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Hello friends,

It's been a surprisingly busy summer for us keeping my little girl amused while I'm not at work. I'm still on medical leave for vertigo, despite the condition getting better and being at a fairly manageable level now. I still get dizzy spells; usually triggered by looking up, but it isnt like it was before. It's no longer a constant, drunk-spins kind of feeling, thank god. I do have a specialist appointment in November and my doctor has ordered an MRI but I'm not sure when I will get that yet, sooner than November for sure. 

We went away last week for 10 days, so I havent been on DA since we got back on the 6th. I plan on dedicating this week to commissions that are outstanding. 

Thank you for your patience! 
I think I started writing on rpgs when i was about 14 years old. I'm 29 now and my writing is recently on hiatus but thats like.. a long ass time being around rpgs. I've been through years of complaints and site activity slumps and I always found it a bit funny when someone has a beef with a particular site so they set out to make a fresh, new, exciting rpg that wont have any of the problems the other rpgs have!!! Theres nothing wrong with making new sites. All the best to you, honestly, I freaking love seeing new sites!! The more the merrier!!

But please dont fool yourself into thinking your new site will be more welcoming and that your site wont have the same kind of problems as the one you left. Because let me whisper something to you.......
its not the site.
its the members.

And I dont mean specific members in particular. I mean just.. us.. as human beings. We bring shit. We bring problems. We form cliches of all types (popular cliche, debbie downer cliche, complainer cliche, we want to slightly modify everything so that we're still technically within the rules but also weird enough that we create ripple problems with everyone else cliche, ect ect) and even when we think we have control over that, there will 100% be someone who disagrees. There will be someone, or some people, who are miffed - they asked for someone to form a plot with them and they were rejected, maybe even with the utmost kindness (because lets face it, no one should be forced to write with you if your character just doesn't happen to mesh with theirs). Suddenly, you have a few people who are personally disgruntled because things arent panning out the way they want (eg. they didnt get the rank, they lost the challenge, they feel left out because they didnt get picked for a site wide plot, someone declined a romantic relationship with their character, ect ect). 

Every single site, including your new one, is going to encounter these issues. 
For many staff groups, making everyone feel welcome and included in site plots is the focus of their daily discussions.
They are constantly trying to fix these problems. 

I learned a few things manyyyy years ago about how to successfully enjoy rpgs. I think if everyone took note of these things and really tried to work at them, we would have a lot less problems on all rpg sites.

#1 - IC is NOT OOC. I'll say it louder for the people in the back. IC IS NOT OOC. Please, stop taking IC things personally. An attack on your character is not an attack on you. If you let IC things effect you on a personal level, you're gunna be miffed. Its not a nice feeling. We dont want not nice feelings... this is a game. It's supposed to be for fun.
#2 - Put yourself first. RPGs are games for your enjoyment. Dont do it to please everyone else. The moment writing becomes a job, or a chore, you're in too deep into pleasing others. This means saying no to threads that just wont do it for you. Once you have your thumbs in too many pies, guaranteed it becomes overwhelming and not only will you have to let people down when you start dropping out of threads, you'll have to deal with the guilt of that. Its better to decline upfront. If someone declines you for a plot or a thread, check yourself before you get miffed and understand this point. I've had to deal with this a lot and it's still something I struggle with. It seems I can only personally handle relationships with like, 2-3 other players before I start to weep and that makes me look like a stuck up, very "exclusive" writer, a snob-if you will- but honestly I just cant handle much and that's something I've come to grips with. 
#3 - Try to keep it to yourself. Whoa whoa. I know. This might go against everything we've learned IRL, but this isnt RL. I find with rpgs if you are mad at someone or you feel personally attacked by someone its USUALLY a better idea to just sleep it off and let it go. Really think about this... what are the circumstances? What was said to you? What do you feel was done to you? Its so so hard to communicate genuinely via keyboard.. it could be that you completely misread what was being said or you took it the wrong way (it happens! to everyone!). Is it worth being miffed over? Shrug it off. Laugh it off. Let it be water off a ducks back. It's easy to become immersed in rpgs but this is not real life. Understand that you are dealing with a vast array of ages, cultures, and personalities, all people with thier own problems going on behind the scenes. Does that make it ok for someone to be rude to you? No. But, consider shrugging it off, taking the higher road, and being the better person. Unless someone is clearly humiliating you, blatantly harassing you, bullying you or stealing your shit - try to let it slide. If not, these things tend to snowball.

