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Minnie lingered in her enormous palace chamber. She held a beautiful pink rose, which it's petals had been plucked. She heaved a small sigh as she picked the last petal, before throwing the stem of the rose onto the glossy floor.

"Your majesty! Your mother wishes to see you!" Daisy Duck announced whizzing into Minnie's bedroom. Daisy was Minnie's lady-in-waiting, they had known each other ever since they were little children.But as the years went on, it seemed to Minnie that they were growing apart. She wanted it to be like the olden days, when she was running freely and not caring about becoming queen…. "Your grace? Are you alright?" Daisy questioned her royal companion.

"Yes, I'm fine." Minnie replied, she rose from her tall but wide pink silky sofa and wandered past Daisy humming to herself. She took a short cut through the palace and knocked lightly on the queen's bedroom door.

"Come in…" Came a weak voice.

Minnie began to feel nervous, she opened the door and immediately said; "You called…"

Her mother lay in bed, as the purple see-through curtains towered over her. "My beautiful daughter, I love you very much, you do know that don't you?" She asked her. "Yes mother, I love you too." Minnie replied, the tears had switched on and was ready to brake through.

"As you know, I am gravely ill. I will not be here anymore, so you have to be a big girl and become queen. You shall rule all of my beloved country which will become yours tomorrow. So rule wisely, take the path of love, not hate. Choose the sign not of wealth but of the heart… …I- l-love you my beautiful d-daughter. P-promise me that y-you'll rule wisely, you'll a-always choose love over hatred, p-promise me this my daughter…" The queen gave out a small gasp as Minnie's tears flushed down her cheeks.

"I promise mother, and I hope that one day I will see you again.." She locked her eyes shut as the queen rubbed her hand, but instantly stopped. She gave out a small cry, and leant over her dead mother's bed. She could smell the sweet smell of her mother that she always used to.

She cried harder, just thinking about it.

Minnie looked up and stared at her mother, she shook her head, the tears escaping her beautiful eyes. She stood up and walked towards the door before stepping out. After the door had shut, she fell to the floor crying as hard as she could.

But she had calmed down once a warm feathery hand rested on her shoulder. Looking up, she witnessed Daisy, who was also crying. She bent down and gave the queen-to-be a cuddle, she had missed those playful days in her younger years too.

"I'm sorry your highness.." She whispered lightly.

Minnie looked at her with her weary eyes and stood tall. "I'm sorry Daisy, but I cannot be queen. I have to run away from here, I cannot stand these haunted memories that have only just happened. I have to get as far away as possible from here.." She exclaimed to her duck pal.

"I understand your majesty, I will not stop you nor beg you to stay. But I will come with you, tonight, we both shall leave." Daisy reassured the mouse. "Thank you, you're a great friend." Minnie replied to the touched duck. "Your welcome… …Minnie…" Daisy smiled, at the sound of her name, the mouse locked her arms around the white duck, hugging her tightly.

Walking down the streets of London was a male mouse known as Mickey Mouse. He wasn't exactly the rich type, in fact he was poorer than you thought. He had a lot of bills to pay, but had no money to pay them with. Often in the middle of the night, the bill collector would come and take some of his furniture.

Behind him followed an orange dog, his name was Pluto. Mickey had Pluto ever since Pluto was a pup, and ever since he was a child. Mickey and Pluto were almost the same age.

Mickey witnessed everyone had miserable expressions glued to their faces. He walked towards a smart gentleman who heaved a sigh. "Excuse me sir, but why is everyone so gloomy today?" Mickey questioned him. "Haven't you heard? The queen is dead…" The gentleman replied. "Oh gosh," Was Mickey's response, he removed his cap and looked at the floor. "But not to worry young laddie, the princess is to be crowned tomorrow morning. I'm sure she'll be a great ruler, just like her mother." Chuckled the man.

"Princess? I didn't know the queen had a daughter, I was told she had a son."

"Well, she had both. But her son disappeared just the day before he was crowned. Come to think of it, I'm sure there's an even chance the princess will disappear too…" The man whispered the mouse. "Oh gee, let's hope that doesn't happen. The princess is all we have left." Mickey exclaimed to the gentleman.

"Yes, I do believe you are right young laddie, but no one can change fate." The man declared, he placed his top hat on his head and gave it a small tilt. "Good day to you laddie." He said before walking away.

"Gee Pluto, this really is bad news, the king is ill, now the queen is dead. I'm sure hope I'm wrong about the king dying next…" Mickey informed his dog, he gave him a pat on the head and continued to walk on.

