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cool brushes

30 photoshop brushes

This is my first brush set! Yaay! I really really hope someone will use them, and like them ^^

If you use them please let me know what you think, advice give me some tips etc. :D

Please credit in artist comment (link or something) if you use my brushes in a deviation, or :+fav:..
and it would be nice if you could send me a link or note, i would really love to see what you can make with theese brushes ^^

PS: This brush set may not work in versions newer than photoshop elements 5, because its made in that version..
(If you know a way I can make it work for newer versions, please tell me and I can see what I can do about it ;) )
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thank u so much

Thank you very much. These brushes are very cool

These are fireeee thank you.

Great job, Thanx a lot..:)

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These are fantastic! Keep up the great work!
thanks dude!
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thanks a lot sir
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Very cool thanks I had to download them again, somehow I lost the first download, silly me.:happybounce: 
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they look cool and I will try to add them to Photoshop, I am new at it so it may take me some time to get it right. Thank you
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Thanks a lot really appreciate it.
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These are brilliant. Im gonna use them in my next project i think. Ill send a link when its finished
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I'm New & been thinking that it wasn't gonna work...  :/ "IDK Why"... :D Jus got it to work.. "IT'S DOPE ASF THO!"
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Thanks, I am going to make a back ground for some stickers right now. Thank you
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thanks ,like the syringe.
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I used your brushes for a set of blended text I did.…

Thought you would wanna see it. Turned out really cool.
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Hello, I used your stock here:
Thanks for providing!
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i can convert it for you... to all photoshop versions
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