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~ Either read this entire passage, or none of this at all. ~

Just because it's not exactly what YOU want doesn't mean it's automatically evil and should be destroyed. Nobody is perfect or normal, but some are more fucked up than others. Meh, I guess you can't please everyone though.

Just because I favorite something doesn't always mean I like the idea behind it, like Undertale or a certain ship. I may just like the artstyle or a character design.

I only like incestuous ships if it's between two gay siblings with a reasonable age gap, and even then it's like every other ship: definitely not shipped automatically just because I like a thing or two about it. I actually dislike incest unless I ship it, which is...odd.

If you've been sexually abused by a family member, I am extremely sorry about it, but that does not mean I'm your therapist, so don't go pouring your heart out at me. I am definitely NOT the person you should be talking to, for I am not qualified to help.

But for others, it's pretty rare that I talk about incest so it's not like anyone should care. I am not rubbing it in your face, so just stop reading and go look at my other shit if you don't like what I'm talking about.

It's that simple, just don't be a little bitch about it. Maybe get to know someone before you automatically shun them. Otherwise, you're not gonna get very far in life.


Base Edit

Want me to make a base edit for you? Reply to the highlighted comment on my page with a reference sheet of each character you want me to add, plus a background of your choice (optional!). If I accept your request, I will tell you to send the points via my donation pool. If I deny your request and you send the points anyway, I’m just going to donate them right back.

-As of now, I will add up to four or five characters depending on design complexity
-If you want me to add a background but never send me one, I will choose one FOR you that best fits the picture
-I would appreciate if you didn’t reupload the final image (regardless of whether you credit me for the original art), or definitely didn’t claim it as your own

Current commissions are 10 points, but I will raise or lower the price depending on how many requests I get.

FireAlpaca Vector

Want me to make a vector for you? Reply to the highlighted comment on my page with a reference sheet of each character you want me to add, plus a background of your choice (optional!). If I accept your request, I will tell you to send the points via my donation pool. If I deny your request and you send the points anyway, I’m just going to donate them right back.

-As of now, I will add up to four or five characters depending on design complexity
-If you want me to add a background but never send me one, I will choose one FOR you that best fits the picture
-I would appreciate if you didn’t reupload the final image (regardless of whether you credit me for the original art), or definitely didn’t claim it as your own

Current commissions are 20 points, but I will raise or lower the price depending on how many requests I get.


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Gender: Questioning
Sexuality: Pansexual
Romantic orientation: Heteromantic
Relationship status: Taken
Religion: None (and i personally feel they shouldnt exist)
Favorite color(s): Blue, black, green
Previous account: Katie623DA

I personally only believe in male, female, genderfluid, and agender/nonbinary, as well as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, and asexual.

Don't be a cunt to me or my watchers. I don't do art trades, tags, or llamas, nor do I respond to comments thanking me for the watch or favorite. Feel free to check out my groups, my other social media, and/or my friends' profiles.

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Let's pretend I know everything about ALL these characters.

My Little Pony
Pinkie Pie Stamp by migueruchan Fluttershy Stamp by migueruchan Twilight Sparkle Stamp by migueruchan Applejack Stamp by migueruchan Apple Bloom by Marlenesstamps Sweetie Belle by Marlenesstamps Scootaloo by Marlenesstamps Derpy Hooves Stamp by migueruchan Great and powerful Trixie Stamp by migueruchan Windy Whistles Stamp by TheMoonRaven Spike by Marlenesstamps Princess Cadence by Marlenesstamps Sunset Shimmer by Marlenesstamps Night Glider by Marlenesstamps Sunset Shimmer Stamp by migueruchan [Stamp] Sunburst by Tambelon Maud Pie by Marlenesstamps Limestone Pie by Marlenesstamps 067 by mapleshaded Trouble Shoes by Marlenesstamps

Family Guy
Stewie Griffin by JtDaniel Brian Griffin by JtDaniel Joe Swanson by JtDaniel Vinny by JtDaniel Meg Griffin by JtDaniel Mayor Adam West by JtDaniel

~Anti-Character Stamps~
I don't like Starlight Glimmer. by TheMoonRaven Zephyr Breeze Stamp by TheMoonRaven Anti Cheese Sandwich Stamp by KittyJewelpet78