But as he reached his home, he observed the bill collector who was trying to knock down his door with banging and shouting. "I know your in there you little rat! Open up!" He shouted before kicking the door a kick. He gulped nervously before backing away. But he accidentally tripped and knocked over a trash can.

He shut his eyes tightly as the noisy sound filled the air. He opened them to see the bill collector glare at him growling.

"You! You dirty little rat! You still haven't paid your bills, for six whole months!" The bill collector bellowed. "I-I'm sorry sir, I will pay it, I just don't have the money yet.." Mickey squeaked. He backed away as the bill collector took several steps forward.

"Well, I guess I'll have to take something away to sell it then. Since you have no more furniture left, I'll just take your precious little dog!" The bill collector gave out a loud and evil laugh before seizing the dog.

"Pluto!" Mickey cried, he tried to stand up and retrieve his dog, but the bill collector pushed him back, making his fall into the trash can.

He laughed again before walking away.

Mickey glared at him, he stuck his tongue out at him blowing a raspberry.

The bill collector turned around, he growled at Mickey who laughed nervously before gulping. "Why you little!" The bill collector shouted, he lunged at Mickey, but Mickey was swift. He jumped out of the trash can and began to run for his life whilst the bill collector chased him.

Mickey took a glance behind him, he seemed to be loosing the bill collector. He sighed in relief and looked forward, but accidentally bumped into someone. The two strangers rolled down the pavement and eventually stopped.

Mickey opened his eyes, to see another pair staring straight back at him. He realized his nose was also touching theirs.

Mickey speedily rose, he helped the young maiden to her feet before whipping off his cap and giving her a bow. "Sorry ma'am," He apologized.

"Come back here you dirty vermin!" The bill collector roared from behind. Mickey gave a frightened shout before zooming away. The bill collector stopped in front of the maiden and gave her a glare. "Whatta you looking at?" He asked impolitely. "Is that dog for sale?" The maiden asked. The bill collector's eyes widened, he looked at the dog and back at the maiden.

Mickey gasped for breath, he looked behind him miserably as his lips trembled. "Aw Pluto, I wish you weren't taken away…" He thought. Now that Pluto was gone, he was as lonely as ever. He thought that he would see Pluto turn old, he guessed that he was wrong. Lips still shaky, he continued to walk ahead, wishing he would get Pluto back somehow.

"Excuse me!"

Mickey glanced behind him, only to be lunged at. Someone licked him all over his face, making him laugh. He opened his eyes and saw Pluto standing on top of him. "Pluto!" He shouted merrily. He gave Pluto a big hug as the dog continued to lick his face.

After the happy moment had ended. Mickey stood up and looked around, no one was to be seen. "Pluto, how did you get out. You know the bill collector will come back to get you again-"

Pluto barked and began sniffing the ground. Mickey followed him from behind, until they reached a certain someone. She had a brown cloak around her so that no one could see her face, other than her eyes.

"Um, excuse me miss." Mickey called out to her. She turned around watching Mickey walk towards her. She smiled to herself as Mickey removed his cap and tugged at it endlessly staring at his feet.

Mickey had never been nervous or shy, he was always out-spoken and honest.

He looked up and gave a smile. "I just want to um, t-thank you for returning my d-dog back. I really appreciate it, if-if it wasn't for y-you, I guess I would never see m-my best pal again.." Mickey stuttered a few times, he felt a very strange feeling when he was around this young maiden, but he still had to thank her.

"It was nothing really, just a helping hand," The maiden smiled, the took Mickey's hand and offered him a brown bag.

"Here, use it wisely." She smiled sweetly. She watched as Mickey opened the brown bag with wide eyes. "I-I cant accept this, I'm sorry but I-"

"There you are! I've been looking for you everywhere! You could of at least waited for me!" Daisy shouted running towards her. She seized the maiden's arm and dragged her away speedily before running.

Pluto stared at Mickey and back to where the maiden stood. "Aw gee Pluto, I didn't even get her name…" Mickey sighed sorrowfully, he turned to Pluto who gave out a small whine.

"Come on boy, let's go home…"
AW! This one is called Fantastic Fantasies! I made this especially for ~hypermegatailsfan! Even though she probably didn't ask for it, it's a gift!

I hope she likes it! :D
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It's a very cute story, and it has a lot of potential. Always good to have another Disney writer. Thanks for the gift :)
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Thanks for the comment! I'm really glad you liked it! :squee:


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