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Felted Pikachu

I can never get enough of Pikachu~! >3< It took me quite some time to get the body right x3 When I was first making it, my cousin thought it looked like an egg with a tumor >____> I guess it's time to prove her wrong ;3 I had to mix two different shades of brown together to get the right color for the the stripes & the ears, since the wool I had was either too dark or too light o3o For the tail, I had to cut out an outline of it on felt, which I then felted yellow wool on ^^ I spent the longest time on the ears... They wouldn't cooperate with me & were like different sizes before I fixed them -3- Right now, I'm trying to needle felt a Nyan Cat :3 I wonder how it'll come out... xD

EDIT: Omg~ This is the second time I made it to the front page of dA~! x3 Thanks so much~ <3

:damphyr: This is for sale in my Storenvy shop~! ♥
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@RoseJigglypuff76 He's so round, soft and sweet!