~MLP Ship Stamps~
REQUEST:  Rainbow Pie Stamp by inkypaws-productions REQUEST:  Appleshy Stamp by inkypaws-productions REQUEST:  ScootaBelle Stamp by inkypaws-productions REQUEST:  Pinkieshy Stamp by inkypaws-productions (Request) RariDash Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 REQUEST:  SpikeBloom Stamp by inkypaws-productions Twilight Sparkle x Sunburst Stamp by Cascayd Applejack x Troubleshoes Stamp by Cascayd Rarity x Fancy Pants Stamp by Cascayd Party Favor x Sugar Belle Stamp by Cascayd ApplePie / Pinkiejack Stamp by Shadeila Raripie stamp by Sodium--oxide

~Anti-Ship Stamps~
Anti Pinkie PieXCheese Sandwich Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 (Request) Anti Sweetiemash Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti- MarbleMac Stamp by AmetrineDragon Anti Carajack stamp by migueruchan Anti FlutterDash stamp by FacelessSoles Anti Doctor Whooves X Derpy Stamp by FairyKitties22 Anti ZephyrDash Stamp by alexeigribanov Not a fan of Sparity Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti - TwiComet by FairyKitties22 Anti Rumbleloo Stamp by FairyKitties22 Anti Twidash Stamp by VelocityOfTheNight (Request) Anti AppleDash Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti PipLuna Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti-soarindash stamp by twidash-lover (I Can't Stand Most Hero/Villain Ships Anyway) by Mintaka-TK


~Warnings and Announcements~
I'm Gonna Plaster This On My Profile by Mintaka-TK ''BAWWW CHANGE UR OPINION IT SUX'' by Mintaka-TK Fanart Stamp by Reitanna-Seishin Descriptions by Reitanna-Seishin .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot Forgetful by prosaix More time... by prosaix Forever lazy by prosaix 'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-Stamps Stamp Addiction Stamp by Fullmetal-Phantom Stamp - Morning Person by Fullmetal-Phantom {Sadist} by Mesperyian I Don't Spam My Thanks by AnScathMarcach The NEW Log-out Stamp by Busiris Stamp: Offended by my opinions? by Shiiazu Negative thinker-Stamp by Dinoclaws No Thanks-Stamp-Long button by Dinoclaws Negative by itsMYopinion

~Fandom Stamps~
MLP: Friendship is Magic Stamp by ecokitty wreck-it ralph stamp by Pharaoh-Ink It just shipping by KittyJewelpet78 Non-Bronified Stamp by Reitanna-Seishin Applejack is Underated by KittyJewelpet78 Classic Disney Shorts Stamp by Mintaka-TK

~Anti-Fandom Stamps~
You can kill me now. by Sheezii Anti Rule 63 MLP by VelocityOfTheNight Anti-Dr. Who Stamp by Reitanna-Seishin STFU Pokemon Stamp by Willowbyrd ''Best Game Ever'' Is Subjective Anyway by Mintaka-TK (Request) Anti Star Wars Stamp by KittyJewelpet78

~Controversial Stamps~
Anti Facebook Stamp by Reitanna-Seishin (Request) Old comment Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Getting Over Illness Stamp by Spikytastic Keep your religion out of my life by KittyJewelpet78 Stamp: Not always atheists by 8manderz8 Stamp: I refuse. by 8manderz8 Stamp: Straight is not automatically the best. by 8manderz8 Stamp: At least not a good one. by 8manderz8 .:OCXCanon is NOT that big of a deal:. STAMP by YunamaOfficial English Dub For The Win. by Sheezii deal w it hunnie lmao -stamp- by KIngBases as simple as that -stamp- by KIngBases Stamp: Frustrated Stamp #5543509 by 8manderz8 Stamp: It might not be physical... by 8manderz8 (Request) Opinions are opinions Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Don't Assume That People Just Know Your Gender! by MadKingFroggy Youtuber Equality Stamp by SyrinxPriest2112 Stamp: Prayer by 8manderz8 Fetishes by UnicornReality Don't force me to join a fandom by KittyJewelpet78 THEY CAN'T SPEAK HUMAN, SO THEY CAN'T CONSENT. by World-Hero21 [STAMP] Best Friends by Emfen Safe Spaces Are Far From Safe by MadKingFroggy Draw for fun-Stamp by Dinoclaws Disable comments-Stamp by Dinoclaws Respect-Stamp by Dinoclaws Too much pride2-Stamp by Dinoclaws Do not force me to agree-Stamp by Dinoclaws Gay Stamp by TheMoonRaven Stamp_Be blunt but not rude by Chivi-chivikStampity remove ur opinion it offends me by itsMYopinion Sex Stamp by Reitanna-Seishin Youtube Stamp by Reitanna-Seishin Its scary by KittyJewelpet78 No religion governs us. by World-Hero21 Anti-transgender Stamp by Reitanna-Seishin 134 by Stu-Pixels I don't care about your fetish by KittyJewelpet78 Mpreg is not bad by KittyJewelpet78 Pranks can hurt people by KittyJewelpet78 Its not a fad by KittyJewelpet78 Stop treating it like its a fad by KittyJewelpet78 I hate Donald Trump by KittyJewelpet78 Be careful who you trust by KittyJewelpet78 I support adoption by KittyJewelpet78

