The Great Forces O'Good In The World
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"Blueberries is one of the great forces o'good in the world." ~ Mr Tummeler
This is Mr Tummeler, who once was a handsome young lad. For some reason I imagine this portrait hanging in Charles William's office. Of course, he was very eccentric. I assume most people would have accepted it. I am aware that Mr Tummeler is not as anthropromorphic as I drew him, but I like it that way and I think a tiny bit of it is a future badger character of my own. I love badgers, I need one. But not now, not here. This is Mr Tummeler, as drawn by me, in his younger days and slightly more "anthro". Those who have red the wonderful series of books called "The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica" will recognize each picture and symbol shown on his waistcoat ("Now that I think of it, I want that waistcoat" is what I wanted to say here, but I've thought that even before finishing the picture. So, I simply want it, without that "now that I think of it"), while those who haven't might think I just drew a completely random assemble of symbols and pictures. Well, it's not. It all has a meaning on it's own. Ask if you don't recognize a thing I have drawn.
I must admit, I was afraid of doing the patterns on the waistcoat and on the wallpaper. It turned out easier than I thought (except for that Cheshire grin! I did not get it right!) The shading is okay, I think. I wanted it to be a little "fluffier", but I am happy with it the way it is. I am very happy about the colour choices I've made, they look good. I like the eyes and expression. However, drawing a badger (or any marten) is completely new to me and it hardly looks like one. It's not a masterpiece, but it's a milestone for me. I feel exhausted, in the most positive way. I know, it looks like a very simple picture, but by my standarts, it's a lot. And it means a lot to me. The character, the books from which he is from, the details. But especially, the work progress. I've learned a lot while drawing and painting this, which will help me with future pictures. I haven't learned from most pictures I have made lately. Of course, I rarely drew at all since 2011. Some pictures, of course, but not much. This doesn't keep up with the pictures of most other artists, but I have exceeded my standarts and that's what's important to me right now.

Mr Tummeler belongs to James A. Owen. Check out his books!
The Cheshire grin on the waistcoat belongs to Lewis Carroll.

Made using MyPaint and Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch.
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