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In the last months, I wasn’t as obsessed with Alan Rickman as I’ve used to be some years ago. Of course, he was my favourite actor and I admired as much as I have always done.

When a celebrity dies, I am, of course, sad. Especially if it’s the death of someone I particularly like or of someone who died comparatively young and sudden. But it’s still distant. It’s sad in the way every message of a death is sad. But it doesn’t hurt on a personal level.

I thought I could handle the death of Alan Rickman the way I would do. I never met him, I am simply a fan, like millions of fans. But my feelings about his death are in a way in between the feelings one has about a celebrity dying and the loss of a friend. I am surprised about these feelings myself, I didn’t expect them.

In a way, it does feel silly. Why do I feel in such a way about a person I have never met, I have never known personally?

But who do you know personally? Of course, I could not know what’s truly inside of him.

But I knew him, in a way. His movies have been an important part in my life and, yes, works of art are important in my life and so are artists. Not only the creation, but also the admiration of art is a major part of my own identity and Alan Rickman is an actor I partly grew up with. In fact, I did grow up with his movies and through them with him, although only partly in the classic sense of the word. However, in the last time I was mostly concerning myself with other things - and other people.

I heard about his death in the news. It was very simple, the last message before the weather. A black and white picture of him, the simple statement that the British actor Alan Rickman had died. I was in the room, but I didn’t follow the news until that moment and the gasp I made was almost like a scream. My stomach felt like it was turned inside out and upside fown the rest of the day. Yesterday, I was close to tears several times. I tend to forget it. I constantly forget that Alan Rickman is dead. But that is not the proper way to explain my feelings - I don’t understand, realise or comprehend it. But then, suddenly, without any obvious association, I remember, I understand for some seconds. It’s a cold, harsh feeling I know from other, more personal situations of my life. But I have never felt in such a way about an actor or any other kind of person I only knew from a screen and whom I have never met. And I didn’t expect to feel that way about a person I admire, but neglected recently.

I kind of forgot about the admiration I used to have, I didn’t show as much attention as I used to a while ago. And now, I remember. I remember that he’s there and I remember that he isn’t there anymore.

Alan Rickman is not one of the actors I found particularly entertaining in more recent months. But he is an actor that, no matter how odd this may seem, accompanied me on ways that made up important parts of my own personal development.

I found Alan Rickman, like most of my generation, through Harry Potter. Harry Potter is a very important part in my life and Severus Snape forever one of the most interesting characters. I became a Harry Potter fan rather late, when I was thirteen. But I knew the third and the first movie from when I was nine. I found Snape so very fascinating, especially when I learned that he was not evil. I had no idea who Alan Rickman was, I didn’t know his name, but I thought he was interesting even then. And looking back, he was a perfect fit. Too old, too tall, not thin enough. Who cares, that man was an actor. And he acted. He was great.

But of course, I would never reduce him to one role. In fact, it was him who helped me to widen my horizon and broaden my mind. I watched movies only because he was in them and found how great they were, which opened new doors for me. And no actor has yet ahd the same effect on me, but even those I admire, because I have found them through him.

Because I miss Alan Rickman incredibly much, to my own surprise, and I am in tears and hurt and confused and I will treasure him and his great work for

...that I would like to draw more in the future. I've said that quite often in these last years, didn't I?

I generally want to do more...

Anyways, it's a nice November day, pretty and misty and leaf-y ♥

I just don't know what mood I am in right now.
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List your top 10 fictional crushes:

1. Charles Williams ("The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica" by James A. Owen)
2. Lord Celeborn ("The Lord of the Rings" by J. R. R. Tolkien)
3. Remus Lupin ("Harry Potter" by J. K. Rowling)
4. Winston "Widget" Murray ("The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern)
5. George Knightley ("Emma" by Jane Austen)
6. Nathaniel Chanticleer ("Lud-in-the-Mist" by Hope Mirrlees)
7. Christopher Chant ("Chrestomanci" by Diana Wynne Jones)
8. John Childermass ("Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell" by Susanna Clarke; not sure if he's truly a crush...)
9. Elwin Ransom ("The Space Trilogy" by C. S. Lewis; again not sure if he counts as a crush...)
10. Erik, le Fantôme ("The Phantom of the Opera" by Gaston Leroux; he should not be here!)

So, what do you like the most about 2?
He feels so incredibly real for an Elf and unusually emotional. He is wise (obviously), kind hearted yet less "friendly" than an Elf is expected to be. He is an interesting and underrated character.

If you could do anything with 4, what would it be?
Tell each other stories while eating sweets and drinking wine! It would never get boring. Never.

Who would you choose between 5 and 7?
That is extremely difficult. George is probably the more solid choice, but I am really attracted to Christopher... George is incredibly accepting, but Christopher is always there when you need him... uuh... I really don't know :(

Out of ten, how much would you rate 1?
Ten! He loves badgers, is a writer, is incredibly funny and odd and original, women were extremely attracted to him (the real Charles) in general and he did magical things and he is so full of in-jokes and strange ideas and... he's so great!

What do you find most attractive about 1?
His mind... and his love for badgers! Also, the way he gets along with children is very... interesting ^_^

If you could go out with 3, what type of date would you go on?
Drinking fire whisky, eating chocolate, reading and talking. Just being together.

Why is 10 not higher up your list?
Because he is not a real crush and I would probably not start a relationship with hin in real life. It#s more of a mix of compassion and fascination.

So what does 10 have to do to be brought higher up?
It would help if he didn't kill people :/

What would be the ideal situation for you, 2, and 4?

A picnick, with mixed Elven and Circus foods, telling each others stories, drinking wine and simply getting along as friends. Probably "helping" Celeborn with his cultural shock in this world *cough*

What do you hate most about 7?

He can be unfriendly and unsympathetic at times... especialyl towards (his) children :( But he's still a good person...

