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        Long ago, in a land forgotten by time itself, a small, innocent child was born in the midst of a war between good, and evil. This child was marked with the Shadow Dragon, claiming her as a royal of the purest blood, and one of the strongest Shadow benders in the world, although she was a mere child.  The mark she bore was a large, dark purple dragon laced about her skin, its head starting at the nape of her neck, and tail twisting down her spine to her tailbone, its wings spread wide in fierce rage. Its mouth gaped open, and released a blasting inferno of frozen purple flames. Although it was a birthmark, the dragon seemed to move and shimmer on the child's skin with every moment, alive just as you and I are.

        Twas the stroke of midnight when the girl was finally birthed, her mother clutching the newborn in her arms, weak from bearing a child for hours, and in constant fear that the war that raged just outside the castle doors would burst open, flooding the quiet room with sounds of death and torture, and she and her precious baby would be slain. Fleeing into the night with her two children, Kitanna, who was two years old, and the newborn, Nicolania. The weary mother took the girls to a small home in the country, where they lived peacefully, up until Nicolania's 13th birthday. That is a story I'll save for a later time, though. The girls were brought up a normal children, not as a princess as Kitanna should have been, or a the closest thing an Underworlder could get to being a goddess, like Nicolania. Oh, yes, that is one thing I had forgotten to mention; our current story is in a dimension from an unknown world. This dimension is called Vesania, and is what some would refer to as the "Underworld". Some few call it Hell itself.

    //I will finish this.. Eventually. :U
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March 13, 2013
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