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It's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008 meaning, it's my gallery, I do whatever the fuck I want with it. You have no say. If I want to upload Sonic art, fine by me. If I want to upload Pokemon art, also fine by me.

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Hi, this is :icontrickythesylveon: and I'm here to give a critique (since I haven't actually given one in a while) While I do think the coloring is good, I ...

(this is gonna sound really random but I don't fucking care) Tired of being what you want me to be Feeling so faithless Whilst under th...

Critiques on artwork that got my attention.


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We need to talk about something
Yes. I'm white. Yes. I'm cisgender (not trans). Yes. I'm a woman. Yes. I'm graybisexual biromantic.
Yeah... I'm also part Native American and part Hindustani/Indian.
Most of my heritage... that's from Europe.
Before you comment, maybe you should look at these pieces of history about Native Americans and North America for me.
:iconlissygudiya:lissygudiya 3 3
I might come back. My break isn’t doing much :/ I think instead of resting I should keep myself busy. So I might be more active on here. I just have to not let any negativity get to me anymore. It’s just not worth it :/ 
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Dear X,
    I know you blocked me and I am really happy that you did because I am mad at you for many reasons. When you became friends with my sister again you started talking shit and harassing me. You aren't the best person in the world so please stop thinking that. You aren't perfect, nobody is perfect. All you want to do is hurt me for the way I am (it feels like). I'm a kid that's still learning right from wrong so maybe you should give me some time.
    You pushed me around while I was dating you and to be honest and you were pretty abusive. I get that you're also still a kid so I'm not gonna blame you that much I guess, but if you're going to attack me for every little thing I do then what's the point?
    I draw myself like a girl because that is how I look in real life. I am agender and, yes, I do hate my body. I do want to get out of my body but I still want to keep how I draw myself similar to what I look like in real life.
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Commissions are open!… or (UPDATED) Commissions!In order to get a complete understanding of what I can do or what fandoms I am in, please visit xXMisery-BusinessXx's deviantArt page.
No requesting overtly NSFW stuff (that means nothing sexual)
No requesting anything with fetishes involved (this may gross other people out)
No requesting anything that may cause me to make other people want to self-harm (this includes, but is not limited to displays of anorexia, cutting, bulimia, poisoning or burning themselves)
No requesting anything that is discriminatory (e.g. no anti-LGBT, no anti-emo, no anti-goth)
I will do a 50/50 payment. You give me 50% of the payment first before I start your commission, then when I finish, you give me the other half. After all, during the process, it will give you enough time to conjure up the rest of the points.
Character Ref Sheets
Price: 100 :points:
Materials used: colored pencils, sketchbook pa
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I would like to be a Core Member plz because I'm aiming for a 1-year membership.

Also, if you like my art, you can donate. I don't care how many points you want to donate, just please, if you like my art, you can donate. Llamas for Points Stamp by LooneyTunerIan

Below are 10 of my most popular deviations (in no order)! Can you help me improve my skills?

Tricky the Sylveon (profile icon) by xXMisery-BusinessXx LosIng My GrIp BefoRe I'll Be GonE by xXMisery-BusinessXx Unleashed Mewtwo by xXMisery-BusinessXx Sonic and Shadow as Pokemon Trainers by xXMisery-BusinessXx (Error) by xXMisery-BusinessXx Mega Yveltal (Remastered) by xXMisery-BusinessXx War Paint by xXMisery-BusinessXx (Too Long a Title) by xXMisery-BusinessXx
Hometown by xXMisery-BusinessXx Sweet Sacrifice by xXMisery-BusinessXx

Also, you can donate to help support my latest project- "Code Name K"!
Journal -> What is Code Name K?Here’s a question that I have been asking myself a lot lately.
“Code Name K” is about a 17-Pokemon Year old Torracat named Kiawe (bio and other info: ). This story is divided into three parts, and as he gets older, a new part of the story unfolds.
Part 1: Admittance (2031-2035)(Kiawe and Dale’s perspectives)
“Admittance” is written in a similar style to that of John Green’s 2007 debut title “Looking for Alaska”. This part of the story is about a clique of guys and one gal (again, similar to “Looking for Alaska”). Kiawe and his friends are juniors at a boarding school in Culver City, California. In the beginning of the story, before any of the major events happen, Kiawe meets Dale, another Torracat whom he suspects could be his potential twin. They get along pretty well. A few days later, Kiawe finds out that Dale may be up to no good and tries to get him expelled. “We

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I'm actually really proud of how this came out.

Like... OH MY GOD.

God, I really don't know what to say...

Remastered from this: Sweet Sacrifice

Infinite- a cold-hearted, sadistic, yet mysterious and diligent character, introduced in Sonic Forces as the antagonist against Sonic and Co. (aka, the Resistance). Also tends to be power-hungry. Hates to be considered weak, especially by Shadow.

Height: 3'4.5" (102.87 centimetres)
Weight: 77 lbs (35 kilograms)
Fur colour: Black/White
Hair colour: White
Eye colour: Blue/Golden
Species: Mobian Jackal

If any of you don't know, I actually did a French version of my Sonic Forces fanfic, which is entitled "Doux Sacrifice" (which literally translates to Sweet Sacrifice). So, lemme show it here:

Et ce fut le jour où je suis allé complètement fou. Avide de pouvoir. Sadique. Sans merci. Quel que soit le mot que vous voulez utiliser pour me décrire.

