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I really should be drawing.
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Instagram: @/inkbyjordi (for tattoo posts)

Website: (for tattoo booking)

Twitter: @/inkbyjordi (personal account)


Age: 27

Status: Married

Occupation: Tattoo Artist

Hobbies: Art, video games, podcasts/YouTube, journaling, tattoos, anime, manga, cuddling my fur babies

Favorite Video Games: Spyro, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Sims

Music: Vaporwave, EDM, Dubstep

Fur Babies: Finn the shiba, Freya the husky, and my cats Ollie & Deku


Mediums of choice: Tattooing, Digital, colored pencil

Tools of choice: iPad Pro, Procreate, Prismacolors, FK Irons Flux

Favorite subjects: Video game/anime fan art, animals (feral or anthro)

Art background: I've been drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I was always considered 'the artist' in school growing up and just always knew art would be a big part of my life. In middle school I joined DA and grew my following by drawing mostly Warriors fan art (under the name xxMoonwish). When I graduated I decided to pursue graphic design in college, but dropped out after a couple of years due to burnout/finances. Around this time I got my first few tattoos and decided to pursue tattooing as a career. I landed an apprenticeship in 2018, and became a fully licensed professional in 2019. During my first years of tattooing I definitely had to take a step back from my own art style to experiment with and expand in doing many other styles in order to become more versatile and well rounded as a tattoo artist. I've finally came to the crossroads where I am able to merge my previous art style with everything I know now, and I get to do lots of tattoos in the style/subject matter that I enjoy! I still do some digital art in my free time that I will upload here and maybe open commissions from time to time.

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