Have you ever thought about how you'll react when you meet 3?
I would hug him! Immediately! And then I would talk to him!

Have you seen 1 and 2 together on TV before?

No... but that would be very entertaining... However, I have seen a picture of Charles Williams (the real one) in a documentary about Tolkien. Does that count?

Have you ever dreamed about 6?

Umm... I'm not sure. Probably not. I guess not. But I am not entirely sure.

Who would you take to prom/ball with you?
Christopher Chant, because of his style? Mr Knightley because of his manners? Widget because... umm... he's closest to my age? John Childermass beause he'd be an interesting choice?

If you could give anything to 9, what would it be?
Out of all men here, finding a gift for Elwin Ransom is definitely the most difficult! Probably something connected to Venus or Mars? Or some fruit? A pretty robe? I DON'T KNOW! Books? I assume he already owns every book on the silent planet... *sigh*

Out of all of them – who would you…Kick?
None? Probably Chrestomanci for hitting Cat :P

Erik... obviously...

Pinch cheeks?
Charles, to annoy him. Nathaniel Chanticleer, because his face is probably suited the most. Widget, because he is cute? Celeborn to confuse him?

Act like an idiot with?
Charles... obviously...

Take to see your parent(s)?
John Childermass or Elwin Ransom.
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  • Reading: Too much at once *sigh*
  • Eating: Had too much :P
  • Drinking: Had green iced tea...
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
    For six years now. I've joined in 2009.

  2. What does your username mean?
    Its just the female equivalent of Lion King, which is my favourite movie and with which I was obsessed when I joined. Many people had the xx's back then ^^"

  3. Describe yourself in three words.
    Enthusiastic, difficult, bright.

  4. Are you left or right handed?
    I'm right handed.

  5. What was your first deviation?
    Rumpleteazer by xXLionqueenXx

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
    Literature and Digital Art.

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
    If only I could master the styleS I'm already working on ^^"

  8. What was your first favourite?
    Pg1 Lionesses Conversation by Emo-Hellion

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
    To be honest - fan art ^^" But also illustrations, photography and mostly pictures of animals and landscapes or the sky. Also, stamps and photomanipulations.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
    I don't think I have one! Here are so many talented people!

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
    I'm not sure, either.

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
    Depending on what I am doing. yWriter to write, MyPaint and Wacom Intuos for digital drawings/paintings. PhotoFiltre for graphics.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
    Well, outside, actually.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
    Being REALLY active and uploading all kinds of things, talking with many people and favouriting all the time. Miss those times ♥


Fandom I choose: Avatar - The Last Airbender
1. The character I first fell in love with: Katara, I think. Or it was Appa and Momo?
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Zuko? or I actually expected it... almost...
3. The character everyone else loves that I don't: I love Sokka too much too say it's him...
4. The character I love that everyone else hates: Umm... no idea... Azula, maybe?
5. The character I used to love but don't any longer: I don't think there is anyone...
6. The character I would shag anytime: Eh...
7. The character I'd want to be like: No one.
8. The character I'd slap: No one.
9. A pairing that I love: Irohxwhoever he wants, Sukka, Kataang, everything canon, Ty Leexwhoever she wants
10. A pairing that I despise: None, really...
11. Favorite character: Iroh!!! ;D
12. My two favorite characters: Appa and Momo ;D
13. My two least favorite characters:  Koh and Long Feng or Zhao.
14. Which character I am most like: Not sure...
15. My deep, dark fandom secret: No idea...

Fandom I choose: Avatar - The Legend of Korra
1. The character I first fell in love with: Naga and Pabu ;D And Iroh II, because of his name ;D
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Asami and Tenzin ♥
3. The character everyone else loves that I don't: No idea, really. Kuvira, perhaps?
4. The character I love that everyone else hates: I don't mind Mako...
5. The character I used to love but don't any longer: No one.
6. The character I would shag anytime: Umm...
7. The character I'd want to be like: No one.
8. The character I'd slap: No one.
9. A pairing that I love: Zhurrick! And Korrasami
10. A pairing that I despise: None
11. Favorite character: Varrick
12. My two favorite characters: Naga and Pabu
13. My two least favorite characters:  Kuvira and Amon
14. Which character I am most like: No idea.
15. My deep, dark fandom secret: none...

Because, why not?

List your top 10 celebrity/fictional crushes:

1. George Knightley (Emma)
2. Winston "Widget" Murray (The Night Circus)
3. Christopher Chant, "Chrestomanci" (The Worlds of Chrestomanci)
4. Henry Tilney (Northanger Abbey)
5. Charles Williams (The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica)
6. John Childermass (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell; not really a crush, more fascinated by him)
7. Professor Digory Kirke (The Chronicles of Narnia; not really a crush, more like a great lot of affection)
8. Lord Celeborn (The Lord of the Rings; again not that much of a crush and more of fascination)
9. Walter Hartright (The Woman in White; a slight crush)
10. Erik, le Fantôme (The Phantom of the Opera; what's wring with me? he'd totally have my compassion, at least...)

So, what do you like the most about 2?
I like his sense of humour and I love his passion - storytelling. That's something we have in common, even though I can't magically see the history of a person. He uses his magic abilities in a way I really like and he seems to be romantic and warmhearted, without being overly sentimental. He's a nice and intelligent, good humoured but at times still serious person and he also has an awesome sister, which is a really good thing because I'd always prefer to join a family I actually like. Also, he loves sweets, wine and cats. Brilliant man.

If you could do anything with 4, what would it be?
Simple chatting and exchanging of witticism would be really nice :D

Who would you choose between 5 and 7?
So I have to choose between Charles Williams and C. S. Lewis? Oh my... Do you know what I find interesting? In real life, Charles Williams seemed to be more open minded than C. S. Lewis (at leats on the surface and in their earlier years) but Digory Kirke is obviously later Lewis, after Williams' influence and very open-minded, while Charles' mind is being opened during the course of the series. In real life, I wouldn't want to be with either of them, at least not romantically, even though I would probably find myself to strongly like Lewis and be really fascinated (as all women were, apparently) by Charles Williams. But as for their fictionalized versions... well, we got to know Charles better. I think I'd choose Charles romantically, but Diigory Kirke as a friend.

