free to ask!
(1 Reply)
PUNX-Simon Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Welcome To Lunmera Labs by PUNX-Simon

Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario What are Lunmeras?
Lunmeras are anthropomorphic creatures created in laboratories. 
You can read more about them here!

Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario Can they be used in different fandoms/universes?
Sure, you can use them anywhere!

Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario How do I get my own Lunmera?
There are many ways! You can obtain one through buying a MYO ticket, ordering a custom, buying an adopt, trading with someone or being gifted one. You can also obtain a free MYO ticket through drawing already existing Lunmeras.

Please do not design your own Lunmera without permission!!
BarkofMilo Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! I have an original species called Lailua.…
They are fluffy dragon and dog-like creatures. Lailua, pronounced LAY-LUE-LA, is Tail Dragon in Hawaiian. They have tails that can grab things, and help them around! Thanks for reading.
SnowySeal Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2019
Closed Species: Ellecrarine by SnowySeal Ellecrarine Languages by SnowySeal
Ellecrarines are biped and digitigrated rational creatures with the anatomy of the torso very similar to that of a humanoid being, their skin can be scaly, feathery or fluffy, this depends a lot on the Ellecrarine element type, like Fire or Water types normally have a scaly skin, Air types have feathery skin, and Earth or Ice types have a very fluffy skin.

Ellecrarines are oviparous mammals, the female Ellecrarine takes 10 days to generate an egg, after laying the egg and heating it for 20 or 30 days the females have to breastfeed their baby for at least 1 year or less.

Can I make one? are they open species?
No, they're closed species, but you can get one by participating on the Ellecrarine group events! :iconellecrarines: if the group reach at least 100 members I'll be making a special MYO event!

Can I buy a MYO slot? how much would it be?

Yes! but there will be special events for MYO Slots, the slots can be 20 to 100 points, this species is a really cheap one because I want it to be easily accessible to everyone.
Ghoststylon Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2019  Student Digital Artist
 :iconbagels-bakery: :iconbagels-bakery: 
I have a closed species called Bagels
We currently have a open MYO
Bagels MYO Event(OPEN!!!) by Ghoststylon  
You can also purchase traits and mutations
:iconbagels-bakery: :iconbagels-bakery:
BlackJayDraws Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconpingalies: :iconpingalies: :iconpingalies:

Hello everybody! I have the new species called PINGALIES, bird like creatures that live on the beaches on GALING SHORES! Ther neighbors are the Quibits, that live on a teeny floating forest island.
Pingalies! by BlackJayDraws  
Please join the group so you know when you can make your own!!

Pingalies Weapon Shop by BlackJayDraws  
Pingalies have special combat ways.
Certain stars lock into their weapons and power them up!

Visit the group today <33
lunar-wolf-the-wolx Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2019
Hello! it Is it ok if I can be in this group?
VyrusVoyd Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Ofcourse. This group is open for new members anytime!
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