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Spider-Gwen fanart

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More versions can be seen on my twitter

High-res SFW, NSFW version, step by step, PSD, speed paint video process and other via Patreon

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I think my booty sense is tingling 🍑🕸️
livewraith's avatar

<3 . nuff said

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This is beyond awesome!

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Gwen: “Ungh! My suit keeps getting wedged up my spider ass cheeks!”

Gwen’s radioactive rear end looks so sexy bulging out of her skintight suit in that spidery pose!
Ariesgl's avatar

She is gorgeous!!

Assaprince's avatar

Awesome work. Especially love the hands shadow ;D

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Luv it she’s so hot, and even hotter in that positionBad Girl Taunting

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Awe come on Gwen, did you really have to land that way? You're killing me. ;-)

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I greatly appreciate Spider Gwen 
Thanks again for sharing 
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Hopefully her attire's not too airtight, must feel uncomfortable.
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That suit texture is amazing. And that butt anatomy of course.
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holy shit brb im gonna beat my ruler stick

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omg bahahahahaha
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