Out of ten, how much would you rate 1?
Ten. George Knightley is absolutely perfect, he is the man most women dream of, he is intelligent, witty, warm-hearted and a very good jduge of character and he loves Emma if not despite, than for her faults and helps her to develop as a person, without "changing" her to suit his preferences.

What do you find most attractive about 1?
His personality and his attitude.

If you could go out with 3, what type of date would you go on?
A magical picnick in the countryside, sharing one of his most outragous dressing gowns and I would be eating magical sweets and he would be drinking tea with lemon and we'd talk about magic and other worlds and have a cat with us and... that would all be totally awesome! But now that I think of it... I would never want to seperate him and Millie...

Why is 10 not higher up your list?
Because I don't have a crush on him. I am fascinated by him and pity him and would try to make his miserable life better.

So what does 10 have to do to be brought higher up?
Being less of a murderer, perhaps... Or, I don't know. Perhaps he should have sprang to my mind earlier or just... I don't know.

What would be the ideal situation for you, 2, and 4?

Them both? Being witty, of course! Widget would tell a story, Henry would listen, I would do both these things and we'd eat chocolate popcorn which would cofuse Henry at first.

What do you hate most about 7?

Nothing. What should I hate about him? What could I hate about him?

Have you ever thought about how you'll react when you meet 3?
I'd wonder what he is doing in my would and if anything's wrong. And I'd excite about whatever he would be wearing! And I'd try to get "closer" to him, not necessarily romantically, because, as I've said, I'd never want to get between him and Millie. And he'd see me as another child, anyways.

Have you seen 1 and 2 together on TV before?

No. Definitely not.

Have you ever dreamed about 6?

No, I don't think so.

Who would you take to prom/ball with you?
Chrestomanci! I mean, look at his clothes! Or Mr. Knightley, that would be nice, too :) Probably Celeborn, but Galadriel might get angry then...

If you could give anything to 9, what would it be?
I'd... I don't know... help him to make up his mind...

Out of all of them – who would you…Kick?
None of them!

Erik, of course! To make him less sad :(

Pinch cheeks?
Widget, because... why not? Or Lord Celeborn, haha!

Act like an idiot with?
With Widget, Henry or Charles.

Take to see your parent(s)?
All of them...
I am making a series of the lovely animals from the Archipelago of Dreams.

Mr Tummeler: The Great Forces O'Good In The World
Reynard: At Noble's Isle
Uncas and Fred: Family
Rillian: Most Unicorns Are Mice
Solomon Kaw:
The ferret:
probably more...
So, after finishing my portrait of Reynard, I have decided to go on. I will make a family portrait of Uncas and Fred and I will draw Reynard's marten friend. I also want to draw Archimedes and Solomon Kaw. Also, I want to draw other anthro portraits on non-IG characters like my own or characters of my own that are usual not athro animals but normal animals or humans. Or whatever comes up my mind. I also want to finish my "CATS as cats" series. I want to draw more in general. And I very much want to practise.
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  • Watching: Murder, she wrote
  • Playing: Nothing, played SSO earlier today
  • Eating: Plan to eat something later...
  • Drinking: Woodruff/rasperry flavoured water
I am working on a picture of Reynard, similar to my Tummeler. I'm so excited! They are truly fun. However, I'm not good at drawig foxes. I never get their foreheads right. Perhaps I will edit the sketch. I am not sure yet. Anyways, it's great fun. I wish Reynard appeared in the books more. I liked him. As much I could tell, as we didn't really get to know him. And foxes are adorable, anyways. I LOVE foxes!
  • Listening to: Nothing, strangely enough
  • Reading: Way too much at once
  • Watching: I want to watch JS&MN but it's doesn't air til May
  • Playing: Nothing right now, but SSO in general
  • Eating: Had spaghetti
  • Drinking: Cucumber water. Some coke.
1. What is your fursona's name?
ChiaraMarilera Daraka Fahari

2. How old is your fursona?
4 1/2

3. What is your fursona?
She is a white and brown lioness.

4. How much time have you had your fursona?
More than six years.

5. Was your fursona inspired in something?
At first, ChiMa was a cub - like me - but I wanted her to look slightly different, so I "switched" the lighter and darker parts of the fur in typical TLK colouring. I then decided to make it more intense, so the light fur became (first nearly then fully) white and the dark fur became (first nearly then fully) brown. I've originally used the basic brown, yellow and teal from the old MS Paint to colour her fur and eyes and that - plus some very light pink for her nose and paws - is her colour scheme since then. I also aged her, so it's only her adult colour scheme - young ChiMa is still beige.

6. How much art do you have of your fursona?
Quite a lot, actually :)

7. You made your fursona or you buy it?
I've made her!

8. Did someone ask if your fursona for sale? (if yes what did you say)
No, never. Just in case someone will ask: I'd NEVER sell her!

9. Why you consider your fursona special?
She basicially developed her own life. She's kind of real.

10. Does your fursona act too much as you or are they different from you?
She's like an extreme version of me. And she's very bold.

