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  • Listening to: Collective Soul
  • Eating: Nuthin, im starrrvingggggg
  • Drinking: Nuthin.

Note! I will also accept Gryffs token & gold because I'm a giant nerd! Note me!

~Add 150 points per additional character to any package.
~All packages come with a coded table, and an avatar of your chosen size
(The table code I use works on SS...not sure how it'll work on other sites :S)
~Please pay after your commission is done. You are not to use your commission anywhere on the net until it has been paid for. If you dont pay within a month, I will blacklist you; no matter what your excuse is. Dont order if you dont have the points on hand!
~Once payment has been sent and both parties are happy, you're free to use your finished piece wherever your little heart desires :)
~Dont alter. You may add text later on to your finished piece, but any other alterations and you'll have a very grumpy Nams.
~Everything comes without my watermark :)
~Note me if you would like a commission! Add a reference sheet if you can, and/or as much detail as you possibly can. Include all markings as well as a feel. Inculde any text you want. Include a size if you want. Also, (for any package) I can include a wallpaper size. But, if you want a wallpaper version of your piece, message me the size of your desktop WITH, your request, before I start it, as upsizing images looks really sloppy. To figure out your desktop size, press prtscn button on your keyboard. Open up Photoshop, GIMP, or a paint program and select "New". The new document should open in the size saved to your clip board (from pressing the prtscn key). Once the document is opened, go "Image, Image size" and you will see the dimensions of the image, aka your screen. If you're having trouble with your screen size, I'll just make the image to my own screen size, which is average, and it wont look too bad on yours ^^
~ Avatars, tables, and wallpapers are free of charge!


750 points for Portrait


~ Simple head shot, textured background. Simple mutations; 1 set of horns/antlers ok.

900 points for Basic

serpents kiss by xXNamaste

~ Full body animal, simple background, wings OR horns/antlers ok. Add 15 points per additional mutation.

1200 points for Premium

beelzebub by xXNamaste Some Place by xXNamaste

~ Heavy detail, multiple background layers, heavy mutations, character with another smaller animal (eg, soul shadow, for SS'ers)


500 points for Sticker Style

~ Coloured, shaded, PNG drawing of a character.


New! 900 points for Basic

~ Coloured, shaded, heavily detailed drawing of a character. Fur painting, text of your choice, and a background. Approximate size is 1000 pixels wide.

1300 points for Reference Sheet


~ Coloured, shaded, reference sheet of a character.
stratocasterbabyy Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012   Digital Artist
I want. /flails
nymal Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012
im such a total noob, but how do you get points? Dx
xXNamaste Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no worries, im a newb too, ha, because I have no idea! I'm not sure how you get them other than trading, perhaps you can buy them with cash?
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Submitted on
April 7, 2012