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Artistic Nude. Oh, and pokeballs. ha. Balls.

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 29, 2012, 3:28 PM
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A little rant

:thumb299013054:The Bob Saget Pokeball

Okay, so, this is kind of a weird journal for me, but i have alot of time on my hands ok? Ha. Anyways, I've noticed that there is just... a SHIT TONNE of butts and boobies and vaginas around here. And not just lately, but like... always. I often find myself wondering why that is. I mean, we all have these parts, we see them on ourselves everyday, so why is it that people are so obsessed with the naked human body? Yes, its beautiful, I can agree to that. But does anyone else find it a little over done? I mean how many more possible angles and poses can you put a body in to make it different from every other naked woman on the net? And another thing, WHY is it soooo often women? And they are all the same, portraying the "perfect" female, with a thin, "gorgeous" body, "perfect" features, and some killer knockers. Judging from the people I see around day to day, this is not the norm. On one hand, it irritates me that artists do this repeatedly. Why do these artists do it? Is it to get attention? Be it negative or positive, for some reason, you post a photo of a butt naked lady and you're going to have 50 bjillion comments, and they are all going to be the same; all pulled off of one of three shelves - "beautiful shot!" or "she is hot!" or "this is porno you perv!"

There are some artists out there who manage to do an exceptional job actually portraying a message through a piece (as true artists should). The artist makes an effort to exhibit colours, shapes, lines, levels and lighting, as well as portray a depth of human emotion. And this, I think, is artistic nude. And you have to love the silly nannies out there who take an amateur photo of a naked broad with her legs spread all over the couch with a saucy grin on her face and call that art. All you little fuckers out there who do this, thats not art. Now, don't get me wrong. I dig me some tittays and I think my vajayjay is pretty cool but; but there is nothing ARTISTIC about slappen em up all sloppy like on an ART site. Theres nothing moving or inspirational or thought provoking (err..maybe thought provoking o.0) about a big ol' vajayjay all up and squawkin' in your face. Theres a very clear, in my opinion, difference between porn, and art. Photos I consider to be just plain trash are photos with no apparent effort when it comes to colour, shape, or lighting. No class. No nothing. Though the models are willing, I feel they are being exploited, not transformed into a work of art. You're just fishing for attention here, and you dont care if its bad or good, you just have to get your grabby little mitts on SOMETHING to feel special. I personally think you guys need to just give it a rest. Go play on some swings. Take a good long ponder at whether you should really be doing this with your life, or whether you should try your hand at something else, something more constructive. Like... roofing. And if you're a young girl snapping photos of yourself with your cellphone in the bathroom mirror after a shower, to post up on deviant art, then you are one sad, troubled little girl and... I feel sorry for you.

Anyways. Pokeballs. Fuck pokeballs. Pokeballs, are like artistic nude, only worse, because they are just plain stupid. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. AND THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. AND THEY GET A HUNDRED FUCKING COMMENTS AND FAVES. STOP MAKING THEM. Anyone who likes pokemon is just immediately like HOMAD ANOTHER POKEBALL I LIKE POKEMON IM GUNNA FAVE IT AND SAY ITS AWESOME CUZ I LIKE POKEMON AND SO DOES THIS GUY AND TEHEHEHEHAHAHAHEHEHEHHAHA YAY! ANYONE can make these. My cat could make a fucking pokeball. They are silly. Just stop it. Unless you make one of Bob Saget, the DA Llama, or a pokeball to mock all pokeballs. Then presume.

Exceptions to the gang of stupid pokeballs.

:thumb299013054: The Pokeball of the DA llama - Stage 1 by wazzy88

And this is a guy with lights on his head.

That is all.

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Indigotha Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012
Oh hell, I loled quite a bit at this journal entry. XD I agree though... I hate searching for stock and having those random craptastic nude photos pop up at inopportune times... like when someone else in the house just happens to glance at my screen. Talk about an awkward moment. I don't like having to turn on the mature filter but, damn... show some taste ladies. :|
xXNamaste Featured By Owner May 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha glad you liked it! LMAO i know jeffs walked by my computer and been like what the hell are you looking at... haha. Totally, its so obvious that they have no self worth, which is sad.
xKenren Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012
Hey Nams, have I mentioned how much I love you lately? Because... yeah xD I feel the same way about 'stock' photos that are people taking pictures of themselves with a cellphone. No one can actually USE that.
VerumDicereIsRetired Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012
I see your point of view, is another point of view to reflect on.

"But does anyone else find it a little over done? I mean how many more possible angles and poses can you put a body in to make it different from every other naked woman on the net? "

I'm sure there are artists out there who can contest to the same exact logic about your rant and find a similarity in it when finding wolves and horses in their mail box all the time on deviant art. As well as the real digital artists calling manipulations below art standards . I don't appreciate the porn , but the again I reach for that little x very quickly and refuse to give them anymore attention if it's not my sort of thing. By writing this , this is having the opposite of the desired effect you are looking for.

Who are any of us to say what is art and what is not? I think it really just comes down into what each personal preference is .
xXNamaste Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree with the wolves and horses thing actually, thats a very valid point! Some folks, such as myself, are most definitely below a professional standard. Our work may not be enlightening, or thought provoking, but at least we tried. We tried to create something imaginative and put hours of effort into whatever we've created, which I think, makes it different from someone who whips out a camera, snaps a split second photo of a provocative naked woman, and uploads it in hopes of calling it artistic nude. We're also not feeding the tender subject of sexuality, exploitation, or self image that some viewers grasp from nude photos. Thank you for your input!
VerumDicereIsRetired Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012
tbh..i blame our society for glamorizing something that is natural, the advertising companies, the gaming industries have created a very sexually perverted generation. Sex sales wether we like it or not and depending on which country you live in. Go in some parts of Greece and the Mediterranean and the have local public beaches that are topless with kids running around.And it really depends what kind of photography you are speaking of, tbh i think porn photography ( the real stuff) is much of an artistic challenge to a photographer as any other professional subject might be. All one can do if something comes up that someone doesn't like is click the red box :heart:
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