For example:
Someone sends you a less than friendly PM saying they're kinda miffed about your move in a raid.
They dont think your character should have been capable of such and such a move because your character is weaker and smaller than theirs and they think you should probably check yourself and be more realistic next time. The whole message sucks and you just get an icky feeling from it. You read that message and you think to yourself, what the fuck is up your ass!? My move was fine!! 

You can either.... reply saying "Noted, thanks for your critique I'll consider that next time." or you can say "Ummm sorry??? Idk why you had to be such a bitch about it" and PM staff saying you felt attacked. Staff then addresses your complaint, saying they received a concern from a member about some attitude on their part and that they'd like to resolve the issue peacefully. That person gets pissed off at staff and says staff is taking sides and the whole site is a fucking joke and you're a bitch. That person has friends who back them up and agree that they've been feeling vilified too, ever since that one thing that happened 4 months ago. They all post elaborate, venomous leaving quips and probably put a journal up on DA saying how bad that site sucks and it can lick their balls for all they care. Also, they are gunna make a new site 1000 times more awesome so KEEP AN EYE OUT ;)
It is NOT your fault that all of this happened, but it happens a lot and could be avoided by being the bigger person and taking the first option. 

Unless someone is full on insulting, bullying, harassing, or stealing, I tend to shrug things off. I am not better than anyone else. They are entitled to feel angry towards me and thats ok. I try to empathize with people even when they're not happy with me at the time. And if they dont want to be empathized with.. I block, ignore, and move on my own merry way. I find it works better for everyone.

So those are my morning coffee thoughts. If you run into problems with a site: that site is trying. Probably harder than you know. It is not the "sites" fault, and its not usually the staffs fault either. Remember that staff need to exercise a level of privacy, so if shit hits the fan with your friend and they get banned and you want to know why, or see the proof - they can only say so much. Maybe they cant offer you any explanation and that pisses you off. Staff make choices based on facts and the whole story from all the sides. Rest assured they have those facts, they just cant share it with you for reasons of privacy. You can either choose to be miffed - or not.  If you do decide to make your own site I SUPPORT YOU and I look forward to checking it out!!! Just dont advertise it as problem free. As its popularity grows, it will run into the exact same problems eventually; one way or another.

On that note, any staff who are reading this and dealing with issues like this, I really recommend you just chill and stop trying so hard to fix all the problems. You will never please everyone and unless you can think of an epic plot where each and every character plays an equally important roll, you're not going to accomplish 100% happy members all around, forever. There WILL be thorny members. Dont let them make you lose sleep at night and dont let them lead you to believe your site is a bad one. You're doing your best and its all 'part of the game. 
Open on tentative basis for the month of June. Please PM with your commission proposal, be as specific as possible and supply reffs. Some characters may be too complex for me to feel like tackling at this time. I'm able to open commissions this month due to illness, so any even remotely stressful characters may be declined. (This is NOT a reflection of your character, I just know what I struggle with!)

Canadian Currency | Paypal:

Full manipulation: $70 for an extremely basic character. $75 for a standard character. $80 for more complex character (lots of feathers/antlers/items/ect)

Sig manip: $50
Digital drawing: $45
To do List (June 27/18)
Hello friends! 

You may see a bit more of me around DA lately. Unfortunately I developed an inner ear infection that is fucking me RIGHT up. I've seen 3 doctors and a chiropractor who all agree this is a virus and it just needs to run its course. I missed 4 days of work last week, tried to go to work yesterday, attempted to lift a dog into the truck, got a bad case of the vertigo, fell forward, dropped the dog (dog was ok! I did cry though because I felt bad lol), looked like a drunken idiot on the side of the road and was too ill to drive after. Another officer had to come allllll the way from their city to drive me back; it was all very embarrassing. It's been 9 days with it and hasnt shown any signs of going away. I applied for EI today and officially have a month off because no one can tell me approximately how long this will last...