11. What kind of hair your fursona have?
Short, soft hair. Slightly longer than usual lion fur, though.

12. Put here 5-10 drawings of your fursona you like the most
The Soft Goodbye by xXLionqueenXx The Call by xXLionqueenXx in love... by xXLionqueenXxChiMa banner by xXLionqueenXx
In A Night... by xXLionqueenXx Stay Proud... by xXLionqueenXx

13. What music represents your fursona?
I am not sure. Probably some strong, powerful classical music.

14. If your fursona was insane what music would represent them?
The same, but mixed with experimental crossover.

15. Do you wish your fursona was real?
She nearly is...

16. Does you have any games of your sona?
Games? Well, rpgs at bets...

17. What would you do if you meet your fursona in real life?

Oh my, I have imagined talking to her so often and I don't have any idea what to say now :/

favourite food?
Veggies and... noodles or rice or chickpeas or falafel or quinoa or lentils... salad... soup... whatever...

favourite breakfast?
None, mostly, but... yofu and fruit or veggies... fruit... cornflakes with rice milk or yofu... bread, sometimes. Veggies... depends... TEA! ;D Noodles are awesome for breakfast...

favourite dinner?
Whatever I like. I don't always eat the same.

favourite dessert?
Cake. Plain,dry cake. Or ice cream.

food you'd like to eat right now?
Nothing, I'm absolutely full. Will make spaghetti salad with cherry tomatoes and avocado later...

least favourite food?
Meat and other animal products. Pointless and disgusting. Despite that, badly cooked and junk food.

favourite fruit?
All, really. Pommegrenades, blueberries, maracujas, currants in all colours, oranges, grapes, everything.

favourite vegetable?
All, again.

favourite drink?
Water (especially with cucumber and/or lemon) - definitely my top drink!
Tea (black, green, white, red, herbs, spiced, chai, peppermint; with nothing or sugar, lemon, vegan milk and/or syrup - really all kinds!)
Iced Tea
Coca Cola
Tonic Water (with and without herbs)
Ginger Ale
Rose lemonade
Self made lemonade
Hot cocoa/chocolate
Cold Cocoa
Ginger beer

name a food that you always have in your house for some reason
Noodles, rice, bread, peanut butter

name a food you wish you'd always have in your house

favourite food to cook?
I love to cook in general! I love to bake cake :DAnd I love to make fudge, but I'm terribly bad at it ;D

favourite night time snack?
Whatever I like. I eat everything when I like it.
1. What is your favorite word in the English language?
For a while I've actually had a list of words I love in the English language. I still have words I prefer to use that I use more than other words, but I can't really tell which they are. Mostly words I've discovered on my own and not when I originally learned English - I am not a Native Speaker. I love names of animals and of emotions and of kinds of weather and the atmosphere. I love adjectives, all kinds of them. I love nouns and names made adjectives for the play on words. I love flowing words.

2. Do you prefer writing poems or stories?
I enjoy writing poems, but longer stories and full books is what I truly love and what I am mostly good at. I wish to be better at writing poems.

3. Where do you get your inspiration?
From everything. From things that are and things that are not. From nature, from animals, from people, from books and other media, from currect, past and future happenings, from mythology, folklore, religion, politics, ideologies, ideas, my own imagination mostly. Everything.

4. What is your least favorite word?
I don't have a leats favourite word in the English language. I dislike many German and also some English words, mostly negative and condescending words. And ugly words. I prefer beautiful words.

5. When and where do you like to write?
At any time and everything. When I feel like writing and what I feel I should write.

6. What do you think makes a good writer?
A vivid imagination, a skillful way of using language, an original and open mind, a talent for storytelling.

7. Do you, according to the criteria you just described, think of yourself as a good writer?

I hope I am.

8. What is one thing you hate about writing?
Having lots of brilliant ideas and beautiful sentences in mind and being absolutely unable to write them down.

9. Why do you write?
Because I am a writer.

10. Who do you write for?

For me. And for those who might like or enjoy what I write or who might benefit from reading it. I don't know who that is or if there is anyone like that.

11. What is the best book you have ever read?
That is very difficult to stay. For the content, Through The Shadowlands, a non fiction book. The best novel I have ever read was The Magician's Nephew. The Happy Prince is a wonderful, brilliant tale. if you count it as a book...

12. Who do you look up to?

Many people. I have this obsession with Oscar Wilde... I love C. S. Lewis and his friends Tolkien and Williams... Idolize James A. Owen. Am very fond of Bradbury. Love the styles of Milne and Nabokov. But there are so many more, so very many. I do not only look up to writers. There are more.

13. What do you think makes you able to write?

I don't know. I have learned how to write, that's very important. But even if I couldn't write, I would still be a storyteller. I don't know why.

14. Do you ever get writer's block?
I don't know. Do you? Luckily, I am always able to write something. The problem is, what I've already mentioned at point "8". I always have small blocks while writing. Major general writer's blocks are cured by writing.

15. What is the next thing you are going to write?
Something. This lines, for example. Some book, some story, some fanfiction, some post on a forum or whatever. I'll see...

- Pick 10 of your OCs in any order. If you don’t have 10 characters use canon or borrow your friends's charies, whatever!
- Don't look at the questions while picking the characters!
- Have fun! EVIL Laughter!

(I use characters from my books - however, from different books. Hehe)

1. Alissisia Ginata
2. Master Mayavin
3. Cynthia Harland
4. Amelia Deighton
5. Ramon, the Clown
6. Dante Conan Atherton
7. Jacob Deighton
8. Lady Adrianna
9. The gentleman with the loud voice
10. Giacomo Ginata


1. First, Giacomo, do you have any statements before depart?
"No. No, I don't. I just hope this will be over soon. I have more important things to do."

2. Rejoice! You guys will travel on this scary looking train! Cool isn't it? Does Dante have any problem with this choice of transportation?
"Of course not. It's always a pleasure to travel by train. It's slow and comfortable and one can always complain about arriving too late. The only downside of it would be the lack of excitement and that problem is obviously solved."

3. We are about to start! But Adrianna and Ramon delay the depart time by show up late together. What are their reasons?
Ramon was probably lost in his thoughts and musing about depressing ideas, while Adrianna was either practising or trying not to meet Mayavin.

4. Yay! Finally we can go! Looks like your group is the only people on board this quiet and deserted train. Jacob and the gentleman with the loud voice explore around, randomly open a cabin and see... a giant squid inside?
The gentleman gets a shock, while Jacob remains calm. However, the gentleman rushly closes the door and throws Jacob away from there. He later tells an entertaining story about a squid.

