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Captain America

Art: :iconwrathofkhan:
Ink: :iconmadman1:
Colors: :iconxxnightblade08xx: me me me!

I think this is my first time to color Captain America! :D
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Cara, suas artes são muito boas! Elas tem direitos, ou podem ser usadas?
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And this is supposed to be the Hero who leads many other and better Heroes...
Don't make me laugh!
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You keep doin your thing man. Should'nt be too long til you get that call.
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Nicely done on the colors!
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Awesome work, Kyle. Nice choice of color schemes.
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This looks astounding! I really dig the way the shield and Cap's armor were highlighted. Very nice! I see by your new profile picture that you really liked this piece too, and rightfully so! Great work team! :D
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love the color job
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amazing your colors!
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Nice work!!

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Superb work as always man! You done America proud with this one!
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Looks fantastic guys!
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Very impressive man, very impressive
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Outstanding Job.If all goes well I should be done the other one tomorrow.
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COMPLETELY bad@$$!!!! Nice work Kyle!! Dang!
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Agreed, the reflections on the shield are outstanding. Great colouring-job! =)
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That's some fierce colour work, man. The level of detail is outstanding; i particularly like the explosion in the background, and the reflections on Cap's shield. A result truly worthy of the fabulous line-art!
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