Mature Content

Some Parents Out There... by Mintaka-TK

Mature Content

This is More Common Than You Think by Mintaka-TK
it does not make you a cool kid by memedere I don't mind it by KittyJewelpet78 It can ruin your life by KittyJewelpet78 Wait unti you are ready by KittyJewelpet78 Don't force people to believe in God by KittyJewelpet78 It's Actually Against dA's ToS! by Mintaka-TK Bisexual Erasure by Mintaka-TK Just respect each other omg by 2centstamps Coming From a Brit Who Moans About Other Brits by Mintaka-TK Quality By Popular Vote by Mintaka-TK (There's a Lot of Socially Awkward People on dA) by Mintaka-TK DON'T ABUSE THE SPAM FILTER by Mintaka-TK PLEASE DON'T BE AN ASS by Mintaka-TK PLEASE USE IT by Mintaka-TK 25 by Stu-Pixels Stamp: Do proper research aaa by PrincessSkyler (Though It Depends on Who You're Writing About) by Mintaka-TK I Mean, I Didn't Choose To Be Straight by Mintaka-TK I've Actually Seen This Happen a Few Times by Mintaka-TK If You're Gonna Accuse Me of Anything... by Mintaka-TK Sadly, I've Seen This Quite a Lot by Mintaka-TK ow the edge by Mintaka-TK This One's Gonna Get Personal by Mintaka-TK REQ: Let people wear what they want. by World-Hero21

~Controversial Stamps (Fandoms)~
My oc... by Atlanta-Hammy (Request) Don't judge a fanbase as a whole by KittyJewelpet78 I Support Unicorn Twilight Stamp by kwark85 Cadance Shouldnt be an Alicorn Stamp by II-Art

Anti Emo by muslma Stamp: Clouds by Sinamuna Dark and Girly Stamp by StampMakerLKJ A pretty face doesn't mean a pretty heart (Stamp) by ELLlOTT Spongebob Ride Stamp by Fyi-Sus I don't like Parties by KittyJewelpet78

Animated Skull Divider by Gasara
Origin of assetry: AU Minkie Pie
Original journal: I don't normally do this, but...

NOTE: I copy-and-pasted this journal from Google Docs into Sta.shWriter, which I haven't used in about four years.

Decided to rewrite this now that I’ve uploaded the Minkie thing and I’m much calmer than I was when I wrote the original journal. But I wrote both journals at 2am.

I’d imagine a lot of you have heard the story (or at least one side of it -_-) of how our lord and savior Reitanna-Seishin lost her mind when I asked a question about the lines in Minkie’s mane on the “AU Minkie Pie” deviation. Everyone knows that she and Inkie have the diagonal-ish lines, and Blinkie and Pinkamena have the straight up and down lines, right?

Now, take a look at this picture right here.

Notice something about it? Some of the angles show SIDEWAYS LINES. And guess how I figured this out? Did Reitanna act rationally and just tell me? Nope, I found out for myself four months later by finding this comic having been posted on Derpibooru and noticing something that I hadn’t before.

