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My Undertale AU comic, Nightmaretale
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So, while I'm not leaving tumblr, I am going to try to be more active on other sites. As such, I have decided to create a Twitter page should anyone want to contact me and see my art either here, or there, or tumblr, however it turns out.   Twitter -...
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Apologies for the lack of updates on NMT. however! As of this moment - I've hit a really good productive session in drawing! And have completed the lineart for the upcoming page. Before I start colouring, I still have a "Must keep drawing!" vibe, so ...
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Hey guys. Just want to discuss a few topics which continue to arise in NMT, and I’m pretty tired of it. The death threats are especially annoying. First topic: Soriel Look I get it. You don’t like Soriel. I don’t either. I hated the thought of having to add it to avoid drama about possible Frans shippers. But I’d rather have Soriel than Frans. Frans is not welcome here. In the end, it makes no difference seeing as it’s continued hate about Soriel and making people disregard the story altogether. Having the mindset to think it’s okay to harass the writer and make death threats about the Soriel ship over Fra
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Hi, I just wanna say straight up that I love your artstyle. I was wondering whether or not you have any plans for a sequel/continuation of Nightmaretale (I'm not gonna complain if that isn't the case, but it would be interesting to see, nonetheless). While we're on the subject of that particular comic, I have some advice for you (sorry if you've heard this a million times before): In my experience, anyone who whines up a storm and/or threatens an artist for not writing the story exactly how they (the complainer) want it to be generally isn't worth the air they're breathing and should be ignored. It's your fanart, your fanfiction, not theirs. If they want their BS pedo-shipping, or whatever it is they want, they can write their own damn stories.

Sorry for the longwinded rant/wall of text, but people like that just piss me off. So many artists on this site are getting harrassed for whatever reason by folks who clearly don't undertand that people have a life outside their hobbies.

Also, I notice that Youtuber Cloudjumper has been using some of your Undertale artwork for their album covers (at least judging by the Youtube autogenerated videos). I'm not one to jump to conclusions, but until told otherwise I'm assuming they have permission, despite there being no credit given to you on their channel page or even in the video descriptions. Sorry if it seems odd for me to bring this up, but you never know with Youtube.

Sorry for the overly long comment. Keep up the awesome work.

Thanks for the comments. Regarding NMT, yeah someday. Right now just working full time at a games studio as an animator and video editor, and dealing with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. So even when I want some time off to draw I’m honestly so tired and feel sick to do so. But I hope to get some time soon to get back into it again. Honestly I haven’t drawn properly in about 6 months or so. It’s been a long time and will be hard to get back into it again. But I hope I will get some time to do so and feel up to it.

As for the comments and threats for my lack of Material or updates, I honestly stopped caring. Far more pressing things in life, and if being sick, and the entire Covid situation has told us anything, we just need to appreciate the time we have and not worry about stupid things.

With regarding the Cloudjumper, yeah he commissioned me personally and asked me to create the material for his videos, so those are perfectly okay for him to use as he commissioned me personally for them. But I thank you for checking about that. I see a lot of people who deal with this kind of thing and how frustrating it can be, but yeah I appreciate you for checking in and asking about that.

And no worries about the block of text. It’s nice to just have someone ask about it and be nice. So no stress at all. I appreciate you asking and your advice :) thank you.

You're welcome. Also, if it isn't to much to ask, how much do you normally charge for commissions? I've got some Undertale stories planned (nothing written yet beyond some rough drafts and vague, immature plot-bunnies) that I'm considering potentially having adapted into webcomic format, and while I'm a good-enough writer I straight-up suck at drawing. Guess you can't be good at everything, huh?

Once again, keep up the awesome work.

Hey are you doing okay? You've been quiet for a few months now and I'm just hoping you are at least in good health despite the trials of the past year.

Hello there :) thanks for checking on me. I know I’ve been very inactive and feel bad for it. I work full time at a games studio as an animator so that takes up my time, and I’m the midst of dealing with early stages of hashimotos hypothyroidism, so been quite sick but can’t take any medication for it yet as it’s not in the stages where I can actually take medication for it. I only really found out about it recently, as my sister who’s in the later stages of the disease was diagnosed in May - clear genetic factors, so we’ve both been sick.

It’s frustrating but just have to push along. Thank you for checking in on me. I hope to get back into drawing sometime soon.

Sorry you're not feeling well, I hope at the very least it won't be long before you can properly treat yourself. Had no idea you worked in the Video Game industry, I think that's pretty cool :) Although I hope given the notorious stories regarding crunch and the like that you haven't been overworked.

Get well soon, and no need to rush on returning to your drawing projects!