<< Infinite, qu’est-il arrivé ? >> Docteur Eggman a demandé dès que je suis revenu dans le laboratoire.

<< Ne me parle pas, >> j’ai crié.

<< Est-ce que Shadow tu a battu ? >>

Je n’ai pas répondu, car je savais que ça ramenait ces pensées terribles et ces sentiments de rage.

<< Je ne suis pas faible, >> J’ai continué à me répéter.

Dans le laboratoire de contrôle principal a menti un masque et un rubis avec des marques rouges et violets. Le masque avait une forme d’éclair noir sur le côté gauche, et une chose en forme d’oeil rouge avec trois pointes sur le côté droit. Le rubis était rouge et de forme carrée, avec une chose cube pourpre à l’intérieur.

J’ai ramassé le rubis fantôme. En ma présence, le rubis a flotté au-dessus de mes mains et a commencé à vomir des cubes d’énergie de nulle part. J’étais surpris, intrigué et globalement satisfait de ce que je voyais, et je ne pouvais que voir le futur à partir de là. Puis j’ai pris le masque et l’ai placé sur mon visage.

Et ce sentiment était sur le point de devenir encore meilleur.

Le rubis s’est placé sur ma poitrine, laissant des traînées de sang couleur dans mon corps, et si je devais être vaincu, et avoir le rubis enlevé, je sortirais de l’existence.

Les sirènes bourdonnaient, et Docteur Eggman a fait irruption dans le laboratoire de contrôle principal aussi vite que possible. << Infinite, je n’irais pas toucher ça si j’étais toi -- >>

<< C’est trop tard, Docteur Eggman … >>

Time: About six or seven hours.

Software: Autodesk Sketchbook for iPad Pro 9.7" + Apple Pencil

This piece is part of a collection, known as Song Art. Each time that I add a deviation that is based off of a song, there will be an added thumbnail (or link to the other deviations) to the description of the deviation.

More in this series:

It's true, we're all a little insane
But it's so clear
Now that I'm unchained

Fear is only in our minds
Taking over all the time
Fear is only in our minds
But it's taking over all the time

You poor sweet innocent thing
Dry your eyes and testify
You know you live to break me
Don't deny sweet sacrifice

One day
I'm gonna forget your name
And one sweet day
You're gonna drown in my lost pain

Fear is only in our minds
Taking over all the time
Fear is only in our minds
But it's taking over all the time

You poor sweet innocent thing
Dry your eyes and testify
And oh you love to hate me, don't you, honey?
I'm your sacrifice

(I dream in darkness
I sleep to die
Erase the silence
Erase my life)

Do you wonder why you hate? (Our burning ashes
Blacken the day)
Are you still too weak to survive your mistakes? (A world of nothingness
Blow me away)

You poor sweet innocent thing
Dry your eyes and testify
You know you live to break me
Don't deny
Sweet sacrifice

Artwork (c) 2019 xXMisery-BusinessXx 
Infinite (c) 2017 Sega, Sonic Team
Sweet Sacrifice (c) 2006 Evanescence, Wind-Up Records
The Open Door (album) (c) 2006 Evanescence, Wind-Up Records

You may use this for any YouTube video, as long as credit is given either in the direct video or in the description below. Otherwise, NO ART THEFT ALLOWED, or else Mama Tricky will be mad at you.
Get ready. Within the next 30 minutes, there will be artwork up.
Get ready. For something so terrifying that it'll shock you.


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Tricky the Sylveon
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Do me a favor, and don't ask about my political orientation. Please, and thank you.

Avatar by :iconkawaifairies:, profile picture by me

- Pokemon and Sonic extraordinaire
- Emo
- Loves music
- Sassy and down to earth (in the words of :iconkagescupcake195:)
- Can be a little bitchy if you're a little bitchy
- Asperger's Syndrome
- Artist and writer whose open for commissions
- Can cuss a lot and if needed to
- Atheist

Likes: Lingual studies, hair dye, short hair that covers my face, Suicide Squad, Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park (2000-2014), twenty one pilots, Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Evanescence, Trapt, Papa Roach, Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran, drawing, Pokemon, Sonic (the last two are pretty damn obvious by now)

Dislikes: Math, long hair, my natural hair color, One More Light (that record by Linkin Park), most of today's music, Mario

My birthday badge

Pokemon Love Stamp by Riiarei Pokemon Yveltal Stamp by Squidacious

Some of my favorite Pokemon: Shiny Sylveon by MidnightsShinies Lucario Sprite by HotBlackAngel Zoroark Sprite by HotBlackAngel Mewtwo Stamp by gangsterg <-last thumbnail has all-time fav on it

My Fav Sonic Character(s): Infinite by srbsts (belongs to :iconsrbsts:)

IQ Test for Free
IQ Test for Free………… (sadly suspended until I'm 18)

xxmisery-businessxx.artstation… or… (<- Mah Discord server)… (I'd like to thank masstransitkrow for showing me that website)

Snapchat: mizzerybusiness (add me there!)



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