5. So the giant squid turns out to be an alien who likes snail soup... and he is your train conductor! What is Amelia's feeling about this? Oh and the main dish on the menu today will be snail soup, by the way.
"I am fine with him in his job, but I will eat the sandwiches Dante brought with us."

6. The train gets a little shaky and the happy day light slowly turns red... Soon after that you can see strange black creatures and colorful flaming meteors floating on the sky. You realize that the train is now running on mid-air without a rail under it. How do Mayavin and Giacomo react?
Mayavin is keeping the train in the air with magic while also keeping the meteors away from it. Giacomo promises him a salary increase.

7. The atmosphere is tense. Suddenly Alissisia bursts into a song. What is the song and does Cynthia do something about this?
Alissisia sings "Everybody loves my baby" and Cynthia is very excited about it, because teh song was written about three decades after her story was set.

8. The conductor says there is nothing to worry about! And you can order snail soup on the dinning cabin as much as you want, it's free! After hearing that, Mayavin says...
"No thank you, I've brought ice cream. It can't melt, by the way. That's magic."

9. Bored, Amelia looking out of the window and see a flying Kronosaurus. Before he/she could marvel at the living fosil it crashes into the train. The impact sends Amelia flying and he/she hits the wall hard. Does anyone in the group run to help the out cold Amelia on the ground?
Dante does help her and raises her into her chair again.

10. Oh noes! Now a whole army of Mesozoic marine reptiles attacking the train! Glass pieces flying everywhere!!! Which one on the group is the most panic and which one is the most calm?
Jacob is calm, because that is the way it is. Mayavin is calm, because he can use magic to save everyone. Alissisia is calm, because that is the way she is and because she can use magic to save everyone.

11. In the middle of chaos Ramon is trying to find the conductor but he can't see him anywhere. Instead he discovers that no one's driving the train! Lost control, the train crashed into a mountain!
Ramon runs and calls Mayavin, Alissisia and Adrianna and they do their best to save everyone.

12. Phew, no one died. But Mayavin and Dante is arguing with each other. What are they arguing about? Does Adrianna do something about it?
They argue about fashion, but Adrianna - who constantly denies Mayavin's existence - thinks Dante is talking to himself and ignores him. Mayavin is actually happy about that, as he doesn't like people to notice that he argues about fashion.

13. Dante, Jacob and Alissisia goes out to explore where they crashed into. A giant bee appears, captures a member of the group and flies off. Who is the unlucky peep?
It's Giacomo, because he didn't appear often enough yet!

14. After the small group have returned to the train, the gentleman and Giacomo were sent to rescue the unlucky one, if he is still alive that is... Are they happy with this or not?
Giacomo is unhappy because he sent to save himself and the gentleman is unhappy because he is sent to save Giacomo without any help.

15. While the gentleman and Giacomo gone, Amelia wakes up. She got some brain damage from the earlier crash and start attacking everyone on board.
Dante asks her to calm down, so does Jacob who hasn't talked until now. Cynthia strokes her back.

16. Phew! Amelia got knocked out by a random falling object. Just before the gentleman returned. What is his reaction? Wait, where is Giacomo? He was captured by the bee too?
The gentleman doesn't really care, but - being a gentleman - comforts Amelia. Giacomo is very unhappy because he has been captures twice.

17. Night fall and the group spends some dark hours on the powerless train. Who would be the one to come up with a creative way to light the place up?
Mayavin would use magic, but that wouldn't be very creative. Instead, the gentleman uses his warm, loud and pleasant voice and tells a beautiful story. For some reasons, there happens to be light.

18. For whatever reason Adrianna decides to ask Mayavin to marry him/her in the romantic light. Does Ramon object this or not?
"You knew he is really there all the time! And you love him! How beautiful!"

19. Good morning! Great night didn't it? Hey, look, the conductor have returned! And... he brings friends? And a space ship too? Say what, they gonna kidnap the whole group and turn them into labrats? Cynthia, do something!
"Why me, I am the one person here who could do the least! Oh...", then she knocked each alien out because this is an unrealistic story anyways and why shouldn't a skinny young girl be able to knock out aliens in an unrealistic story?

20. Oh dear, Cynthia got hit by a ray gun and turned into an animal! What animal/shroom is it? Does Mayavin help Cynthia, laugh at, run in panic or what?
Mayavin helps her and turns her back into a human.

21. Amelia have woke up and smashes two aliens from behind. But she got hit by a random object someone on the group throws at the alien so passes out again. What is Adrianna's reaction about this? Does Ramon, the one who threw the random object says anything?
Ramon apologized, while Adrianna said nothing.

22. Wow Giacomo and anyone who got captured by the bees is still alive and crashes the party along with an army of giant bees! And these giant bees happen to love alien squid's meat...
Fine, problem solved.

23. The group steals the alien space ship and somehow manages to turn Cynthia back and drive them home. Tag someone or let Mayavin say something to end the meme!
"Now this was weird."
Fandom I choose: 
"The Chronicles of Narnia" by C. S. Lewis

1. The character I first fell in love with:
Originally Lucy, but when I first read the books, I instantly fell in love with Digory! :D

2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: 
I don't think there is one :/ Probably Eustace :D

3. The character everyone else loves that I don't: 
I don't see why Jadis has so many fans.

4. The character I love that everyone else hates: 
Everyone hates Jill Pole. Jill is AWESOME, okay?

5. The character I used to love but don't any longer: 
There is none!

6. The character I would shag anytime: 
One doesn't shag people in Narnia, seriously. And personally, even if I find a person (no matter if real or in fictional) attractive (even in a romantic or sexual way) I wouldn't "shag" that person/character "anytime".

