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I absolutely LOVE this character. I adore her design, I think it's beautiful. I'm so hesitant to part with her, but I cant seem to get into her personality and my family just got slammed with some very expensive bills. If you purchase her, you receive ownership of art and you're welcome to use her personality and description if you like. 

Offered for Sale: $135.00 CDN obo

Meredes portrait by Aivoree
Xxnamaste By Coyotesoot-daox0v0 by xXNamaste

Her first impression is one of loveliness, softness, gentleness, the way that she moves is easy, unhurried, is each is step she takes is one that she has placed a thousand times. Her words are measured, each sentence well thought before they leave her tongue, articulated and poised, to the point of near painful strictness. Her eyes are so often downcast in thought, that when she does look up to you you will see her with startling clarity, the gravity of her mind and the harsh strength of her spirit hiding just beneath the glassy surface of her whimsical mask. She is two beings, the inner beast foams at the mouth, pawing against the tightness of the rein, the other bestrides it without an ounce of compromise, forever struggling to maintain control, civilization, and order.

She will do what is logical; the purpose of her actions will always favour what is best for the situation, even if it goes against what she most desires, or what she feels is right. Meredes is often at battle with herself in this arena, torn between doing what is right for herself, and what is right for others, for the greater good. In this aspect, she self sacrifices in an almost daily regime, and over time, this continuous denial of the beasts desires will slowly break her. It isn't unusual for Meredes to jade the ones she loves,  because of these qualities, but even though she appears to take her loved ones for granted, she is resolute to her companions, and fiercely faithful.  


◄Well Spoken►

◄Struggles internally for the desire for wildness►

◄Her seemingly gentle composure makes glimpses of her inner cynic all the more startling►

Her fur falls from her velvet skin like locks of silk, its softness better suiting of the finest angora hare; and not a purely predatory beast. It lengthens around her nape and hips, and has lengthened more-so in the apparent everlasting winter that has prevailed over the lands of Victus in recent years. She is of lithe stature, long and narrow in the ribs, high withered and long legged. Her paws adorned with heavy claws of ivory hue, front fores armed with fierce, curving dewclaws that are well noticed and unusual. Her exotic coat is bright in the summer months, a lush shade of ambrosia, a delicate golden amber that melts into near alabaster towards the base of her tail. Tiger striping cascades around her curves, an oaken tint to the deep slashes of near charcoal, but not quite black. The only black upon her coat lines her eyes, and in spots upon her brow and behind her ears. The pads of her paws are deep salmon, as is her nose. Lips of onyx conceal wry, glinting teeth, almost opalescent in their sheen. Most unusual about Meredes is her tail, for the soft tresses of it give way to shimmering waves of star shine. Dream-like waves ebb and sway, hypnotic in their rhythm, moving like serpentine ribbons of fog around her. The tendrils have a strange, eerie appearance of depth, and looking into them is like looking far into the past. To stare too long casts upon the watcher an almost trance-like spell, as rogue flecks of the spectacle float from the galactic haze and disappear into the surrounding air.

◄Power of Seduction seems to radiate from the sleepy, mist like tendrils of her tail, as well as her eyes, which reflect the same super nova colours.►

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TheChromesKeeper Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018
Are these three all the pieces of art she has?
xXNamaste Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes ^^ 
vethysnia Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nnngh so tempted ;;__;;
groaned Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2018
she's so gorgeous. hopefully she finds a good home!
Befera Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2018  Professional Interface Designer
Gorgeous character, I really enjoyed reading her description. Whoever snatches her up is very lucky.
xXNamaste Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank Bef! I so love her D:
Mekomiya Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2018  Student Artist
Ugh if i had the money i would snap her up. Hopefully she finds a good home
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