This is a really really shitty situation, of course it had to happen at the same time we are trying to sell our vacant house in Edmonton that we are just hemorrhaging money into. We already have diminishing funds and how we will have significantly less.

To help out and to make use of my free time, I'll have a rare chance to offer art. <------ gasp!

But I'm a bit conflicted. I've lost a lot of imagination when it comes to manips, I wont lie. I see so many gorgeous works and I'm like how.. how did you even come up with such an idea. I'm not sure how else to create peices that are fresh and new... as opposed to the been there done that that I've been feeling lately. 

So my thoughts are this... I wont be opening slots persay. But you are welcome to message me with proposals of any kind (drawing, character only manip/sig png, full manip). I will still not be doing designs, but I will be focusing on:

  • Adoptables
  • Perhaps a few adoptable sigs
  • 1 or 2 Full manip adoptables

If you do message me, please don't be upset if I don't think I can swing it for you. I don't want you to be waiting 10 years for me to finish your piece, and if I dont feel inspired, neither of us will be very happy with the result, I'm sure. Also, if you message, be as detailed as possible and include ideas about setting/pose/feel. Like I said. I'm dead inside and have no creative muse LOL. You can also message me with adopt suggestions you would like to see!


2 weeks ago I watched "The Ritual".............................with my 3 year old.
Ok I have been wanting to watch this for a long time on Netflix and I never end up watching it because by the time my kid passes out I also pass out. So one Sunday I um..
I watched it with her.
In my extremely feeble defense she LOVES scary movies but I mean this was next level scary. I am still seeing the monster in every forest I so much as even glance at. And I'm old.
Come on, that monster is EPIC. If you dont get to watching it at least google "The Ritual Monster" and you will see just how fucking terrible I am.
Surprisingly she hasnt had any issues. No nightmares, nothing. But me!? Man... I am suffering some mega mom guilt and.. I may have had a nightmare or two lmao.
If you have not yet seen it go see it on Netflix. I mean, if you dig sick monsters. But DON'T WATCH IT WITH YOUR KID. It's very gory and I'm pretty much the worst mom ever. I did cover her eyes for some of it but I'm still the worst.

Stay tuned~


I absolutely LOVE this character. I adore her design, I think it's beautiful. I'm so hesitant to part with her, but I cant seem to get into her personality and my family just got slammed with some very expensive bills. If you purchase her, you receive ownership of art and you're welcome to use her personality and description if you like. 

Offered for Sale: $135.00 CDN obo

Meredes portrait by Aivoree
Xxnamaste By Coyotesoot-daox0v0 by xXNamaste

Her first impression is one of loveliness, softness, gentleness, the way that she moves is easy, unhurried, is each is step she takes is one that she has placed a thousand times. Her words are measured, each sentence well thought before they leave her tongue, articulated and poised, to the point of near painful strictness. Her eyes are so often downcast in thought, that when she does look up to you you will see her with startling clarity, the gravity of her mind and the harsh strength of her spirit hiding just beneath the glassy surface of her whimsical mask. She is two beings, the inner beast foams at the mouth, pawing against the tightness of the rein, the other bestrides it without an ounce of compromise, forever struggling to maintain control, civilization, and order.

She will do what is logical; the purpose of her actions will always favour what is best for the situation, even if it goes against what she most desires, or what she feels is right. Meredes is often at battle with herself in this arena, torn between doing what is right for herself, and what is right for others, for the greater good. In this aspect, she self sacrifices in an almost daily regime, and over time, this continuous denial of the beasts desires will slowly break her. It isn't unusual for Meredes to jade the ones she loves,  because of these qualities, but even though she appears to take her loved ones for granted, she is resolute to her companions, and fiercely faithful.  