7. The character I'd want to be like: 
No one. I don't want to be like someone else.

8. The character I'd slap:
I love Susan, but I think I might slap her, for being way too childish in her adult-ness.

9. A pairing that I love:
Frank & Helen, Eustace & Jill, Polly & Digory

10. A pairing that I despise: 
Pevensie siblings slash pairings... if there are any... similar things at leats happen in other fandoms *shudder*

11. Favorite character: 
Digory? Polly? Edmund? Lucy? Jill? Eustace? Puddleglum? Strawberry? Frank? Tumnus? Aravis? Corin? Cor? Seriously, no idea. I guess Digory. (Aslan doesn't compete... he's Aslan...)

12. My two favorite characters: 
Digory and Polly!

13. My two least favorite characters:  
Umm... The Lady of the Green Kirtle and... Jadis or Tash. But again, Tash doesn't really count, so Jadis. Or Shift? Probably Shift.

14. Which character I am most like: 

15. My deep, dark fandom secret: 
I don't have one... I think...
[x] You have (or had) a Star Stable Account
[x] You are a StarRider
[x] You have been a StarRider for more than a month
[x] You have been a StarRider for more than a year
[ ] You are a Lifetime StarRider
[ ] You have bought StarCoins
Total: 4

[x] You have learned how to jump
[x] You are above Level 10
[x] You are above Level 15
[x] You can go to the Harvest Counties
[x] You can go to Goldehills Valley
[x] You can go to The Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur
Total: 6

[x] You have more than one horse
[x] You own a pony
[ ] You own a Friesian or Andalusian
[x] You own an Arabian
[x] You have a Tinker or a North Swedish Horse
[x] You own a Fjord Horse
Total: 5

[x] You have played at least one Starshine Legacy game
[x] You have played at least one original Star Stable game
[x] You have read at least one Starshine Legacy or Star Academy comic
[x] You have watched at least one video about at least one of these games
[x] You actually know about the original games
[x] You search for hints about SSO in these games
Total: 6

[x] You speculate about future updates
[x] You look out for hints in the game
[x] You look into the game data to find hints
[x] You look out for hints on internet pages dedicated to that topic
[ ] You OWN a site dedicated to that topic
[x] You talk with others about your speculations
Total: 5

[x] You are a member of a club
[x] You own a club
[x] You have favourite outfits
[x] You have favourite sets
[x] You have a set for each of your horses
[x] You own at least one pet
Total: 6

[ ] You draw fan art (I think I should start to do that...)
[x] You even listen to some SSO or SsL music when you aren't playing
[ ] You write fanfiction (again, I should do that! I have made up so many stories in my head!)
[ ] You play rpgs in game (I plan to, with my club ;D)
[ ] You play written rpgs
[x] You think and talk a LOT about SSO
Total: 2

[ ] You always wear the best clothing and tack
[x] You have been in a Championship
[ ] You have won a Championship
[ ] You have been on top of the daily Highscores
[ ] You have been on top of the weekly Highscores
[ ] You have been a "Best of all Time"
Total: 1

Your favourite character: All Soulriders, Avalon, Druid Trainer, Mario, Fripp (and Sands is cool, but I only like him in Winter Riders! And Ydris is cool...)
Your favourite horse breed (in-game only): Jorvik Fullblood, Morgan and Jorvik Pony
Your favourite area: Silverglade
Your favourite original game (in case you know any): Winter Riders or Autumn Riders...
Your least favourite character: Igor >.>
Your favourite music (just describe it and the place): ALL!!! But the main music in the Silverglade fields ♥
Your favourite place: Circus, all the secret places, some place in the mountains near Valedale, Valedale Village, all the woods, the Druid Training Place...
Your favourite café: The Grey Munk, Heavenly Heights Café, Silver Fork Café
Your favourite race:
All Firgrove races!
Favourite quest: the Master Spy quests! And Circus Quests!
Favourite cloth: The Circus hat, the Smuggler coat, all A.A.E. fashions, some Druid clothes and some dresses, blouses, sweaters and skirts. And authentic riding clothes!
Favourite tack: The Night/Stars set!
[ ] You have (or had) a Star Stable Account
[ ] You are a StarRider
[ ] You have been a StarRider for more than a month
[ ] You have been a StarRider for more than a year
[ ] You are a Lifetime StarRider
[ ] You have bought StarCoins

[ ] You have learned how to jump
[ ] You are above Level 10
[ ] You are above Level 15
[ ] You can go to the Harvest Counties
[ ] You can go to Goldehills Valley
[ ] You can go to The Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur

[ ] You have more than one horse
[ ] You own a pony
[ ] You own a Friesian or Andalusian
[ ] You own an Arabian
[ ] You have a Tinker or a North Swedish Horse
[ ] You own a Fjord Horse

[ ] You have played at least one Starshine Legacy game
[ ] You have played at least one original Star Stable game
[ ] You have read at least one Starshine Legacy or Star Academy comic
[ ] You have watched at least one video about at least one of these games
[ ] You actually know about the original games
[ ] You search for hints about SSO in these games

[ ] You speculate about future updates
[ ] You look out for hints in the game
[ ] You look into the game data to find hints
[ ] You look out for hints on internet pages dedicated to that topic
[ ] You OWN a site dedicated to that topic
[ ] You talk with others about your speculations

[ ] You are a member of a club
[ ] You own a club
[ ] You have favourite outfits
[ ] You have favourite sets
[ ] You have a set for each of your horses
[ ] You own at least one pet

[ ] You draw fan art
[ ] You even listen to some SSO or SsL music when you aren't playing
[ ] You write fanfiction
[ ] You play rpgs in game
[ ] You play written rpgs
[ ] You think and talk a LOT about SSO

[ ] You always wear the best clothing and tack
[ ] You have been in a Championship
[ ] You have won a Championship
[ ] You have been on top of the daily Highscores
[ ] You have been on top of the weekly Highscores
[ ] You have been a "Best of all Time"

Your favourite character:
Your favourite horse breed (in-game only):
Your favourite area:
Your favourite original game (in case you know any):
Your least favourite character:
Your favourite music (just describe it and the place):
Your favourite place:
Your favourite café:
Your favourite race:
Favourite quest:
Favourite cloth:
Favourite tack:
. So, you can read! Congrats!
Are you reading a book right now? How far are you into it and what do you think so far? If you're not, what was the last book you read and how did you feel about it?