Of course I think the lines shifting with angles is still pretty stupid considering none of the other sisters’ hair designs do that (it just makes her look like an attempt at an Inkie Pie recolor if anything), but Reitanna saving herself the trouble and just telling me from the start would’ve been a better explanation than “iT’s JuSt HaIr DuDe” and then sending her little army after me when she made it impossible to talk to her privately.

I also found a few examples of adult Minkie’s front angle view, further confirming the stupidity.


Not to mention this specific vector shows visibly angled lines, so there’s really no excuse for this.

A user by the name of Ameliasketches copy and pasted mine and Reitanna’s conversation into a comment in my original journal where I said “fucking” 72 times, and I highlighted her comment so others could see it. Prepare for Reitanna’s pity paragraph (separate your lines, hoe) about how she’s sooo stupid because she’s “not perfect” and shit. Her words, not mine.

One section of the conversation I got to screenshot before Reitanna suspiciously hid the comments (she always claims it’s so the arguments won’t escalate, but guess whose journal was taken down for harassment?) was when I replied to her with, “I’M being rude? You’re not the only one who has insecurities. If you had just told me this from the start you wouldn’t have gotten pissed off.” and her simple bullshit “sometimes you say the most asinine things.” excuse just gave me the impression that she told me the first thing that came to her mind when she realized that MAYBE she was wrong, and then reitanna.exe had stopped responding.

And guess what? Reitanna throws the rock, but you get the block. You know what sociopaths do? Turn their own problems onto the other person; SyrinxPriest2112 did this as well. Also, have you noticed how often Reitanna reverts to forms of the word “stupid” as an insult? >_> My three-year-old step-niece has a more expanded vocabulary.

A reply to someone I made on December 29 was, “She claims she hadn’t taken her meds, but...why would she check her notifications when off said meds? She acts like people who talk to her are responsible for that sorta shit.” — not to mention she’s always saying how she can’t handle criticism (I.E., me telling her the lines in Minkie’s mane are facing the wrong direction) yet she’s on the internet, and has been since before the death of MySpace.

You do realize Core members have the options to request CRITIQUES, right? You do realize that DeviantART is all about sharing the stuff you’ve created with other living, functional human beings that have the right to judge it and help you improve so you don’t look like an idiot, RIGHT?

Anyway, Reitanna’s journal ironically gave me a couple new watchers, and I’d like to personally thank I-Bully-Kids, CreepyBloomfan10, Olivergriffiths, and FascismNotIncluded, but nobody else because I can’t remember anyone else’s usernames. ;~; And I’m sorry you couldn’t solve this issue ShysWorld, Reitanna is, interesting person.

Also, Rei, writing a 7000 word essay about someone half your age compared to her original 2000 doesn’t make you look descriptive or any smarter or some shit. It makes you look pathetic, especially since I skimmed over the bullshit pity paragraphs that had no reason to be there other than...well, pity. Like I said before, I used to be your fan until you turned into a massive horse cock at the drop of a hat because OH NO CRITICISM. You’re always yammering on about how blocking someone makes you forget about them, so if you’re not willing to talk IN PRIVATE, then why don’t you just go and do it?

Btw, one of the commenters on my original journal found this. It doesn't help that the comment was edited.


Can y’all stop victimizing my abusive ex? I’d appreciate if you’d just let me give an example of something without people who don’t even know half the story jumping down my throat, thanks.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Granny Pie Redesign
Art created on ‎March ‎30, ‎2019

Meet the new and approved Granny Pie! Melanie Rhubarb Pie was nicknamed "Cupcake Quartz" by the citizens as a pun on her past, as she was able to make the rock farm just a little less dreary each day. I decided to make her a pegasus to explain Pinkie Pie's love for bouncing and flying contraptions and whatnot.

Character design belongs to me
Baby base:… (SelenaEde)
Filly base:… (SelenaEde)
Mare base:… (SelenaEde)
Elderly base:… (SelenaEde)
Does anyone have an idea for what Spain would be called in the MLP universe?
Muffins AU - Alone Together
Art created on July ‎24, ‎2018

I'm not exactly sure if this scene is set in stone, but I mostly felt like drawing Minkie Pie's new mane.

Base:… (KIngBases)
we’re under a tornado watch and there are KIDS OUTSIDE IN THE HAIL


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