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Felted Dragonite

Commissioned by Frollix on Etsy <3
Sorry if it looks a bit too orange... Tried mixing wool together to get the perfect shade but I sort of failed OTL The "antennas" and wings were the hardest things to make on this. It was so hard determining how to bend the antennas & if their length was just right x3 For the wings, I had to draw a stencil, before actually cutting them out of felt & assembling them. I think they came out pretty well though ^^

Felted Pikachu by xxNostalgic Felted Totoro by xxNostalgic Felted Nyan Cat by xxNostalgic

EDIT: Thanks for getting this on the front page~

:damphyr: This is for sale in my Storenvy shop~! ♥
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it actually looks pretty good. I started needle felting back in late February/early march cuz we had to put down my calico cat, so I made a needle felted version of her. its harder to do tortishel/marbled patterns. I think it looks really good though!