I have read The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury, the day before yesterday. It's not the right time for it, but the weather fits perfectly. It's more like late October than January. It was very unusual, very fast (and short), beautifully written and one of the most longlasting books I have read in a while. The book itself might be tiny, but the story is huge.

. Do you have a favorite book? Do you have... a book you really liked, at least?
I have, many. Through The Shadowlands by Brian Sibley is my all-time favourite, so is The Chronicles of Narnia series by C. S. Lewis, especially The Magician's Nephew. Also, The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica by James A. Owen and Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling are two favourite serieses of mine. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke is another favourite novel of mine, just as the collected fairy tales by Oscar Wilde. My favourite single novel, however, is The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux. I just so love it!

. What would you say is your favorite genre to read? What do you tend to steer away from?
Various sub genres of fantasy, gothic/romantic literature, some classics and some children's books, some science-fiction. But I read all kinds of books, except of most young adult/teen and many contemporary stories.

. Have you read any terrible books? Something you'd recommend staying away from?
I've had to read Crazy by Benjamin Lebert in school. Luckily, it was a very short novel. It was horrible. I've been told it was a good example of the life of a teenager. Apparently, I must be totally wrong. Totally out of my age group. It was a horribly written mash up of sex in a school toilet, smoking of cigarettes (they also tried cigars, but those little babies didn't like those... uuuh...), running away AND "philosophy". They were... I think seven boys (of every single boy-type-chlishé, all of them having clishé moments, like the fat boy having is clothes torn, etc.) and they talked in a speudo-philosophical, completely shallow way about their life and experiences. And of course, all adult critics were sooo impressed by this boo, which was written by such a speshul teenager. Also, there was Hemingway. Lots of Hemingway. Blegh. They also had a perfectly clishé maths teacher. Several spelling and grammar issues. And very, very bad prose. Never read such a bad style before.

. Do you reread books, or is once enough? Any exceptions so far?
I do. If I love a book, I either re-read the full book or my favourite parts. I love to re-read single parts after reading the full book, to experience them from a "new angle" after reading the end. My favourite to-re-read book is The Magician's Nephew.

. What were some of your favorite books as a child?
Funnily, I've just started to read children's books at the age of twelve. Before that, I've never read those classics. I've read horse books. Lots of them.

. Do you usually pick books from the kids, teen, young adult, or adult books? How old are you, if you don't mind?
I don't like labelling books for age groups. Of course, books that contain lots of sex and violence are not for children (or me, hehe), but I think saying "interesting books are for adults, shallow books are for children" is stupid. And thinking of children's books as "less", looking down on them is foolish. Truly good children's books are wonderful reads for "grown ups", while stupid children's books should be read by no one - especially not by children. I love both, books for "children" and books for "adults". Young adult/teen books, however, are mostly (exceptions confirm the rule) shallow and have horrible writing. Many of them have the standard of a bad or mediocore children's book, but a dry, cold athmosphere. I don't like that. However, there are some books that go well as ya/teen books that are basicially all ager books - like Harry Potter, for example.

. Do you buy books much or mostly just borrow?
Buy. I need to own them. I am book addicted, bibliophile.

. Have you read any books after seeing them in movie form? Which did you enjoy more?
I usually prefer the book. And I sometimes read the book first or watch the movie first - siimply the way it happens.

. What about reading the book before there was a movie? How did you feel about the movie? Did you even bother seeing it?

. Do you read any other forms of literature aside from novels? Such as graphic novels, comics, (fan fiction???) etc.?
Graphic novels, comics, manga, fan fiction, biographies, non-fiction, anything, really. But I mostly read fictional novels.

. What is a book you want to read, but haven't yet? What intrigues you about it?
So, so many! Many classics I haven't read yet, some new books and some fantasy. Also, I need to read Big Fish, Water for Elephants and Something Wicked This Way Comes.

. If you could rewrite the end of one book (or any other part, I suppose), which would you choose?
I won't change any book.

If you can think of one, name a book that made you:

Bullet; Blue cry: So, so many! Narnia (because of my feelings when I am rereading), Warriors, Shadowlands, many others. PotO often makes me cry!

Bullet; Orange laugh: Narnia, Harry Potter, Trix Solier, The Phantom of the Opera.

Bullet; Purple think, in a deeper sense than the obvious: All the good books I have ever read!

Bullet; Yellow feel pure happiness: The Magician's Nephew! And HP and the Order of the Phoenix! And Shadowlands!

Bullet; Pink become so addicted you put off everything in order to finish it: Happens all the time...

Bullet; Black die of boredom: I don't read books I think are boring.

Bullet; White learn something new: I have leared from all the good books I've read.

Bullet; Green squirm with squickiness: What?

Bullet; Purple squirm with glee: Again, what?

Bullet; Pink very embarrassed to be reading it: I am not ashamed of what I read!

Bullet; Red angry: HPatOotP because of Umbridge ;D And Crazy, because it's so bad.
Because it's awesome :D
1) What's your character's name?
Alissisia Ginata/Emory "Master Mayavin" Talbot

2) How old is he/she?
In her early twenties/in his mid-fifties

3) Is your OC a boy or girl?

4) What's his/her race?
Both are "white" humans, with magical powers


1) If this character were to suddenly become part of the real world, and ended up in a heavily-populated area, how many stares would he/she get?
They live in an alternate version of the "real world", and - as they are Circus/show performers - they get lots of stares!

