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Ella has never had what you could call an easy life, with an absent father and a Mother who might as well have been absent from the way she bounced from dealer to dealer, just to get the next fix, It was often her who had to look after her Mother. It had all become too much for Ella to handle, so she found herself sitting on the railings of the bridge, her feet dangling over the side, getting ready to jump. She had no one to turn to, and no one to tell, so who would miss her if she was gone?

As she began to shift her body weight forward, ready let herself fall, she felt a strong grasp on her shoulders, pulling her back and off of the edge. Turning around she saw a man, a man that would change her life forever, and little did Ella know at the time, how much it would change. That night, the man listened to her and stayed with her, and granted her the attention and the listening ear that she had never had in her life. Though still feeling the pull of death, and the comfort it would bring her, this man's attention offered a distraction and somewhat different point of view on life. 

After a few hours of talking to him, he told Ella that he had to go, but he would meet her here tomorrow at the same time if she wanted to talk to him again. He didn't seem to want to pressure her into it, so he reassured her that, she didn't have to, he would turn up and if she wasn't there, he would leave again. The next night she met him again, and again they talked. This routine continued for about a month, they would meet at the bridge, that she was going to jump off, and they would just talk, occasionally him bringing coffee and food for them to share, especially when the nights were getting colder. As these conversations went on, Ella began to feel different, she felt safe with him and like she could trust him, after all, he knew her at her most desperate and was still there. She began to share things with him, that she liked to do, and the things she found fun, and to her surprise, he seemed to be interested in the same things. Even more, so that he managed the secondhand store that was two streets away. As they got to know each other more, they met up in other places other than the bridge, sometimes at the store while he was working, other times just in a coffee shop.

He seemed to be a constant thing in her life, no matter what man or drug that her mother brought home, he always there for her and checking that she was okay. The more time they spent together, their relationship seemed to grow, moving from friendship to something more. Though it seemed fast to her, he eventually offered to take her away from her mother, wanting to take care of her, because she was special to him, Ella agreed because how it made her feel. Things had seemed to change slightly once she had moved in, though he seemed to listen to her still, he seemed somewhat more emotional. Sometimes he seemed upset with her, other times angry but he blamed it on pressure and some debts that he owed. Ella didn't like it when he was upset with her, as she felt all alone again, so where she could she tried her best to keep him happy, going to the point where she would flirt, and sleep with other men that he told her to, to get them off his back.   

What Ella didn't know, was that this was his plan all along. You see, this man was the sensitive man he made out to be but he was someone that was ruled by money and the exploitation of others. Initially on that bridge, to find a girl that had run away from him, he spotted Ella on the bridge that night, her beauty shining in the beautiful light, and realized he could use her vulnerability to his own financial advantage. He was quick on his feet, making sure not only put his plan together in a split second but also managed to pull her off the bridge in time. Listening to how she felt and what had happened, he realized that no one would get in the way, or point out the morality of anything he did to her, so this was a perfect opportunity for him. The perfect girl to manipulate and groom with no outside influences, she definitely was special to him.

By the time Ella knew she was in trouble and something wasn't quite right, it seemed too late for her. Her mother had picked up and gone else where after some sort of fight with a dealer, so she had nowhere else to go. Anytime, she faltered, questioned or argued, he would remind her that he was all she had, and she had nowhere else to go. Other times when Ella seemed to feel despair, he would once again turn into her saviour from the bridge, and this was enough to make her stay, as she still felt the same way she did when they had talked for hours. Though each time she chose to stay, there was regret and anxiety lingering realizing she was becoming more and more his possession than someone he cared for. When one day, he brings another girl, home somewhat younger than her, telling her his plan, she begins to question him and more herself. Would she let him do this to another girl, to take the pressure off her, or was there still something left of Ella, that wasn't his manipulation that would see the wrongness of this? All Ella knew, was maybe her jumping off that bridge, could have been a better decision than this, but now she was trapped.     
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Thanks to julieexann for the Brainstorming of the title and story. I was creating a graphic and the story and ideas kept coming into my head the more I worked on the image. Might write a short story related to this. 
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I love how this turned out. Heart 
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I love what you've made here April and that's a great, sad story.
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Thanks Cathleen :D