◄Well Spoken►

◄Struggles internally for the desire for wildness►

◄Her seemingly gentle composure makes glimpses of her inner cynic all the more startling►

Her fur falls from her velvet skin like locks of silk, its softness better suiting of the finest angora hare; and not a purely predatory beast. It lengthens around her nape and hips, and has lengthened more-so in the apparent everlasting winter that has prevailed over the lands of Victus in recent years. She is of lithe stature, long and narrow in the ribs, high withered and long legged. Her paws adorned with heavy claws of ivory hue, front fores armed with fierce, curving dewclaws that are well noticed and unusual. Her exotic coat is bright in the summer months, a lush shade of ambrosia, a delicate golden amber that melts into near alabaster towards the base of her tail. Tiger striping cascades around her curves, an oaken tint to the deep slashes of near charcoal, but not quite black. The only black upon her coat lines her eyes, and in spots upon her brow and behind her ears. The pads of her paws are deep salmon, as is her nose. Lips of onyx conceal wry, glinting teeth, almost opalescent in their sheen. Most unusual about Meredes is her tail, for the soft tresses of it give way to shimmering waves of star shine. Dream-like waves ebb and sway, hypnotic in their rhythm, moving like serpentine ribbons of fog around her. The tendrils have a strange, eerie appearance of depth, and looking into them is like looking far into the past. To stare too long casts upon the watcher an almost trance-like spell, as rogue flecks of the spectacle float from the galactic haze and disappear into the surrounding air.

◄Power of Seduction seems to radiate from the sleepy, mist like tendrils of her tail, as well as her eyes, which reflect the same super nova colours.►

Thank you SOOO much!! What a pleasant surprise!!!!!!! <3333333
I am getting really
sick of wacom and these constant random driver issues
when i draw there's no pen pressue and it glitches out. ive tried re installing the drivers and restarting the wacom professional services thing as well as changing the service from automatic to manual.
When its plugged in, the computer bleeps like it recognizes it, but the wacom tablet icon isnt in the task bar - as if it isnt there, and when i go to wacom tablet properties it says "the driver is not responding" which is different from the usual "driver not found" notice that i have had in the past. I cant seem to find a tutorial to fix this particular problem online.

Its an Inuos CTH-680. Any ideas? Contacted wacom support 3 days ago but no response yet -.-

WHILE IM AT IT. Any tablet suggestions that WONT give me these annoying fucking problems all the time?
Anyone who rides horses on the regular, have you ever experienced a bit of a slump, where you just don't feel like going anymore?

Idk what to do... It was once my rule that I didn't miss my lessons for ANYTHING. Now, I find myself making excuses not to go. Its not fear based, I think its more lack of accomplishment and not having a goal or a direction. I'm not really interested in shows, I don't have a competitive bone in my body. I find we are really just doing the same thing over and over and over. My instructor doesn't change things up much, we have the same warm up routine, some no stirrup work, some flat work, jump a bit, then cool down. I don't have the option to go out for trail rides unfortunately. I can only ride twice a week, so its not like I'm aiming to be this professional equestrian, I mean I'm 28 years old with a kid lol this is a hobby for me. I just feel like I've been at it for months and havent really progressed much, even though I know thats not true. Who else has experienced this? Did it go away or do you think I should just take May off? Ive already missed 2 lessons last week, 1 because of a horse show and 2 because my instructor took the day off, then yesterday for mothers day as I was way too busy. Today I just.. really dont want to go. ughhhhhh. /vent
I've been very MIA. I havent even checked DA throughout the holidays. I havent had any time off, so its all been rushing to family dinners straight from work. 

I'm tired. -.-

Still alive though. I'll be back when things settle down. I hope everyone has had a very happy holidays and an exciting new year <3
I'm so sorry to all of the American people who have to live in a shadow of fear, the shadow of a pompous bigot and his writhing army of hate-filled, under educated, white privileged trash. I am so sorry to all of you who are being victimized for the way that you were born; be it your gender, your colour, your heritage or who you love. I'm sorry for the ugliness that you have witnessed and the alienation and uncertainty that you might be feeling.

I hope that you can take comfort in knowing that while America is a big place, the world is even bigger, and greater than one man, and one Nation; and that there are far MORE people who are WITH YOU than against you.

