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Animator and video editor for your typical fruit ninjas and jetpack joyriders.

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My Undertale AU comic, Nightmaretale

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Hey so NMT is dead. The end. I’m not continuing it. Thanks for the good times with it. I had fun making it. Definitely saved me from a dark place. But now gotta push forward with other things. If I ever feel a spark again I’ll draw the characters. But story wise. Am done.
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So, while I'm not leaving tumblr, I am going to try to be more active on other sites. As such, I have decided to create a Twitter page should anyone want to contact me and see my art either here, or there, or tumblr, however it turns out.   Twitter -...
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Apologies for the lack of updates on NMT. however! As of this moment - I've hit a really good productive session in drawing! And have completed the lineart for the upcoming page. Before I start colouring, I still have a "Must keep drawing!" vibe, so ...
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I have finally decided to talk about something about your story that bothers me a lot: the fact that there is soriel just because you don't want frans to be there.

before I start I'll clarify a few things: I'm not a frans shipper, sometimes I follow some accounts that ship them but it's just because the art looks good to me, honestly I like soriel and I consider it has more chances to be canon than frans, now that this has been clarified, I'd like to start.

the characters are one of the most important parts of a work, be it a book, comic, movie or series. they are, according to my opinion, the most fundamental part of a plot, i'm sure that many people could spend hours watching their favorite characters just talking to each other without doing anything, in the same sense, no matter how fantastic the world is, it's useless if the characters that move around in it are just pieces of cardboard with a mouth.

the relationships between characters are one of the fundamental parts of a work, they are the redemption of zuko, the fall of anakyn and the evolution of kaladin, among all the possible relationships that 2 characters can have (rivals, enemies, family, friends, etc.) one of the most relevant is the romantic one, because it is the one that can have more changes and effects in a plot.

deciding that 2 characters have a romantic relationship just because you don't want one of the characters to be shipped with another is a bad idea, you are forcing a concept that you don't like or that wasn't planned in the work just because you don't like it.

art is about creating, that's why it comes from love, out of love you create, out of hate you destroy, hate can't give birth to art in the same way that water can't give birth to fire.

what bothers me the most is that it doesn't even work, just because 2 characters have a romantic relationship doesn't mean that the fandom won't ship one of the characters with other characters (examples of this abound, chalastor, marco x tom, zuko x katara, etc.).

if your goal was to prevent the fandom from shipping 2 characters there were other ways to prevent it, like openly saying you don't want it to happen, having the characters make it clear in the artwork, etc.

that's all, thanks for listening to my rant.

Thanks for the insight. But I guess any thoughts that I have about it now don’t matter because I personally don’t give a fuck anymore.

thats the right attitude! im glad you are good.

This is the fun police and your blocks off our property

Hi, I just wanna say straight up that I love your artstyle. I was wondering whether or not you have any plans for a sequel/continuation of Nightmaretale (I'm not gonna complain if that isn't the case, but it would be interesting to see, nonetheless). While we're on the subject of that particular comic, I have some advice for you (sorry if you've heard this a million times before): In my experience, anyone who whines up a storm and/or threatens an artist for not writing the story exactly how they (the complainer) want it to be generally isn't worth the air they're breathing and should be ignored. It's your fanart, your fanfiction, not theirs. If they want their BS pedo-shipping, or whatever it is they want, they can write their own damn stories.

Sorry for the longwinded rant/wall of text, but people like that just piss me off. So many artists on this site are getting harrassed for whatever reason by folks who clearly don't undertand that people have a life outside their hobbies.

Also, I notice that Youtuber Cloudjumper has been using some of your Undertale artwork for their album covers (at least judging by the Youtube autogenerated videos). I'm not one to jump to conclusions, but until told otherwise I'm assuming they have permission, despite there being no credit given to you on their channel page or even in the video descriptions. Sorry if it seems odd for me to bring this up, but you never know with Youtube.

Sorry for the overly long comment. Keep up the awesome work.