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Yay *_*
I love the second part of Hellboy
i watched it 4 times XD DD~
my favorite chara is Abe [Pink heart]
i MUST draw him XD
here he is :3
hope ya like it *~*

(cant smile without u *sing* XD )
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I heard those lines and thought "Oh god
Hell: What track
Abe: 8
Hell: Can't. Smile. Without. You.
Abe: I knoow!
Hell: Yep, I'm going to need a beer too.
Abe: Well see I love this song. And I can't smile. Or cry, I think I have no tear ducts.*turns on CD*

Yes I'm insane. I know this scene by heart.
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XD i love the film *LUV*
i hope the next part comes soon (because liz is pregnant)
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CAN'T SMILE WITHOUT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
loved this movie...... and such a pretty picture
Abe: I would die for her AND do the dishes....
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XDDD aww thx for the commi
XD i love this scene XD when hell and blue starts singing XDDDDDDDDDDDD~

or this dialogue
Hell: here a beer
Blue: no my body is a temple
Hell: now it is an a amusement park