Please try to find strength in yourself, because you are beautiful, and good, and you are not alone
My daughter just... really doesn't approve of me sitting at my desk. So she does weird things to sabotage my work.
For example, pile toys onto my lap until I'm buried in them.
Jeff thinks this is quite funny and is no help whatsoever.
If you have commissioned me and you have paid, could you please note me with a recap of what you ordered? Also, please include what your name is on your paypal account so I can check my records. I just want to make sure I'm not missing people on my to do list! I have TWO days off IN A ROW (amazing) so I hope to get through some stuff today and tomorrow. Unfortunately my connection has been shit lately, I'm blaming the bad weather but really I have no idea how that magical magic works, so a stream isn't likely :(

My commissions will not be open again for a... who knows how long amount of time. I'm working too much right now and just cant manage it. Art trades & gifts will remain open and done at a leisurely pace. 

Thank you bbys <33 And Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

To do:
Rare-Imaging 0%
Commissions are closed.
But I would like to open Art Trades! I have never opened art trades before.
I think they will be much less stressful and pressure-y

Disclaimer: Please note that if I decline your offer for an art trade, it isnt to be mean (this is the main reason why I havent opened art trades, I'm afraid of hurting peoples feels) its just that for me to work on art right now is a big deal, I'm working 5 days a week, usually overtime. I dont have much for spare time, and its becoming increasingly difficult to produce decent work in a high energy toddler environment. I'm understating this; she currently has sparkly black eyeshadow all over her face, the floor, and the bathroom vanity. She has just discovered how to open the fridge and uncap everything in it. She can often be heard screaming "MOMMYY MOMMY MOMMYYYYYYY!!!" at top of her lungs and my carpet smells like oatmeal and cheese.

In short, your art might be wonderful, but maybe it isnt a style that appeals to me or that would suite my characters so I need to be choosy with how I dedicate my work.

If I accept your offer, you understand and agree that I am busy as fuck, and that I will complete your trade in time and you will uphold your end of the deal, too, because you love me. You also agree upon asking that you will still love and accept love from me if I say no. <---THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Only basic photo manipulations with simple BGs or busts will be offered at this time, of characters that are relatively simple (any species).
I would rather not do drawings and designs make me want to gauge out my eye with a rusty spoon.

NOTE me if you're interested. Do not ask here. Thank you <3

You must go and worship Aivoree 
Her work is stunning; the palette she uses reminds me of classical art, and the level of detail she packs into pieces is truly admirable.
To blend fantasy with realism isn't an easy task, and she does it so well! I highly recommend this artist, her commissions are so beautiful.
Thank you again Aivoree for this gorgeous work!!

Do you have a piece that signified a pivatol moment, a change in the way that you make art? A piece that you learned something from that would effect your work from then on? What is it and why?

Mine is;
"i left your name on the wind"

This work changed everything for me. It was an art trade so I was under no financial pressure to finish it (although she did wait forever so I felt bad about that lol). I chose a stock that put a lot of emphasis on paws, which has always been a struggle for me, so usually I would hide them in foliage or something. I feel like putting emphasis on the paws really grounded the character into the new setting. 

I used different levels than what I was used to and the outcome is still what I strive for in future pieces.

It got me into lion tails, which I just love now.

It broke my "dark" streak - dark was always easier for me because it hid things. I learned from this piece that LIGHT is GOOD and putting MORE effort into the details before uploading, even if you feel rushed to complete it, is 1,000% worth it.

It taught me to go for unique poses, that used to be too daunting, and to gravitate towards wolves (or horses or whatever) that exhibited unique attributes that I could even consider "ugly" in the stock photo. At first I thought the paws were ugly, but now they're my favourite part about the piece. I think using less than perfect subjects makes them more realistic and believable.

On that note, it also steered me into trying to make fantasy look as natural as possible, as opposed to stylized. I love it! Its my favourite.

What's yours and what did it teach you?
Any good canine designs out there?
I'll be out of service until Monday evening so if you cant reach me this is why!