2) Is your character considered normal in his/her own world?
Not really.

3) What would be his/her most recognizable features?
Nothing certain, their full apperances - and their fashion!

4) Would you consider your OC as attractive?
Well, why not?


1) Temper?
Alissisia is short tempered, but still kind. Mayavin can be calm, angry and annoyed depending on... well... whatever ;D

2) Does your character ever get depressed? 
Everyone does... But Alissisia is rather cheerful, while Mayavin can be more depressed.

3) Leader or Follower?
Mayavin is surely a leader, Alissisia is more of a follower - his follower - but more dominant than people might think.

4) What is the main aspect(s) of his/her personality?


1) Did your OC have a family of any sort? If so, are they still alive?
Parents have their story, but Alissisia won't talk about them/No known family.

2) Is your character out on his/her own? If so, why? 
They live together in a travelling Circus.

3) Has he/she encountered any traumatizing events?

4) What was probably the best time in his/her life so far?
The time they spend in the Circus.


1) Single?

2) Has your OC developed any romantic relationships?
Who knows?

3) Virgin?

4) Does your character like flirting?.


1) What animal would you associate your OC with?
She's a bit like a cat, he's more like a hound.

2) Musical Instrument?

3) Element?

4) Planet?

1) Do you draw your character?

2) Do you write about him/her?
Yes! ;D

3) Do you use him/her in any rpgs?
I actually want to use her in a completely different topic ;D

4) What other ways have you appreciated your OC?

1) Is your character wanted for anything?

2) What are three weaknesses?
Sweets, animals, small things/Ice cream, children, dogs (don't tell him I've told you!)

3) Strengths?
Magic, Faith, Trust/Magic, Strenght, Intelligence

4) Does your OC drink or smoke (etc)
They both drink, he sometimes smokes.

5) What's one quirk about them?
They are both very quirky ;D

6) Does your character have any phobias?
Sometimes... of being asked out...

7) What could you do to get him/her into a blind rage?
Ask them out!!!

8) Does your OC like chickens?
They like animals.

THE FINAL QUESTION.What would you consider your relationship with your character to be like?
Writer and Characters. Eternal friendship ;D
[x] You watch anime.
[x] You read manga.
[ ] You buy/collect anime DVDs or manga volumes.
[ ] You own some other form of anime/manga merchandise.
[/] You have referred to an anime character as 'hot' before. (I don't use that word... but it would fit if it was replaced)
[ ] You have cosplayed.
[ ] You have done so in public. 
[ ] You have been to an anime/manga convention. 
[ ] You have created/joined a fanclub for an anime/manga character.
[ ] You have created/joined a hateclub for an anime/manga character.
[ ] You have squealed when you found out somebody had the same name as an anime character you knew.
[/] You enjoy drawing anime.
[ ] People you know know you as the 'anime' person.
[x] You know that it is pronounced 'mawnguh' and not 'manga' like it is spelled. (actually, in German, it's pronounced the way it should)

[x] You like art.
[x] You actually consider yourself an artist.
[x] When using art supplies, the brand of them matters to you.
[x] You have a favorite brand.
[x] You have asked for art supplies as a Christmas/birthday gift before.
[x] You give people your drawings as gifts.
[/] People actually ask for your drawings.
[ ] You are known as 'the art person' at your school.
[x] Instead of just 'brown' or "pink', you'd be specific; it's 'sienna brown' or 'blush pink'. Or whatever.
[x] You have taken an art class outside of school.
[x] You have considered a career as an artist.
[x] Your school papers are always covered in doodles.
[x] You have a favorite artist.
[ ] Your drawings have been framed.
[ ] You carry a sketchbook with you everywhere you go.

[ ] You play a musical instrument.
[ ] You play more than one instrument.
[ ] You actually really enjoy playing your instrument.
[ ] You've given your instrument a name.
[ ] You've participated in an extracurricular activity for your instrument.
[ ] You are known by what you play.
[x] You listen to classical music.
[x] You are wondering whether that refers to the classical music genre or the classical music time period.
[x] You have a favorite composer.
[ ] All of your friends are from your band/orchestra class.
[ ] You write music.
[x] You've had discussions with your friends about music; your favorite composers/instruments/musical time periods/key/etc...
[ ] You have considered a professional career with your instrument.
[ ] You are never nervous playing for other people.

[x] You play video games.
[ ] You own more than 4 different video game systems. [PC, 3DS, Wii, Game Cube}
[ ] You've had debates over which system is the greatest.
[x] You play video games every day.
[ ] You have played a video game for over 10 hours.
[/] You have songs from your favorite video games on your MP3 Player. (used to and might have that again...)
[x] You love to talk about video games.
[ ] You memorize the dates for when a new game is being released.
[ ] People know you as the 'gamer' person.
[x] You spend more time on video games than you do hanging out with friends.
[x] Your gaming system is in your room. 
[ ] You have preferences when it comes to what company your game came from.
[ ] You've had debates over which company is the best. 
[x] You keep playing a game until you beat it.
[/] It makes you angry when you found out somebody looked up cheat codes on the internet to beat their game.

[x] You use the computer every day.
[x] You have an account/username on some sort of social website.
[x] You go into random internet chatrooms.
[x] You spend at least 2 hours a day on the computer. 
[x] You use computer faces; : D XD XP D: ^_^ >.> and etc.
[x] It is hard to go a day without using the computer.
[x] You spend time in online forums.
[x] In the forum/chatroom you use, you are known there by everyone else.
[x] You have friends you have only met online.
[ ] You have/have had a girlfriend/boyfriend you have only met online.
[ ] You have actually met an online friend in person.
[ ] U cn ezly rd 'txttlk.'
[x] You have said 'lol' or 'omg' in speech that is not online.

Total: 47

10-15 points barely a nerd

20-30 points slightly a nerd

35-45 points big nerd

50-60  dang you're a nerd

60-70 mega ultra nerd